Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vreid - "V" Out February 7th 2011

Metalnews Power of Metal.dk
Release 07.02.2011 on Indie Recordings

Feburary 7th 2011 will see the release of The Black and Roll Brigade’s darkest, heaviest and most complex songs to date.

Track list:
1 Arche
2 The Blood Eagle
3 Wolverine Bastards
4 The Sound Of The River
5 Fire On The Mountain
6 The Others & The Look
7 Slave
8 Welcome To The Asylum
9 Then We Die

Hváll – Bass
Sture - Vocals/Guitar
Strom - Guitar
Steingrim  - Drums

Kraft 2004
Pitch Black Brigade 2006
I Krig 2007
Milorg 2009
Vreid Goddamnit DVD 2010

Also check out their brand new Myspace:

The Meads of Asphodel News

Metalnews Power of Metal.dk
The Meads Of Asphodel are proud to announce the online debut of "Life In The Shadows". 'Life In The Shadows' can be watched online at www.themeadsofasphodel.com.

'Life In The Shadows' explores the dark, complex world of underground English Black Metal band 'The Meads Of Asphodel', gaining exclusive access to the Meads world. Featuring interviews with Meads collaborator and Sigh frontman Mirai, plus comment and opinion from rock journalists Malcolm Dome and Jonathan Selzer. There's even a glimpse of that very rare beast...a live Meads performance.

This is 'Meads Of Asphodel - Life In The Shadows'.

“The Murder Of Jesus The Jew” is out now on Candlelight Records

Monday, November 29, 2010

Powerwolf entering the studio

Metalnews Power of Metal.dk
POWERWOLF entering studio in December!
The wolves are currently busy writing new songs for the follow up album to their glorious third strike Bible Of The Beast,. "We spent the last three months in the rehearsal room working out stuff for the new album. Even though it's still in the making we can already promise the songs are 100% Powerwolf, taking off where "Bible Of The Beast" ended – there's furious stuff, there's epic stuff - and all of it is catchy as hell", comments organist Falk Maria Schlegel.

"For the production we're going to team up with exactly the same crew as for "Bible Of The Beast" - Kohlekeller Studios for the recordings, any chapel we can haunt for organ and choir celebrations - and of course Studio Fredman and Fredrik Nordström for mix."

POWERWOLF will invade the studio in December and the recording process will last until February. Expect a tentative release midyear 2011. More details and updates will follow.


As You Drown - Writing second album

Metalnews Power of Metal.dk
AS YOU DROWN in writing mode for second album!

Swedish death metallers AS YOU DROWN commenced writing material for the bands as of yet untitled sophomore album to be released next year via Metal Blade Records worldwide. The follow up to Reflection will be recorded at the bands own AYD Studio in Borås Sweden.

The band recently commented on the new material and the writing process: "Since coming home from our tour with VADER and DIVINE CHAOS earlier this year, we've been working hard on some new material. Right now we've got our sights set on recording some time in the spring, which means the record will hopefully be out in the early fall. The material is sounding very promising/menacing so far, so prepare yourselves for a tidal wave of death metal insanity coming your way…

Also, we're obviously looking to do some serious touring in 2011, stay tuned for dates. We pretty much can't wait to get this beast back on the road and we expect to see all of you crazy fuckers out there!"

AS YOU DROWN's debut album Reflection was released in July 2009 via Metal Blade worldwide. In addition to appearing at multiple open air festivals during summer the band toured Europe with VADER as part of the Blitzkrieg 5 Tour in February. Live fan filmed footage of "Swallow" can be found at the link below:

Henrik Blomqvist - Vocals
Mikael Åkerström - Guitar
Simon Exner - Guitar
Martin Latvala - Drums
Robert Karlsson – Bass


Heavenwood - New album recorded

Metalnews Power of Metal.dk
Portugese Dark-Rock/Metal band HEAVENWOOD has tapped Christian " Kohle " Kohlmannslehner ( CREMATORY, UNDER SEIGE, SIEGES EVEN, AGATHODAIMON, BENIGHTED ) to mix and master its fourth album titled ‘ Abyss Masterpiece ‘ in December at Kohlekeller Studios ( Check a Kohlekeller Studio Videotour at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUpaOGdZYqE ) in Germany. The initial recording sessions for the CD took place at USStudios and editing at 213 Studio (Braga and Oporto, Portugal, respectively). 

HEAVENWOOD's forthcoming album (worked alongside with Russian Symphonic Classical Composer Dominic G. Joutsen) will feature a guest appearance by singer Miriam Renvag of the Norwegian metallers RAM-ZET on a track titled ‘ Leonor ‘ and will be released earlier 2011 through an European label soon to be announced.

Song titles set to appear on the CD include:
'The Arcadia Order' , 'Fading Sun', 'Like Yesterday', 'Winter Slave', 'September Blood', 'Sudden Scars', 'A Poem For Mathilde', 'Leonor', 'Burden', 'Goddess Presiding Over Solitude', 'Morning Glory (In Manus Tuas Domine)’ and ‘Her Lament‘.

HEAVENWOOD previously relelased three albums — "Diva", "Swallow" and "Redemption" — and shared stage with IN FLAMES, CRADLE OF FILTH, ATROCITY, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY and LAKE OF TEARS, among others. Some famous metal musicians also appear as guests on their previous releases such as, Liv Kristine (LEAVES’ EYES), Kai Hansen (GAMMA RAY), Jeff Waters (ANNIHILATOR) and Gus G (FIREWIND/ OZZY OSBOURNE). 

Kohlekeller Studio Info at:


Mayhem returns to Jessheim

Metalnews Power of Metal.dk
22 years have gone, since the legendary Blackmetal band Mayhem, played their mythical show at Jessheim.

Now they are back. And Thyruz are proud to be their only support for this night. Be ready for a most visual and powerful show at Jessheim kulturhus 05.03.2011. 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Criminal - Line-up change

Metalnews Power of Metal.dk
CRIMINAL lead guitarist Rodrigo Contreras leaves the fold, replacement announced!

Chile-born, UK-based thrash masters CRIMINAL have announced the departure of lead guitarist and founding member Rodrigo Contreras.

Band leader Anton Reisenegger (guitar, vocals) comments: "As some of you may be aware, Rod decided to go back to Chile a few months ago, leaving the future of the band uncertain. After much deliberation, we have now decided to replace him in order to be able to carry on as a band."

"This is not something we wanted to happen, but we have to be realistic, and being thousands of kilometers apart wouldn't have allowed us to work as a functioning band. This is not a studio project, our music is meant to be played live, and we have many plans for the future which require the four of us to be geographically close."

"Rod and I started this band almost 20 years ago and he wrote some of the band's best and most characteristic material, which made this situation extremely difficult for me personally. I feel, however, that we've done the right thing, as everything was talked through with all people involved, and Rod's departure happened in the most open, civilized terms possible."

"We hope that you, the fans, will understand this decision. It's not an easy step for us to take, and it wasn't a rushed decision, but if the only other choice is to stop playing as CRIMINAL, we'd rather take the flak and soldier on."

"We may still play a few shows with Rod in South America next year when we celebrate our 20th anniversary, but nothing is set in stone yet."

"Rod's replacement is Olmo Cascallar from the Basque band Gamora, who already did a fantastic job as a stand-in on our last few European dates. Not only is he an excellent guitarist with a great stage presence, we also feel he will contribute an entirely new approach to our songwriting."

CRIMINAL will enter HVR Studios in Suffolk, UK in March of 2011 to record their seventh, as-yet-untitled studio album.

Enochian Theory - UK Tour in March

Metalnews Power of Metal.dk

'Classic Rock Prog Magazine in conjunction with Factory Music, proudly present 'Progression 2.0. - 'The New Breed'

Enochian Theory, Jurojin and Touchstone - March Tour 2011:

Tue 1st - Sheffield - The Corporation.
Wed 2nd - Glasgow - Classic Grand.
Thur 3rd - Manchester - Moho Live.
Fri 4th - Bristol - The Tunnels.
Sat 5th - London - 02 Islington Academy 2


Band Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/enochiantheoryband
Official band site - http://www.enochiantheory.co.uk
Record Label - http:// www.mascotrecords.com

Saturday, November 27, 2010

AFM Reocrds News

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EKTOMORF: “Last Fight” video clip and tour
EKTOMORF strikes back. The new videoclip "Last Fight" presents the Hungarian goove monster at its best!

The shooting was done by Pixel Film in an abandoned factory in Hungary. "Last Fight" is taken from the up-coming album "Redemption" which will be out on December, 17th! A 2 track digital single featuring the songs "Last Fight" and "Sea Of My Misery" is already available for
download on amazon.com. There you can also pre-order the new studio album.
Here you will find the video clip for „Last Fight“!

In Febuary EKTOMORF will tour Europe with Brazilian thrashers KORZUS as support.

Metal Hammer, Metalnews.de, Stormbringer.at & Dragon Productions

"Road to Redemption Tour 2011"

Special Guests: KORZUS + 2 more bands

02.02.11 Wed AT Wien @ Arena
03.02.11 Thu AT Salzburg @ Rockhouse
04.02.11 Fri AT Graz @ Explosiv
05.02.11 Sat DE Jena @ F-Haus
06.02.11 Sun DE Nürnberg @ Hirsch
08.02.11 Tue DE Stuttgart @ Röhre
09.02.11 Wed DE Darmstadt @ Steinbruch-Theater
10.02.11 Thu DE Hamburg @ Marx
11.02.11 Fri DE Leer @ Zollhaus
12.02.11 Sat DE Flensburg @ Roxy Concerts
13.02.11 Sun DE Köln @ Underground
15.02.11 Tue DE Braunschweig @ Meier Music Hall
16.02.11 Wed DE Freiburg @ Jazzhaus
17.02.11 Thu DE München @ Backstage
18.02.11 Fri DE Cham @ Eventhalle L.A. Live-Style Cafe
19.02.11 Sat CH Pratteln @ Z7
20.02.11 Sun BE Vosselaar @ Biebob

THE NEW BLACK: Digital single and “II: Better In Black” coverartwork unveiled

The German heavy rockers THE NEW BLACK just proudly unveiled the coverartwork for the forthcoming masterpiece "II: Better In Black". The follow-up for the 2009 debut "The New Black" will be released on January 28th via AFM Records.

To give their fans a little appetizer the band released the digital single "The King I Was" featuring a new song and two rare records of the tracks "Simplify" and "The Man Who Saw The Universe" (both taken from "The New Black").
Check out this video to see THE NEW BLACK performing “The King I Was” live.

ONSLAUGHT: “Sounds Of Violence” coverartwork unveiled/ to release new single featuring guest appearances from Phil Campbell (Motörhead) & Tom Angelripper (Sodom) on Dec. 17 / new song on MySpace

U.K. cult thrashers ONSLAUGHT have just unveiled the cover artwork of their new album "Sounds Of Violence" (to be released on January 28th). They will release a double single "The Sound of Violence" / "Bomber" on December 17th. The song "Bomber" (Motörhead cover) is already available for streaming on ONSLAUGHT's MySpace.

Onslaught guitarist Nige Rockett comments:
"We're really stoked to finally be getting some new material out in the public domain, its been such a long time since the 'Killing Peace' album and this will be a great little sampler for the upcoming album release in early 2011..
'The Sound of Violence' track is a cool representation of things to come, its got a real old school Onslaught feel but its very contemporary at the same time... a real angry no nonsense thrasher.....
Regarding the 'Bomber' cover: Motorhead have always been a huge influence on Onslaught and our relationship goes back a long long way.. So when we decided to have some fun and do a cover song in the studio, this track immediately sprang to mind, especially as its relative to the theme of the new album... We've given it a pretty aggressive Onslaught slant and thrashed it up little, but still very much retaining the original identity of the song..
To make things a little more interesting, we thought we would like to add some very special guests into the mix....
We asked Phil (Campbell) if he would like to come and thrash out with us and play some guitar on the track... the answer was an undoubted 'Yes'...
Things we're sounding pretty cool in rehearsal but just missing that tiny piece of magic / the icing on the cake... Then Phil came in and played that awesome riff in his style and everything just fell right into place...
We also had the idea that our friend 'Tom Angelripper (Sodom) would sound perfect sharing the vocal duties with our own Mr Keeler, we knew Tom Was in the studio recording the new Sodom record so the timing was perfect....we sent over the tracks and Tom did the rest, he laid down some great fucking vocals as you will hear and its really added something special to the final result...
As you can tell really I'm buzzing about all this... its an exciting time to be in Onslaught right now.........."

ILL NIÑO: “Against The Wall” Videoclip

ILL NIÑO shot a video clip for their new song "Against The Wall". The track is taken from the new album "Dead New World" which is out since October 29th. The music video was directed by Scott Hansen, who has worked with bands such as A Day To Remember, The Devil Wears Prada, Otep, Alesana, and Evergreen Terrace. The shotings took place in Virginia Beach this October.

“The video was shot in the evening so there was a large amount of bugs. It was like Spider-fest,” jokes drummer Dave Chavarri. “Bugs aside, Scott made sure everything worked smoothly. He’s a total professional, and it was great to see him take control of the shoot. We haven’t had someone work with us like that for a couple of years.”

“We did something like a 20 hour shoot in the swamps,” adds vocalist Cristian Machado. “Scott is a really driven individual. He knew exactly what he wanted, where he wanted people in the video, the camera angles he wanted to end up with, everything. He and his crew were extremely professional.”

“The reason we’re performing in the woods where there are no material things, is because we wanted to represent things that aren’t of the material world,” continues Machado. “The reason the couple is indoors during the video and going through their relationship battle is because they are being pressured by things in the material world. To me, the female character went into the water because she wanted to get away from all of the material things affecting her and their relationship. No matter how material we all are in this world, we all die alone.”
HIER findet ihr den Videoclip zu “Against The Wall”!

HELSTAR: European tour

Hot U.S. Metal from Houston, Texas will heat up the European Winter: HELSTAR will present songs of their new album "Glory Of Chaos" and lots of classics on the following dates:
Dec. 10 - The Rock Temple - Kerkrade, NL
Dec. 11 - Metal City Festival - Lünen
Dec. 12 - Kaminwerk - Memmingen
Dec. 13 - Gala Hala - Ljubljana, SLO
Dec. 14 - Viper Room - Vienna, AT [w/ BLAZE BAYLEY]
Dec. 15 - Rock City - Uster, CH
Dec. 16 - Eiche - Crailsheim
Dec. 17 - Eindhoven Metal Meeting Festival - Eindhoven, NL
Dec. 18 - Little Devil - Tilburg, NL

GWAR: “Bloody Pit Of Horror” is out now

GWAR’s latest bloody “The Bloody Pit Of Horror” is out now. Only the European version comes as a high-quality digipak featuring two exclusive bonus tracks. On
LoudTrax.com you can purchase a digital download of the album for only 7.77 Euro.

“Bloody Pit Of Horror“ tracking list:
01. The Bloody Pit Of Horror - Pt. 1: Zombies March!
02. The Bloody Pit Of Horror - Pt. 2: Come The Carnivore
03. The Bloody Pit Of Horror - Pt. 3: A Gathering Of Ghouls
04. The Bloody Pit Of Horror - Pt. 4: Storm Is Coming
05. Tick-Tits
06. Beat You To Death
07. You Are My Meat
08. Hail, Genocide!
09. KZ Necromancer
10. The Litany Of The Slain
11. Sick And Twisted
Bonus Tracks:
12. Hell-O Medley
13. Summer Stripper Metal X-mas

EDGUY: “Gold Edition Vol. II” is out now

Attention EDGUY maniacs and power metal lovers. Today EDGUY's "Gold Edition Vol. II" is released. The 3 CD boxset features the classic records "The Savage Poetry" and "Mandrake" as well as one extra CD stuffed with tons of bonus material. This special edition comes as a valuable digibook. A must-have for every EDGUY fan.

Tracking list:

The Savage Poetry

01. Hallowed
02. Misguiding Your Life
03. Key to My Fate
04. Sands of Time
05. Sacred Hell
06. Eyes of the Tyrant
07. Frozen Candle
08. Roses to No One
09. Power and Majesty
10. Key To My Fate (Original Recording 1995 Bonus)
11. Hallowed (Original Recording 1995 Bonus)


01. Tears of a Mandrake
02. Golden Dawn
03. Jerusalem
04. All the Clowns
05. Nailed to the Wheel
06. The Pharaoh
07. Wash Away the Poison
08. Fallen Angels
09. Painting on
11. The Devil and the Savant
12. Tears of a Mandrake (Live Bonus Track)
13. Painting on the Wall (Live Bonus Track)

Bonus Content
01. Painting On The Wall (Edit Version)
02. Golden Dawn (Album Version)
03. Wings Of A Dream (Version 2001)
04. Painting On The Wall
05. Tears Of A Mandrake (Single Edit)
06. For A Trace Of Life
07. But Here I Am
08. La Marche des Gendarmes
09. Walk On Fighting (Live)
10. Wake Up The King (Live)
All The Clowns (Videoclip)
The Headless Game (Videoclip)




AFM Webshop:

Relapse Records News

Metalnews Power of Metal.dk
DUKATALON: New Track Posted Online

DUKATALON are currently streaming “Electric Site” taken from their debut full-length Saved By Fear online now via The Obelisk. Saved By Fear, the follow-up to the band’s 2007 self-released, self-titled EP, has previously only been released in Israel by Sleeping Village Records. The album will see its worldwide release exclusively through Relapse Mailorder on December 20th and is available for pre-order at this location.

Additional tracks taken from Saved By Fear can also be heard online via MetalSucks.net and the band’s MySpace page: MySpace.com/Dukatalon.

For more information on DUKATALON, visit the bands’ MySpace page: MySpace.com/Dukatalon.

ROYAL THUNDER: EP To See December Release

Atlanta, GA’s ROYAL THUNDER will see the re-release of their self-titled EP this December via Relapse Mail-order. The band self-recorded and released the seven song EP in late 2009. The EP will be available worldwide starting December 21st and is available for pre-order now. Audio samples taken from the EP can be heard online at the ROYAL THUNDER MySpace: MySpace.com/RoyalThunderMusic.

ROYAL THUNDER (Mlny Parsonz – bass / vocals, Josh Weaver – guitar, Jesse Stuber - drums) formed in 2007 and has performed locally and nationally, sharing the stage with a range of artists from WOVEN HAND, BIRDS OF AVALON, NICK OLIVERI, SCOTT KELLY, NORMA JEAN, BLACK TUSK, and more. The band is currently writing for their debut full-length that is expected to see a 2011 release date.

Midwinter Meltdown 2011

Metalnews Power of Metal.dk
Sted: Underværket, Stemannsgade 9C, 8900 Randers C
Dato: 29/01 2011
Start: kl. 17.00
Slut: kl. 01.00

Pris: Kr. 125,- + gebyr, på Billetlugen Billet (kr. 145,- i døren)

Arrangør: MsM Booking & Café Von Hatten
Officiel Website: www.clubmeltdown.dk
Presse kontakt: Morten S. Madsen, tlf. 40 41 97 85
Så er der igen tid til Randers’ lokale metal brag: MIDWINTER MELTDOWN! Denne gang med headlinerne MERCENARY, som jo i den nye konstallation og med nyt album lige om hjørnet er mere aktuelt end nogen sinde før. Århusianske MALRUN der netop har udgivet deres anmelder roste debut album. De lokale helte CLONECIRCLE der nu med 2 albums på gaden og dusinvis af anmelder roser worldwide er ved at være et etableret navn i dansk metal. BLOODLABEL stormer DK rundt og har allerede før deres debut album fået en massiv fanskare i DK, og nyeste skud på stammen af lokal metal i Randers er MUSH ROOM CLOUD. Desuden vil der være metal-marked med merchandise, CD’er, LP’er, DVD’er mm. Alt dette bestyres igennem den lokale afdeling
af Læsehesten!

Midwinter Meltdown er en projektgruppe, der har til formål at sætte ekstra fokus på Randers, at få byen på det danske metal-kort! Samarbejdet mellem Midwinter Meltdown, MsM Booking (lokalt booking-bureau og lydstudie), og Café von Hatten danner rammerne om denne 1 dags metal festival i Randers! Koncerten er også støttet af Randers Kommune via Kulturel Forvaltning, der er med til at gøre koncerten mulig.

Alle implicerede arbejder gratis og arrangementet forventes ikke at give det store overskud, men skulle det ske vil det blive overført til næste års Meltdown! Så mød op i Randers, støt op om metal-musikken og sving garnet til "fee" tråd!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Marduk - 20 years anniversary

Metalnews Power of Metal.dk
The mighty MARDUK has just returned to Sweden after completing the BLACKEST OF THE BLACK Festival-Tour throughout north american-territory. MARDUK played some legendary shows alongside cult acts like Danzig and Possessed. Undefeated and more intense the band is currently rehearsing to prepare for the upcoming tour which covers the most important venues in Asia. Check the tour schedule below.

The time has come for MARDUK to celebrate 20 wrathful years of blood and iron. 20 years have passed since MARDUK started back in 1990 and the band is now going stronger than ever before. We herewith announce that MARDUK is celebrating it´s 20 year anniversary in form of a marvellous box-set which will be released in a strict limited edition in early 2011 via Blooddawn/Regain Records. This fabulous release will be a monument of the first two decades of MARDUK. More information will be unveiled soon.

Dec 04- Beijing, China – Mao Livehouse
Dec 06- Bangkok, Thailand – Rock Pub
Dec 07- Singapore, Singapore – Substation Theatre
Dec 08- Makassar, Indonesia – Lap Basket Karebosi
Dec 09- Bali, Indonesia – Akasaka Music Club
Dec 10- Surabaya, Indonesia – Graha Pemuda
Dec 11- Semarang, Indonesia – Gor Tri Lomba Juang
Dec 12- Jakarta, Indonesia – Bulungan Outdoor

Listenable signs Izegrim

Metalnews Power of Metal.dk

LISTENABLE is announcing the signing of Dutch thrash/death metal band IZEGRIM !.

Immediately after the release of "Point of no Return" Izegrim started writing/composing their new album.

Their mission was to create the most versitale, riff-packed, in-your-face-sounding record in the history of Izegrim.

After more than one year of working as hard as they ever did, they've accomplished their objectives.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken (Soundlodge Studio), this record has become exactly the way they wanted it to be.
The band commented “Needless to say that we are really honoured and exhilerated to be on a roster with bands like Hate, Gojira and The Red Shore, to name just a few.
We are certain that our coalition with LISTENABLE RECORDS will be a prosperous one ! “
The new album "Code of Consequences" will be released on february 2011.on Listenable Records.

-          Ivo       - drums
-          Jeroen – guitar
-          Marloes – vocals/bass
-          Bart      - guitar

Izegrim homepage: http://www.izegrim.nl

Mayhem @ Eindhoven Metal Meeting

Metalnews Power of Metal.dk
Cult Black Metal forefathers MAYHEM will perform at this year's edition of the Eindhoven Metal Meeting, on December 17th. Other bands on the bill are MOONSPELL, IMMORTAL, ROTTING CHRIST, SEVERE TORTURE, PESTILENCE, FINNTROLL, EXODUS, KREATOR, Saint Vitus, NOTHNEGAL and many others!
The EMM will take place on both Friday 17th and Saturday 18th, 2010 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Tickets for the Saturday and combi tickets for the whole weekend are already sold-out, but you can still buy your tickets for Friday alone! If you miss MAYHEM there, you can still catch them one day later on Saturday 18th in London, UK at "The Terrorizer Black Mass" with at the O2 Academy Islington.
More information on www.eindhovenmetalmeeting.com.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Psyke Projekt indspiller nyt material

Metalnews Power of Metal.dk
THE PSYKE PROJECT indspiller nyt materiale.

Det københavnske hardcore band The Psyke Project er i disse dage på besøg i Jacob Bredahls Dead Rat Studio for at indspille 5 nye sange til en eksklusiv split album udgivelse, som kommer til marts 2011.

Udgivelsen består af 10 sange, hvor henholdsvis The Psyke Project og kollegaerne i As We Fight leverer 5 numre hver.

The Psyke Project varsler ny musikalsk retning, og udtaler følgende:
"I 10 år har vi gjort en stor dyd ud af at skabe musik med smukke stemning og voldsom tyngde. Vi er siden blevet voksne, og det er på tide vi skrotter de "smukke stemninger" og fokuserer på det, som vi kan lide bedst. Nemlig Punk, Rock og Dødsmetal. Vi glæder os til at præsentere dig det nye TPP."

Det er muligt at følge med i The Psyke Project og As We Fights kommende split albumudgivelse under projektnavnet Ebola på den fælles platform -

Dying Fetus - Re-issuing earlier albums

Metalnews Power of Metal.dk
DYING FETUS: Set To Re-Issue Earlier Albums

DYING FETUS will see their earliest records re-mastered and re-packaged for a series of expanded re-issues set for release in early 2011.

In January, DYING FETUS’ 1995 collection of demos Infatuation With Malevolence will be re-released including liner notes written by the band, archival photographs from that period, expanded artwork, and two previously un-released bonus tracks. Infatuation With Malevolence will see its re-issue on January 24th and is available for pre-order here.

Also to be released on January 24th is the re-issue of the band’s debut album Purification Through Violence. Like Infatuation…, Purification Through Violence will include brand new liner notes, never-before-seen photographs, expanded art and two previously un-released bonus tracks. More information on this release can be found here.

Re-issues of the band’s Killing On Adrenaline (1998) album and Grotesque Impalement (1999) EP will follow on March 7th. Killing On Adrenaline will include two bonus tracks while Grotesque Impalement will feature three un-released tracks. Information on these re-issues can be found here: Killing…, Grotesque….

DYING FETUS has recently announced that their last headlining tour in support of their most recent album Descend Into Depravity will be as the headliners of the 2011 Bonecrusher Fest. This last tour before they begin work on a brand new album will also include KEEP OF KALESSIN, CARNIFEX, ANNOTATIONS OF AN AUTOPSY, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, and ANGELUS APATRIDA.

Bonecrusher Fest is an annual tour that brings extreme metal talent from around the world to European audiences. A complete listing of the 2011 tour dates and cities can be found below with more information available at MySpace.com/BonecrusherFest.

***All dates from Feb. 18 thru March 11 as part of Bonecrusher Fest w/ KEEP OF KALESSIN, CARNIFEX, ANNOTATIONS OF AN AUTOPSY, and more***
Feb. 18             Aschaffenburg, Germany Colos Saal
Feb. 19             Essen, Germany            Turock
Feb. 20             Utrecht, Holland             Tivoli
Feb. 21             Hamburg, Germany        Logo
Feb. 23             Berlin, Germany             K17
Feb. 24             Prague, Czech Rep.       Exit Chmelnice
Feb. 25             Leipzig, Germany           Theater-Fabrik
Feb. 26             Munchen, Germany        Feierwerk
Feb. 27             Bratislava, Slovakia        Kino Siska
Feb. 28             Wien, Austria                Arena
March 1            Ljubljana, Slovenia         Kino Siska
March 2            Nurnberg, Germany        Hirsch
March 3            Schio, Italy                    Mac2 Club
March 4            Rome, Italy                    Rock Club
March 5            Luzern, Switzerland        Schuur
March 6            Ludwigsburg, Germany   Rockfabrik
March 7            Paris, France                 Travendo
March 8            London, UK                   02 Academy
March 9            Birmingham, UK            02 Academy 2
March 10           Hasselt, Belgium           Muziekodroom
March 11           Kassel, Germany           Kulturfabrik, Salzmann

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Obscura - Special guest on new album

Metalnews Power of Metal.dk
SADIST's guitar player Tommy Talamanca guest on forthcoming OBSCURA album
TOMMY TALAMANCA, guitar and keyboards player from italian prog/death band SADIST, will be guest on OBSCURA's forthcoming album "Omnivium". Tommy will perform a guitar solo on the track entitled "Euclidean Elements". Tommy is also proud to announce his new endorsement with VIKGUITARS (http://www.vikguitars.com). At the moment he's working on the first model of "Tommy Talamanca Signature" 7 strings series.

Rotting Christ - European Tour

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Rotting Christ will present their critically acclaimed success album AEALO and with them are our newcomers Nothnegal from the Maldive Isles. Please do not miss the opportunity to check them out.

Nov 26 2010        BE          Vosselaar             Biebob 
Nov 27 2010        DE          Essen                  Turock                  
Nov 28 2010        NL          Leuwaarden          Romein Popodium
Nov 29 2010        DE          Hamburg              Markthalle           
Nov 30 2010        DE          Braunschweig       Meier Music Hall
Dec 01 2010        DE          Ludwigsburg         Rockfabrik
Dec 02 2010        DE          Berlin                  K17
Dec 03 2010        DE          Leipzig                Hellraiser
Dec 04 2010        DE          Lichtenfels           Metal Meeting
Dec 05 2010        CZ          Zlin                     Masters of Rock Cafe
Dec 06 2010        HU          Budapest             Wigwam               
Dec 07 2010        SI           Ljubljana             Kino Siska            
Dec 08 2010        IT           Milano                 Generali Magazzini            
Dec 09 2010        AT          Wien                   Szene
Dec 10 2010        DE          München              Backstage
Dec 11 2010        AT          Kufstein               Kulturfabrik
Dec 12 2010        CH          Pratteln               Z7          
Dec 13 2010        FR          Lyon                    Ninkasi Kao
Dec 14 2010        ES          Barcelona             Salamandra
Dec 15 2010        ES          Madrid                 Heineken              
Dec 16 2010        FR          Toulouse              Phare
Dec 17 2010        FR          Limoges               CC John Lennon
Dec 18 2010        NL          Eindhoven            Eindhoven Metal Meeting
Dec 19 2010        DE          Frankfurt              Batschkapp         

The Batallion - 12" LP Out now!

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THE BATALLION "Head Up High" 12"LP is out!

New album by Norwegian THE BATALLION "Head Up High" is available to order from Ledo Takas. It comes on classic black vinyl in a gatefold 350g sleeve with foldout poster-like live picture of the band, and the inner sleeve, featuring all lyrics and credits.

The tracklist:

-          Mind My Step
-          Head Up High
-          When Death Becomes Dangerous
-          Within the Frame of the Graveyard
-          Thick Skinned and Weatherbitten
-          Each Man For Himself

-          Undertakers
-          Paces
-          Where There Is Smoke There Is Fire
-          The Roaring Grandfather
-          Bring Out Your Dead

Eleven tracks and 38 minutes long album, produced by Bart Schlagermeister at Bergen's Conclave studios, co-owned by Enslaved members, is the follow up to the 2008's debut "Stronghold of Men". CD version of "Head Up High" was released to a critical acclaim by Dark Essence Records on 27th September 2010, and now it is time for the wax maniacs to feast upon.

Retail price of 12"LP is 13 euro + postage.

Dio - "Live We Rock"

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The late Ronnie James Dio is immortal in the annals of Heavy Metal history not only because he was a multi-platinum artist and the lead singer of three of the greatest bands the genre has ever offered: Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Dio but also because he is responsible for bringing the now standard devil horns sign to a whole legion of metal fans.

Back On Black Records - http://www.backonblack.com
Plastic Head (mail order) - www.plastichead.com

Dead Neon: The Plague Rages On

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DEAD NEON is the primitive nuclear doom metal project of Las Vegas poet Jarret Keene. Inspired by a morbid tour of the Nevada Test Site with only GOATLORD's Distorted Birth and LEONARD COHEN's The Future loaded on a half broken iPod, the music of DEAD NEON conjures a dreadful world ravaged by atomic conflict where survivors inevitably succumb to radiation, starvation, each other. A writer by trade, Keene taught himself guitar in the months following his test site visit, shaping crude yet corrosive riffs designed to evoke the din of warheads and dirty suitcase bombs slamming into the Strip at twilight.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome set to music and voiced by Cronos - Metal Psalter

Dark and full of trepidation - Heavy Metal Tribune