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Ov Dust posts preview of entire album

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New York band Ov Dust have posted a preview of their entire debut release 'Resurrection of an American Heretic'.
Following the release of two full tracks ('Final Act' & 'Duality of Light'), the band has posted another full track, 'Dreams Turned Rancid', along with previews of all remaining songs.

All are available now for streaming on the bands website at the following address:

Resurrection of an American Heretic
Track Listing:
1. Final Act
2. Eternal Return
3. As the Crow Flies
4. Duality Of Light
5. King Rat: Affirmation of the Ignoble
6. LXVI: Matanza de Tiburon
7. Black Decay
8. Dreams Turned Rancid
9. Dethroned Emperor

Resurrection of an American Heretic is the band's first full length release. The record is comprised of nine tracks spanning more than 50 minutes and illustrates the bands talent for mixing elements of black metal with old school thrash creating a distinctive brand of extreme metal.

Formed in early 2008 Ov Dust firmly stepped away from the embittered mainstream, straddling the line between the underground and misunderstood, creating the grinding music of inherent dissension. With the release of the debut album, the unmistakable sounds of incendiary heresy, initially indistinguishable from the rustling of leaves across the autumn floor, now roar with unabated yearning and intent, signaling the resurrection of an American heretic.

New Arrayan Path album in September

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ARRAYAN PATH’s upcoming (third) album, which as already announced will be titled “Ira Imperium” will be released in September. The album will also feature a very special guest vocalist whose name will be revealed in April. “This guest appearance is quite special and we feel it deserves an announcement of its own so we'll leave it for a little bit later...” as Nicholas Leptos, vocalist and main songwriter comments. So fans will have to be just a little bit patient!

ARRAYAN PATH will have not one but two albums in a short period of time! Following the release of “Ira Imperium” a new album will come out in early 2012. It will be titled “Stigmata” and more details regarding that will be made available at a later stage. Both albums will be released by Pitch Black Records and die-hard fans can of course expect special limited editions for both albums.

The band has also made the move towards slightly modifying its name of over ten years. This was done for obvious reasons and the fact that it became extremely annoying for all band members trying to convince others on the meaning of their band's name. It was decided to simply add an extra ‘A’ in ‘arryan’, thus changing the pronunciation and of course obliterating even the tiniest concern that ARRAYAN PATH is in any way related to Nazism or any kind of racism or other extreme political views.

Commenting on this, Nicholas Leptos says that “this was always evident through our lyrics and live shows but despite our best efforts to try to convince people otherwise some still chose to look at it differently. What does the new name mean…? Absolutely nothing! The decision to modify our name wasn’t easy but we felt it was needed so there you have it. ARRAYAN PATH’s music will remain in the same style and “Road to Macedonia” and “Terra Incognita” will still be played live and will still be mentioned in our discography”.

The band’s second album, “Terra Incognita”, released in 2010 through Pitch Black Records, was recently nominated for IMPALA’s Independent European Album of the Year Award and ARRAYAN PATH is already scheduled to make a number of appearances this year including the Ayia Napa Youth Festival in Cyprus (August), Germany’s Swordbrothers Festival in September and a December show in Athens along with Atlantean Kodex.

For more info on ARRAYAN PATH and a look at the band’s new logo visit

Massacre signs My Black Light

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MY BLACK LIGHT was born in 2008 from Rudy's and Monica's common passion for metal, especially gothic metal.

Indeed they have been playing this kind of music for years in different cover bands. It is the first months of 2008 when they decided to try and write their own songs and bring them to light through a new project called MY BLACK LIGHT.

Once they completed the band lineup, they decided to start with some cover songs to improve band harmony and their personal approach to music.
After six months spent composing and playing on stage, MBL attended to several music contests getting success and good results.

Thanks to this, MBL made an important choice in December 2009 by attending the winter edition of MUSIC VILLAGE 2009. Their intention was to confront themselves with the experts on music business in order to figure out if they have any chance to succeed.

The final jury judgment was positive and gave them the strength to go on.

If you're living in Italy or plan a trip to Italy in the next weeks, you can enjoy MY BLACK LIGHT live at the following dates:

02.04. IT Santhià - Piazza Zapelloni @ Maratona Rock 15.04. IT Turin - Infernocafe (w/ Moonrage, Inhuman Behaviours) 30.04. IT Romagnano Sesia - Rock 'N' Roll Arena (w/ Midnattsol, Leaves' Eyes, Lust For Oblivion)

Monica Primo - Vocals
Rodolfo Coda Bertetto - Keyboards and Vocals
Emanuele Rossi - Guitar
Marco Peraldo - Bass Guitar
Edoardo Giordani - Drums


Hatesphere søger fast bassist

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Hatesphere er pt. igang med forberedelserne til indspille deres syvende album. Dog har bassist, Mikael Hansen Ehlert takket pænt af som stand-in efter sidste års USA og Canada tourné. Nu efterlyser HateSphere en fast mand til at svinge bassen med stil, da der ved næste udgivelse venter en lang række aktiviteter i både indland og udland.

Forår/sommer inkluderer desværre endnu ingen danske koncerter, men der er overraskelser på vej for efteråret..

Maj 07 Walpurgis Metal Days, Hausenberg (D)
Jun 03 Ritmo & Compas, Madrid, (ES)
Jun 04 NF Festival, Barcelona (ES)
Jun 11 Chronical Moshers Fest, Reichenbach (D) 
Jul 16 Dong Open Air, Neukirchen-Vluyn (D)
Jul 29 Zvera Festival, Saldus (LV)

HateSphere udtaler:

”HateSphere har sagt farvel til Mikael Ehlert, der siden juli sidste år har fungeret som session-bassist, og vi takker ham naturligvis for hjælpen og hyggeligt samvær. Det betyder imidlertid, at der er blevet en plads ledig i tourbussen. HateSphere søger derfor en bassist, der kan flytte fingrene på gribebrættet, har live- og meget gerne tourerfaring, scene-tække og er parat til at indspille en plade i juni. Har du derudover tid, lyst og engagement til at spille bas i et af Danmarks mest turnerende og hårdtarbejdende bands, så send en mail med lidt info om dig selv (køn, alder, tidligere erfaring, links til (live)videoer og billeder, hvor du rocker ud etc). Send det hele til info(@) HateSphere opfordrer naturligvis alle interesserede til at søge, men beder samtidig til, at kun seriøse ansøgere henvender sig.”

For mere information se venligst:

Update on King Diamond's health

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KING DIAMOND's wife Livia has recently published a note about KING's health after his triple-bypass surgery.

King has just finished his Cardiac Rehabilitation program Friday, March 11th, and graduated with flying colors. Thanks to the wonderful people at the rehab center, his exercise regimen helpe him gain a lot of muscle, and start on the road of building up good endurance.
We will start regular exercises now to get the endurance up to nice levels. The examinations by his heart surgeon and cardiologist revealed that his health is steadily improving, and they all expect him to feel better than ever, 15 years younger than he really is.

She also said, that she's "immensely proud of what he has achieved in these short 3 months" and that "he is looking forward to finishing the DVDs eventually, and he is most certainly not stopping music", even though she can't "say anything certain about when he will be back working on King Diamond related things".

Livia also wanted the fans to know the following:

He would also like to extend his huge gratitude to all of you, for your absolutely amazing support. It has really meant a lot to him.

SPV/Steamhammer signs In Legend

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Traditionally, most rock bands are dominated by guitars. Not so the case with IN LEGEND, where the mother of all instruments is the “key” component: The piano. With an uncompromising feeling for hard and flowing melodies, the ivories are hammered by Bastian Emig to an as of right now unexplored extreme. In the process he has come to understand the unique, symbiotic union of the percussive and melodic instrument in order to create rousing and sweeping songs. IN LEGEND is the essence of an artistic process that has been pulsating in the heart and maturing in the soul of Bastian during the last 10 years. And piece by piece it has been forged and hammered into the evoking sound which now characterizes it: The perfect blend of hard, soft, and uncompromising passion!
Together with bassplayer Daniel Wilke and drummer Dennis Otto , Bastian Emig created with the debutalbum "Ballads N´Bullets" a once in a lifetime audio adventure, which will be released in Germany on May 20th, in Europe on May 23rd and in the USA/Canada on June 14th as a high class digipak through the first time cooperation of  SPV-Oblivion/Steamhammer.
Oblivion A&R Gero Herrde: "For the first time at SPV an album will be released on 2 labels. Oblivion is the dark side of SPV and this is also characterising one side of this exceptional band."
 Olly Hahn, A&R Steamhammer: "Steamhammer is definetly also a home for this band because the metal side is fully visible on this album. It is very exciting to see how Oblivion and Steamhammer benefit from each other.
 Bandleader Bastian Emig: "I´m very happy to be at SPV because they really understand what IN LEGEND is all about. And the combination of Oblivion and Steamhammer is 100% what of what we aim at" 

 The first video for the song "Pandemonium":

Disfear bass-player looses battle with cancer

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DISFEAR bass player and long time member Henrik Frykman has passed away after a long battle with cancer. The band, Björn Pettersson, Marcus Andersson, Ulf Cederlund and Tomas Lindberg, has issued the following statement: “It is with heavy hearts we inform you that on Friday the 25th of March Henrik Frykman passed away in his home after a long battle with cancer. Henrik will be greatly missed by family and friends.”

Frykman joined ANTI-BOFORS in 1990 and in 1991 the band underwent a name change to DISFEAR. The band has morphed and evolved over the past 20 years into an internationally recognized and respected band. DISFEAR has toured the world over and released a number of acclaimed full-length albums including 2008’s Live The Storm.

NB app for Android

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Nuclear Blast mobile app now available on Android!

The NUCLEAR BLAST app with the latest of heavy music, news, photos, videos, songs and all things metal is finally also available on Android smartphones!
Check out the NUCLEAR BLAST app which is already notorious and legendary on iPhones and iPod touch at the following location!  FOR FREE!!

SAOL signs Raygun Rebels

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SAOL is rockin’! We are happy to announce the RAYGUN REBELS as the newest part of the SAOL roster. With their mixture of Hard Rock and Classic Rock they always breath the spirit of their musical idols but always sounding young and fresh.
For the rockability check out their MySpace and Facebook!
The debut album “Bring Me Home” will be released on 10.06.2011 via SAOL / H’art / Zebralution.

Sybreed releasing digital EP

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SYBREED have recorded a new song called "Challenger", which will be released for download on the 23rd of April exclusively on Itunes.  

This song will be enhanced with 3 ass-kicking remixes, respectively from BAK XIII, Voicians and Drop.

This EP is a stand alone in itself, giving you a sneak preview of the catchy kind of material  they are working on and that should be released somewhere around spring 2012. 

For those lucky enough to catch SYBREED on tour in France and Belgium in April, the band will also perform "Challenger" on stage


April 16th @ Nancy, FR - Le Hublot
April 17th @ Paris, FR - Glazart
April 18th @ Valenciennes. FR - Igelrock
April 19th @ Messancy, BE - Rider's Park
April 26th @ Montpellier, FR - Secret Place
April 27th @ Perpignan, FR - El Mediator Club
April 28th @ Bordeaux, FR - Heretic
April 29th @ Aix-En-Provence, FR - Korigan
April 30th @ Lyon, FR - Rockstorm Fest

Havok - Time Is Up - Out now!

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Cradle of Filth in Russia

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Borealis posts cover artwork

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New signing Canadian progressive power metallers Borealis see their label debut "Fall From Grace" released on Lion Music on 20th May 2011.

Artwork for the album is now revealed below.

Seventh Wonder looking for a new drummer

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Leading Swedish progressive metallers Seventh Wonder are looking for a new drummer preferably based in Sweden - all applicants should contact:

The bands current release "The Great Escape" has seen universally excellent praise from press and fans worldwide and the video for 'Alley Cat' has now had over 120,000 hits at YouTube - 

In addition Seventh Wonder are proud to confirm they will headline the ProgPower Europe 2011 festival on Friday September 30. Bassist Andreas Blomqvist is currently working in US and will unfournately be unable to make this show. His replacement will be Johan Larsson, a good friend of the band and also the guy who did the artwork for "The Great Escape" and the "Alley Cat" video.

Official Links

Sun Caged third album out in June

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Dutch progressive metallers Sun Caged see their highly anticipated third album "The Lotus Effect"' set for release on 17th June 2011 on Lion Music.  

Those who try to describe Sun Caged's music will find this task to be considerable. Influences range from progressive metal to fusion and jazz, and atmospheric and ambient jaunts. The band's progressive blend is going to excite lots of listeners because of its diversity and excitement with "The Lotus Effect" serving up the most potent examples of the bands sound yet.

One full track from the forthcoming album, the 10 minute "Pareidolized (The Ocean In The Shell)" can be heard now at the bands MySpace page -

Official Links

Day Six touring the UK

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Dutch progressive metallers Day Six fresh from some support slots to Threshold in Europe hit the UK this week for some selected headline shows and an appearance at the Fused Festival.

Day Six UK-tour 2011

Mar 31st 2011 London The Dublin Castle UK
Apr 1st 2011 Canning Town, London Bridgehouse II UK
Apr 3rd 2011 Lydney Fused Festival UK (

The band's current release "The Grand Design" was released in June 2010 on Lion Music.

Official Links

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Elitist's debut album out in June

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ELITIST, the latest addition to Season of Mist's Underground Activist roster, will see the release of their debut album on June 20th (one day later in North America). This wild piece of old school Death Metal mixed with sludgecore influences is entitled "Fear in a Handful of Dust". More news soon!

Season of Mist signs Old Silver Key

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Season of Mist is proud to announce the signing of OLD SILVER KEY, a brand new band born from the hyperactive mind of DRUDKH mainman Roman Saenko and consisting of four DRUDKH members plus French artist Neige (ALCEST, AMESOEURS) on vocals. The aim of this new project is to create nostalgic, romantic and light atmosphere of solitude, beholding, childhood and warmth. The first album is already in recording process.
At the same time, the next DRUDKH album is to be recorded this spring / summer. This ninth full-length will mark a return to the band's roots - long songs full of dark emotions and atmosphere of seasons change, close to the Ukrainians' early albums.

Fifth studio report from Septicflesh

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As previously announced, the main artwork of SEPTICFLESH's forthcoming album "The Great Mass" will appear on the CD + DVD Digipak edition, the gatefold LP and the dust jacket of the collector's artbook. A hidden part is unveiled every week, gradually forming the nightmarish full scale artwork of Seth Siro Anton. The transformation will be completed on April 18th, the day on which the Mass will be unleashed upon mankind... Check out to see the fifth step of the unveiling!

Here is the fifth part of the studio story, by Hard Rock Mag editor Sven Letourneur.

PART V - First mix, first impressions. Second mix, second impressions.

You left Peter Tägtgren work alone for a few days, how long did he work on the mix? Did he send you some tests regularly or just one final pre-mix to have your opinion before applying your changes? When you heard the first results of the mixing done by Peter, what was your opinion about it? Were there a lot of things to be changed? Is the final result close to what you had in your minds?
Sotiris (guitars / vocals): After a period of 5 days, Peter presented us his first pre-mix of the songs. It was his suggestion for the "skeleton" of the album, focusing on drums-bass-guitars. In this pre-mix, there were no vocals, as he wanted to focus on them after the decisions about the basic sound field were taken. On this mix the orchestral parts had a more general balance. That didn't work for all the songs as on the new album we experimented with different structures, using different combinations of instruments a nd dynamics from song to song. On the other hand, when we listened to it, we were very pleased, as the guitars were sharp and extremely heavy and the grooves of the bass and drums were sounding so damn powerful. Our suggestions were mostly focused on the orchestral parts, as it was obvious that the metal instruments were exactly as we wanted them to be.

After some remarks, Peter did a second mix with all your ideas taken into account. How did you feel when hearing this second test? Did you feel you were close to the perfect result? Is there a third mix already done?
Fotis (drums): Yes, there is a third mix already... The good thing about Peter is that even if he is who he is and has so many years of experience, he is always open to any suggestions and ideas. We had a great time working together and I believe that both sides are happy with the result of this album.
Sotiris: The second mix was focused on the balance between the vocals and the other instruments. It was an important and difficult phase, as besides the characteristic growling vocals of Seth and my dark melodic vocals, we used two different female singers (a soprano and a mezzo-soprano) and a boy soprano, not to mention a full choir. When we listened to the second pre-mix , we felt we were getting closer to what we wanted, but there was still work ahead of us, concerning the orchestral parts. We wanted to miss nothing from the performance and emotion of the various classical instruments. There are so many different musical layers on the new album... Much more than on "Communion"! It was a very difficult task to keep the right balance between all the different elements, while retaining a huge death metal sound. And that was exactly our aim. Peter heard the material over and over, giving attention to our suggestions, even about the small details of the songs. So he continued presenting to us different mixes of the songs until we were completely satisfied. We are grateful for his patience and his hard work for the album. He managed to surpass our expectations. We are extremely pleased from the final result.

Now that you recorded everything by yourselves in your own studio, would you consider for a future album to even take care of the mixing after more experience?
Fotis: To be honest, mixing an album that combines aggressive death metal with extreme blast-beats and at the same time melodies that come not only from guitars but also from a full orchestra and a choir, is something really hard that needs a lot of guts... Peter Tägtgren had the guts and patience to mix this album and make it sound so powerful. It takes years of experience to mix something so difficult.

What about mastering? You told me you were going to do it at the Abyss Studio too? Who will take care of it?
Peter's associate, Jonas, who is doing most of the mastering that goes out from the Abyss studio. I like the fact that that we can master the album in the same studio where we mixed it, because I'm sure we won't lose the sound approach of our final mix.

On April 15, supporters of SEPTICFLESH will have the opportunity to hear the entire "The Great Mass" in Athens, Greece at the Legacy Rock Area. You will have the opportunity to win copies of the album and have them signed by the whole band as Seth Siro Anton, Christos Antoniou, Fotis Benardo and Sotiris Anunnaki V. will be present!
All physical formats of "The Great Mass" can be pre-ordered on Season of Mist's e-shop !

Morbid Angel reveals album title

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Seminally influential Extreme Metal act MORBID ANGEL have set "Illud Divinum Insanus" as the title of their eagerly awaited forthcoming album, which has been scheduled for a June 6th release (one day later in North America). "Illud Divinum Insanus" will be MORBID ANGEL's eighth studio album, and the first since legendary frontman David Vincent rejoined the fold. Here is the cover artwork of this new opus, designed by Gustavo Sazes:
The artist stated: "To create this cover we worked from several references, ideas, elements, and I would say a ''world'' of options and paths. After a long brainstorming period and some [good and bad] ideas left behind we came up with the concept of this organic surreal insane being; a fallen God or a weird mirror image of our own madness. It is a different Morbid Angel cover for sure, but I think that's how Morbid Angel is...Deviant and different on each new release. They never repeat themselves. They are always pushing the boundaries and setting new standards. I'm really proud of the final results and hope the fans appreciate my work, while listening to the new album!"

Prior to the release of the album, a single for the song "Nevermore" will be out on May 16th as 7" vinyl and digital download. The B side is an exclusive version of new song "Destructos VS the Earth", remixed by COMBICHRIST.

"Of all the remixes I've been asked to do I never expected one of the world's most notorious death metal bands to have an interest in hearing their music on the dance floor", COMBICHRIST mainman Andy LaPlegua comments. "However, 'Destructos' is one of those tracks that are so versatile that it could have been recorded as a folk song and it would still sound amazing. I'm honored to be a part of this project and am excited to see how the Morbid Angel fans react to this unusual new direction."

The cover artwork for the single was designed by French artists Valnoir and Fursy Teyssier for Metastazis:

Pain of Salvation releasing breathtaking video

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Currently working on the final details for their highly anticipated “Road Salt Two” release and freshly returned from a successful trip to India, Swedish PAIN OF SALVATION are now debuting their impressive video clip for the song “Where It Hurts” (off “Road Salt One”) via the youtube channel of InsideOutMusic.

The video was once again filmed by director Owe Lingvall from Village Road Film /, who had previously worked with the band on the clip for “Linoleum”.

“Where It Hurts” features very intense and explicit footage, sure to add a new depth to the already captivating music and lyrics of this particular song.

Watch the clip here:
PAIN OF SALVATION’s Daniel Gildenlöw elaborates about the clip as follows:
“Finally the video for Where it Hurts is officially released! I have longed for this moment for months. With Road Salt I decided from the start to be insanely brave - always going where the music and lyrics would take us and never hesitate or consider the consequences. This approach was very dominant already when we first started taking photos for the album. I found myself in situations I had never expected to find myself in - we dressed in skirts, waded knee-deep in ice cold lakes, lying in freezing and maggot filled swamp water, making out with relatives in front of the camera - the whole three day shoot ending with a huge bonfire where we played acoustic music and burned furniture long into the cold Swedish night.

Road Salt One as an album is a result of these same premises, and anyone listening to it cannot say anything else than that it is brave and uncompromising. I felt as hellbent on going our own way with this album as I did back in 2000 when we recorded The Perfect Element part I. "Is this guitar too loud and dry? Let's see what happens if we go even further!"

I wanted to commit just as devotedly to the videos for Road Salt One. The premises Brave and Uncompromising were very present here too. I wanted the video to land somewhere between 70s Asian karate movies on VHS, Kill Bill and the aesthetic world of comic magazines from the 90s. Like everything about Road Salt One I wanted it to be raw and brave yet beautiful.

The video is cut between two graphical environments or scenes. The scaled down and arty white, black and red scenes, representing the abstract and emotional, and the darker warm and grainy sex scenes, representing the physical. The video is revolving around themes of love, sex, hurt and reconciliation, and is reaching back to earlier videos and albums by Pain of Salvation.”
Further thoughts by the band on the clip can by found here: news about the status of “Road Salt Two” will be available soon…

May 28 Springpride (Eskilstuna, Sweden)
June 4    Hard Rock Café (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
June 5    Carioca Club (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
June 7 Bar Opiniao (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
June 19 Hellfest (Nantes, France)

PAIN OF SALVATION Line-Up:Daniel Gildenlöw - vocals/guitar
Johan Hallgren - guitar/vocals
Leo Margarit - drums/vocals
Fredrik Hermansson - keys/vocals

InsideOutMusic online: /

Nuclear Blast says "thank you"

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Nuclear Blast says “thank you” to fans on facebook.

The Nuclear Blast family on facebook ( and keeps growing immensely! This is why we want to say thank you by offering a FREE EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD SAMPLER to all our fans on facebook!
If you are registered at facebook, just go to our page and “like” it – and become our new family member. Afterwards you’ll find the link for the sampler download.
Besides, you are able to hear about the news concerning all our bands first in your news feed. Please let your friends know about this, too, just “share” our page on your profile and help the family grow!

If you are not registered, you may of course go to our facebook page and stay up to date concerning all our bands, as well (you can read all news without logging in)!


New HammerFall song online

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“One More Time,” a track off the new album by Swedish heavy metal band HAMMERFALL, is now available online for streaming on the band’s Facebook page.

HAMMERFALL’s eighth studio album, Infected, will be released in Europe on May 20th and in North America on June 7thThe album was produced by James Michael (MÖTLEY CRÜE, SCORPIONS, MEAT LOAF), who also handled mixing duties. 

The track listing for Infected is as follows:
01) Patient Zero
02) Bang Your Head
03) One More Time
04) The Outlaw
05) Send Me A Sign
06) Dia De Los Muertos
07) I Refuse
08) 666 - The Enemy Within
09) Immortalized
10) Let's Get It On
11) Redemption
A video will be shot with Patrick Ullaeus (DIMMU BORGIR, ENSLAVED, ARCH ENEMY) of Revolver Film, who also created the album artwork for Infected.
Infected is the follow-up to 2009’s No Sacrifice, No Victory which debuted at #38 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and achieved gold status in Sweden for sales in excess of 20,000 copies.  The album registered the following first-week chart positions in Europe: #2 in Sweden, #7 in Germany, #20 in Switzerland, #21 in the U.K. (Indie Albums chart), #25 in Austria, #46 in Norway, and #95 in France.

Visit HAMMERFALL online at, on MySpace, on Facebook, on Twitter and at

Free MP3s from Nuclear Blast

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New Queensrÿche album this summer

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New York, NY: Queensrÿche announced today that their new album will be called Dedicated to Chaos and it will be released this summer. It’s the band’s first effort for its new label, Roadrunner Records/Loud & Proud.  The band – featuring Geoff Tate, Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield and Parker Lundgren -- is currently planning a tour in support of the new opus, which was recorded in its native Seattle. Tour dates and information will be released when available.

“Modern life moves fast,” commented frontman Geoff Tate about the album. “Plug into the rhythm of the now with our 12th studio album, Dedicated to Chaos. It’s a clash and slash of musical experimentation anchored by the pulse of digital code.” He did issue one suggestion to listeners as well, saying: “Enjoy – headphones are a must.”

Queensrÿche’s 1988-issued album Operation: Mindcrime is universally respected as a classic concept release about rock, revenge and redemption, which is ultimately regarded as one of the most important and essential hard rock records in the genre’s expansive canon. 1990’s follow-up, Empire, yielded a #1 single, the Grammy-nominated ballad “Silent Lucidity,” which the band performed at the 1992 Grammy Awards accompanied by a supporting orchestra.

In 2006, the band released Operation: Mindcrime II, a scorching sequel to their original. The band then hit the road performing both albums Operation: Mindcrime and Operation: Mindcrime II back-to-back in their entirety in an incredible theatrical presentation throughout the year. The final performance was recorded at The Moore Theatre in Seattle that October and the Mindcrime at the Moore double CD/DVD release debuted at #1 on Billboard's Top Music DVD Chart and eventually reached Gold status.

The band is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and Dedicated to Chaos marks a new and riveting chapter in Queensrÿche’s already impressive history that fans will not want to miss.

And the chaos has just begun.

Visit for more information.

Avanatasia DVD chart entries

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The new Avantasia 4-disc box „The Flying Opera - Around The World In 20 Days - Live“ has entered the official Austrian charts at #1. 

In Germany the double DVD that comes along with a double CD has entered the official album charts at #18.

News from the Twilight camp

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REQUIEM - THE Swiss Death Metal machine since 1997 will release the first new song of their upcoming album "Within Darkened Disorder".
The song "Vicious Deception" will be available for streaming on the bands
myspace page

We are proud to welcome the Band Grabak from Germany under twilight.
The fifth studio album"SIN" is a tightrope walk between
Blasphemous Black Metal and Death Metal. release May 20th 2011

We are proud to welcome the Band Through Your Silence from Italy under twilight.
The new studio album"The zenith distance" brings you Symphonic Death / Black Metal
with Progressive & Heavy parts. Be curious! release June 3rd 2011

Pain posts studio trailer

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Swedish industrial metallers lead by iconic producer Peter Tägtgren have uploaded the first studio trailer for their upcoming album „You Only Live Twice“!
Check it out at and stay tuned for more!
You Only Live Twice“ will be out June 3, 2011 via Nuclear Blast! | |

Xerath cover Michael Jackson

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UK progressive metal band Xerath have released a heavy metal cover of Michael Jackson's Speed demon!

When asked why they decided to cover a Michael Jackson song? The band responded by saying: "The choice of doing Speed Demon was a simple one, everyone in the band loves Michael Jackson. Speed demon is an amazing song, it's got great riffs and lends itself nicely to the Xerath orchestral treatment".

Speed demon was released simultaneously with the bands first single 'Unite To Defy' from the forth coming album II. Due for release on April 25th on Candlelight Records.
A video of the track can be seen below:
You can purchase the track here

REV 16:8 posts two new songs

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Two new songs of REV 16:8 available!

Swedish black metallers REV 16:8 will release their new album “Ashlands” on April 8th. Two new songs (“Coal Mirror” and “Ashlands”) are available HERE now for streaming.


Lake of Tears reveals more album info

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LAKE OF TEARS reveal more info on upcoming release!
  The new LAKE OF TEARS album „Illwill“ will be made available on CD, limited edition digipak and limited 180 gr. vinyl (with different cover artwork). Release date: April 29th.

The digipak will contain 3 bonus tracks:
As Daylight Yields (live)
Demon you/Lily Anne (live)
Crazyman (live)

Vinyl Cover

CD Cover

New album from Duff McKagan's Loaded

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Duff and his gang have been building a sound full up with earthy ground and pound. Sure there’s an undeniable streak of the platinum level hookery and crookery that took Duff to the very top of the candy mountain. But more so, look for a trashing about with the likes of Johnny Thunders and Hanoi Rocks, rifled through with a cocked ear to what was best about churning hard-edged alt. and indie rock through the ‘90s and noughts. “What’s the motivation now?” is the multi-million dollar question one might ask the youngest of eight kids, an angry young punk who lived to see all his rock dreams come true. “Well, this is our third record, and man, I just think every band is in search of that perfect album or that perfect song - you’re still chasing it. It doesn’t matter. People will ask me, ‘How come you’re still chasing the perfect song?’ And I think any musician, doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you’ve been doing it, is thinking I haven’t written THE song. Loaded are a good band, we like each other and we genuinely love creating and playing music and touring together. So those things combined… there is still a carrot out there and we’re pursuing it.”

And one can sense this enthusiasm in the heat-steeped grooves of The Taking. “Your Name” rocks and roils on craggy, dark chords, drummer Isaac Carpenter (new for this record, although he toured for Sick) laying down a bashing, infectious groove over which Duff (guitars/vocals), Mike Squires (guitars) and Jeff Rouse (bass) build textures inside of a melody that perches somewhere between Soundgarden and Voivod. “Indian Summer” conversely embraces passionate pop melody as the band strums over tribal drums during the verse, before kicking into a cloud-busting chorus potentially smashing on radio - this one recalls ardent obscurities such as Saigon Kick and I Love You, accessible rock but for the feverish and knowledgeable fan of song construction.
For restraint, pace and dimension, there’s the thorny post-punk of “Easier Lying,” “Wrecking Ball” and “King Of The World,” the latter sending up a churning metal squall that nonetheless evokes Dead Boys, Killing Joke, In Utero-era Nirvana and, through riotous gang vocals, incendiary UK hardcore.

The most intense song on The Taking might be “Follow Me to Hell,” which again… somehow the guys have tapped into a Voivodian vortex, topping this tale of rape revenge with vitriolic hardcore vocals, interlacing it with chord changes that build smart movement’s executable by only the deftest of song constructors.

Duff admits he could never pull and peel off track after track of such dark hookery without the firepower of a band as encyclopedic and open-minded about rock as he himself has always been. Indeed, it’s inspiring to see Duff’s enthusiasm for his band.

“Isaac is the newest member, and he’s an incredibly diverse and imaginative drummer,” begins McKagan. He had an amazing band called Loudermilk, one of those bands that was a bit before their time. And Isaac can play every instrument. He’s a better guitar player than I am, he’s a better singer than I am, and he runs ProTools. So we did most of the demos together, plus he’s a great songwriter. Obviously he’s a very strong addition to the band (laughs). He’s very opinionated, which makes it very interesting because our guitar player Mike Squires is very opinionated too, and very kind of hardcore, and Mike Squires, if you’re a Loaded fan, you know Mike’s style of guitar playing. It’s very bizarre, outside of the norm. And on this record, I think he’s become one of those guitar guys that other guitar guys are going to want to try and emulate. He’s just never done anything straight down the middle. He cringes at the thought of doing something like somebody else is doing. And Jeff Rouse, man, Jeff is the only bass player that I know that is not afraid to be a bass player with me, the bass player from, you know, two big bands. He’s a better bass player than me, and he’s got his own groove, and the ladies love him. Good-looking fella (laughs). So he’s got that going for him.” Jeff and Mike are both very, very good songwriters. Mike’s stamp would be ‘Executioner’s Song’, but he also has the sensitivity to pen a diddy like ‘Easier Lying’. Rouse wrote arguably the catchiest song, ‘She’s An Anchor’

What’s very cool about The Taking, besides its eclecticism, is that a unifying principle of stripping down, simplifying and courting pregnant pauses seems to have been applied to all the bubbling under smartness, an idea that helps Loaded (on, for example, “We Win” or “She’s An Anchor”), continually achieve a catchiness reminiscent of penultimate Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and Stone Temple Pilots anthems. In other words, the listener can detect that the quietly talented Loaded cabal has kept in mind that these songs live and breathe most robustly if they kick ass in a sweaty club, if they touch people on record and then through the souvenir memory of a live show that imprints itself on the forehead of a fan converted.

“When we play live, I think that’s what sets us apart,” says Duff, belying the importance of that side of the equation. “We’re definitely a hard rock band, and the songwriting is honest. We’re not in it… it’s not just Duff trying to line his pockets - we’re a working rock band. And I don’t know why, but I think this record is harder and even darker than ‘Sick’ was. It might have something to do with the fact that we wrote some of the songs when we were on the road for the ‘Sick’ record. Our band, our bus… you sort of get into this gang mentality, hanging together, thinking the same, watching the same news, witnessing the same things…”

“Still, as with anything I’ve done, with Guns or with Velvet, you’re definitely seeing my mark,” reflects Duff, in closing. “My stamp is on Loaded as much as it is on either of those two bands. But we definitely have our own twist. Sometimes we’re like the heaviest metal band, and sometimes we’re the jangly, poppy, nerdy Seattle band. I’d say we’re kind of a mix of those two extremes. But sure, overall the album is darker and sicker and more twisted. It’s still got our humor - our sort of wink wink, for sure, all over it - but I mean, if you’re listening to our record, you’re in on the joke. But you’re also in on the plot… to overthrow! (laughs). And that’s kind of our thing. Boy, that’s a good quote, huh?! (laughs).”

Duff McKagan’s Loaded will be playing in Sweden in June 2011 at the Sweden Rock Festival.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Astral Doors working on new album

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Nils Patrik Johansson: 
"The work with the upcoming album continues. Even though we're not even
half way through the process we can already feel that this release will be
something special. This time around we deal with religion, once and for all, 
and the working title of the album  is "Jerusalem".

Our intention is that the album will be released in October in connection with
a European tour.
The first DVD from the band is also in the making. Some additional material will
be filmed this summer and we're talking about a winter release."

Skyforger hitting the road

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Latvian pagan metal pioneers SKYFORGER will embark on a European tour in April!

15/04/11 – DE - Oberhausen - Helvete
16/04/11 – CH - Zug - Industrie 45
17/04/11 – DE - Deggendorf - Alpha et Omega
18/04/11 – DE - Nürnberg - Hirsch
19/04/11 – AT - Traun – Spinnerei
21/04/11 – DE - Jena - F-Haus
22/04/11 – NL- Arnhem – Luxor
23/04/11 – NL - Leuwarden - Poppodium Romein
24/04/11 – DE - Berlin - K17
25/04/11 – DE - Bonn – Klangstation

SKYFORGER have also confirmed a bunch of festival shows.

21/05/11 – LV - Liepaja - Liiv Riek etno/folk Festival
03/06/11 – DE – Bornstedt - Black Troll Festival
18/06/11 – FR – Clisson - Hellfest Open Air
24/06/11 – LT – Varniai - Kilkim Zaibu Festival
08/07/11 – LV – Saldus - Saldus Saule Festival
13/08/11 – CZ - Jaromer - Brutal Assault Festival
20/08/11 – DE – Barth – Barther Metal Open Air