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New Anvil album June 20th

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SPV / Steamhammer is proud to announce the release of "Juggernaut Of Justice", the new studioalbum of  canadian metal icons ANVIL, for Europe.
Available as limited edition digipak (incl. 2 bonus tracks), double gatefold LP in blue vinyl, standard version and download, "Juggernaut of Justice" will hit the stores in Germany on June 17th and in Europe on June 20th.

Anvil has been on a rock 'n' roll journey for the past three decades, but it has become a very public rocket ride into the musical and pop culture stratosphere only recently.

And that's their dedication to their music. Ever since the award-winning documentary Anvil! The Story of Anvil propelled the Canadian band from their respectable, hard-earned status as a band revered by the likes of Metallica, Motorhead and Guns N' Roses, Anvil founding members, vocalist/guitarist Steve "Lips" Kudlow and drummer Robb Reiner, have made sure that one thing remains constant.

Rather than shy away from the publicity, the attention and the casual fans that are a product of this rock doc, Anvil, rounded out by bassist Glenn Five, are embracing it. "We are going after it with a vengeance," Kudlow declared. 
"That's how we think about life in general. Enjoy every minute, like you are winning the Cup!" While most bands that have been around as long as Anvil may be on their last legs, there's a renewed vim and vigor surrounding Anvil. That type of renewal is not common to a band with three decades of history, but Anvil have done the necessary legwork work to allow their band to be one of the most relevant heavy metal bands in existence, even as they enjoy a new and much-deserved measure of success. It's as though they truly have arrived with Juggernaut of Justice, their fourteenth studio album to be released via Steamhammer in Germany on June 17th and in Europe on June 20th.
Since 2009, the band played almost every major European festival, landed opening slots on two US and one Canadian AC/DC shows that summer, one of which was performed in front of 55,000 screaming fans at Giants Stadium. Anvil also embarked on their first headline tour of America in 10 years, and headlined the main stage of Germany's Wacken, performing in front of 80,000 rabid metalheads. They ended up performing before 300,00 people that year. "We won the battle. If it was a battle, we showed the world that we are a real band, good musicians and the real deal," Reiner said, summing up the experience. "People had curiosity, going, 'Are these guys any good?’ After the movie, they thought, 'How good are they?’ We won them over everywhere. We made tens of thousands of new fans."

The band proves it has the goods with Juggernaut of Justice, which was recorded at Dave Grohl's studio in LA, as the Nirvana/Foo Fighters guru is a friend and fan. Producer Bob Marlette (Ozzy Osbourne, Marilyn Manson) manned the boards for an album that sounds like classic Anvil and is true-to-form. Reiner even went as far as to call it the best in the band's 33-year history, declaring that "Lips sounds 20 years younger and it's fresh, clean, beautiful songs and playing that has the energy of 25-year-old kids."
He's not kidding. The album is forceful enough to shift tectonic plates and generates a thrash attack that will have heavy music fans banging their heads so furiously that they burst blood vessels in their necks and purchase stock in Icy Hot.

Anvil credit Marlette for "capturing the magic," which isn't simple to do. "You can't work at that," Reiner astutely pointed out. "It just happens. Either it is or it isn't. The record reeks of that positivity and there is so much freshness saturating it."

Juggernaut of Justice cycles through many moods and tempos. "Swing Thing" is the band's ambitious metal-jazz track, while "Fukeneh!" is an anthem that is concert hall ready. "Paranormal" is what Reiner refers to as "the ballad," thanks to its heavy, soulful, Sabbathian vibe. "It's a powerful, evil song and that energy is very new for Anvil," the drummer said. Speed metal thrashers like "When Hell Breaks Loose" and "Running" also live on Juggernaut of Justice, while “New Orleans Voodoo" is, according to Reiner, "a downtime pounder." Overall, Kudlow and Reiner are adamant that there is no doom 'n' gloom present on Juggernaut. It's heavy and positive, which isn't common in a lot of hard rock music.

Tracklisting / Content:

Limited Edition Digipak incl. 2 bonus tracks:

01. Juggernaut Of Justice 3:40
02. When All Hell Breaks Loose 3:11
03. New Orleans Voodoo 4:25
04. On Fire 3:23
05. Fukeneh! 4:08
06. Turn It Up 2:57
07. The Ride 3:12
08. Not Afraid 3:44
09. Conspiracy 3:20
10. Running 2:54
11. Paranomal 7:04
12. Swing Thing 3:00
13. The Station (bonus track)
14. Tonight Is Coming (bonus track)

Jewel case version:

01. Juggernaut Of Justice 3:40
02. When All Hell Breaks Loose 3:11
03. New Orleans Voodoo 4:25
04. On Fire 3:23
05. Fukeneh! 4:08
06. Turn It Up 2:57
07. The Ride 3:12
08. Not Afraid 3:44
09. Conspiracy 3:20
10. Running 2:54
11. Paranomal 7:04
12. Swing Thing 3:00

Double Gatefold LP, coloured blue vinyl:

LP 1

Side 1
1. Juggernaut Of Justice 3:40
2. When All Hell Breaks Loose 3:11
3. New Orleans Voodoo 4:25
Side 2
1. On Fire 3:23
2. Fukeneh! 4:08
3. Turn It Up 2:57

LP 2

Side 1
1. The Ride 3:12
2. Not Afraid 3:44
3. Conspiracy 3:20
Side 2
01. Running 2:54
02. Paranomal 7:04
03. Swing Thing 3:00
ANVIL live in Europe 2011:
17.06. SE-Gothenburg - Metal Town Festival
18.06. DK-Copenhagen - Copenhell Festival
19.06. D-Berlin - Magnet
21.06. GB-Sheffield - Corporation
22.06. GB-Manchester - Academy 3
23.06. GB-Glasgow - Cathouse
24.06. GB-Newcastle - Academy 2
25.06. GB-Nottingham - Rock City
26.06. B-Dessel - Graspop Metal Meeting
28.06. CH-Luzern - Konzerthaus Schüür (with Dio Disciples)
29.06. I-Milano - Magazzini Generali (with Dio Disciples)
01.07. E-Madrid - Heineken (with Dio Disciples)
02.07. E-Bilbao - Rockstar Live (with Dio Disciples)
03.07. E-Barcelona - Bikini (with Dio Disciples)
05.07. NL-Kerkrade - The Rock Temple
06.07. D-Münster - Gleis 22
08.07. D-Hamburg - Knust
09.07. D-Aschaffenburg - ColosSaal
10.07. D-Cologne - Luxor
11.07. GB-London - Islington Academy
12.07. GB-Wolverhampton - Slade Rooms

Armored Saints announces European shows

Metalnews Power of Metal.dk
LA's ARMORED SAINT will be performing their first, and possibly only, shows for 2011 this summer! On July 9th, the band will once again be hitting the Sunset Strip in Hollywood for a show at the Key Club with Hirax.

In August, the SAINT plans to head overseas for several European appearances including their first ever Norwegian appearance at the Lillehammer Rock Festival with Thin Lizzy, Hammerfall, UFO and more.

11/08/11 – DE – Köln – Werkstatt (ticket info: http://www.werkstatt-koeln.de/tickets/)
12/08/11 – DE – Hamburg – Knust (ticket info: http://www.knusthamburg.de/tickets)
13/08/11 – NO – Lillehammer – Lillehammer Rock Festival (ticket info: http://rocklillehammer.no./)

Comments Joey Vera of ARMORED SAINT: "We're glad to finally be playing some shows in Europe this year. Because of some schedule problems we were not able to make some of the Festivals this Summer, but we are very excited to play some intimate and sweaty club appearances in Germany, as well as sharing the stage with Thin Lizzy, UFO and Hammerfall at the Lillehammer Rock Festival. We look forward to seeing you all out there, it’s been too long a time!"

ARMORED SAINT's most recent music video, Left Hook From Right Field from their latest album, La Raza, was directed by Jeremy Schott of Mental Suplex. The video is available for viewing now on MetalBlade.tv.

ARMORED SAINT's La Raza was released in March of 2010 and debuted on Billboard at #49 on the Hard Music Albums Chart, #18 on the Heatseekers chart, #52 on the Top Independent Albums chart, and #2 on the Hard Music Core Stores chart. La Raza also entered the official German Album Charts at #96 and won the magazine soundchecks of Metal Hammer and Rock Hard Germany!

"[John Bush] one of metal's mightiest voices" The Orange County Register

"The Saint sound exuberant and fully bonded…a contemporary classic rock feel accessible enough to take on Audioslave or Velvet Revolver on their own terms, and win hard." Terrorizer Magazine

"La Raza is balls out and brick heavy." Outburn Magazine

"Simply put, this is the finest record of their career and almost a reaffirmation of the reasons why John and Joey turned down Metallica all those years ago." Metal Hammer Magazine


DC4 releases first single off new album

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L.A. Hard Rockers DC4 are all pumped up for the release of their latest ass-kicking record Electric Ministry! Electric Ministry will be released on CD via Metal Blade Records in Europe on July, 29 (G/A/S), August, 1 (rest of Europe)!

In collaboration with Metal Blade Records DC4 have now launched a landing page where you can check out pre-order options and listen to XXX, the first single taken off the new album Electric Ministry! Please surf over to http://www.metalblade.com/dc4 to check it out!

"Welcome to the alter of conviction" snarls DC4 frontman and guitarist Jeff Duncan as the band launches into the title track from their fourth release, Electric Ministry. Tackling subjects such as being on the wrong side of Johnny Law ("25 To Life"), the ultimate male specimen ("Rock God") and the pleasures of the flesh ("XXX") the quartet blast through eleven tracks on the opus produded by Bill Metoyer and co-produced by Jeff Duncan.

Metoyer, who has worked with the likes of Armored Saint, Fates Warning, WASP and Slayer amongst countless other bands, is basically a member of the DC4 family. "I first met Bill when he engineered Armored Saint's 'Revelation' album," says Jeff. "Before long he started showing up at DC4 shows, checking us out. And he kept showing up more and more, it kind of became more than just showing up to see your friend play, ya know? So, we started talking and when the opportunity came up for us to work together he just jumped on board."

"We made a point of making Electric Ministry a real guitar album. Back to our roots as guitarists." says Rowan Robertson. "I think on our last album 'Explode' we still had a bit of that 90's feel in us so we've gotten rid of that now."

"This was the first time we had any special guests appear on a DC4 album," relates, Jeff. "We had Dizzy Reed from Guns N Roses provide keys on the songs "Dirty Hands" and "The Ballad Of Rock and Roll", Gonzo from Armored Saint played percussion on several tracks, also. Then we had our cousin, Erin Duncan, do backing vocals on 'The Ballad Of Rock'n'Roll' and Juliette Primrose (Michael Flatley's Lord Of The Dance) played violin on "The Ballad Of Rock and Roll" as well."

Track listing Electric Ministry:
01. Wrecktory
02. Electric Ministry
03. XXX
04. Rock God
05. 25 to Life
06. Broken Soul
07. People
08. The Ballad of Rock and Roll
09. Glitter Girl
10. Sociopath
11. Dirty Hands

Forming as the 21st Century became a reality DC4 came to be when Jeff Duncan met Rowan Robertson, the band's musical pedigree is virtually unrivaled by their peers. "Jeff and I met when a local promoter named Happenin' Harry asked us both to be in his backing back for a few shows in the LA area and in Chicago," relates Robertson. "When we got back to LA he just flat out asked if I wanted to join DC4 and we got along so well and played so great together that I just had to do it."

Jeff recalls that "I wasn't into the whole idea of auditioning guitarists, We would know the right one when he came long and that's exactly what happened. He was looking for the sort of situation we had to offer and as it turned out, we were looking for him!"

Having spent time in such bands as the legendary Dio, metal heroes Armored Saint, the short lived Violet's Demise and Odin, a band who had reached cult status by the end of the 1980's without ever leaving Hollywood, DC4 is much more than just your average hard rock act.

DC4 is:
Jeff Duncan - Lead vocals, guitars,
Rowan Robertson - Guitars
Matt Duncan - Bass
Shawn Duncan - Drums, percussion

DC4 will release their third longplayer 'Electric Ministry' via Metal Blade Records on July, 29 (G/A/S), August, 1 (rest of Europe)!


Portrait streams new album

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Swedish Heavy Metallers PORTRAIT are streaming all of their sensational new album Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae! Hear it all here at Zero Tolerance: http://v2.ztmag.com/exclusive.html

Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae is an album transcending the most glorious moments of 80s Heavy Metal. PORTRAIT are turning something great into something greater - you can only describe this album as the wet dream of any fan of Heavy Metal.

Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae is Metal in its purest form – relentless, energy-driven, complex, dark, catchy and HEAVY!

Comments PORTRAIT guitarist Richard Lagergren: "The eight songs on 'Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae' constitutes Portrait's by far darkest, hardest and most intense material to date. This album is an outburst of a long time of targeted hard work, an intense creative process and pure black magic. To Hell and back and to Hell again! To achieve the goals we had for this album, working with someone not being the obvious choice for our type of music proved to be just the right (or if you will, wrong) decision. 'Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae' sounds like Portrait was always meant to. It is hate, and it is love. And in many ways, it is our true debut album."

Track listing Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae:
1. Beast of Fire
2. Infinite Descension
3. The Wilderness Beyond
4. Bloodbath
5. Darkness Forever
6. The Nightcomers
7. The Passion
8. Der Todesking

Per Karlsson - vocals
Richard Lagergren -guitars
Christian Lindell - guitars
Joel Pälvärinne - bass
Anders Persson - drums

The relentless, Swedish heavy metal monster known as PORTRAIT spawned in the year 2006 with the intention to bring back the dark energy that once was the cornerstone in many a classic metal release, but was long gone, raped by the hippie-infested power metal and retro- as well as modern "thrash" metal outfits of the day, whose entire existence the band spat whole-heartedly upon, hungry to take back the flag of hate, and then exterminate the entire world.

Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae is out now on CD and 2-Gatefold-LP via Metal Blade Records.


Powerwolf launches landing page

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Multinational Heavy Metallers POWERWOLF have launched a landing page where you can check into several pre-order options as well as listening to the brand new song Sanctified With Dynamite taken off their upcoming fourth longplayer 'Blood Of The Saints'! Surf over to http://www.metalblade.com/powerwolf to check it out!

'Blood Of The Saints' will be released July, 29 (G/A/S) / August, 1 via Metal Blade Records in Europe. The album will be released as a regular CD, a limited edition Digibook 2-CD (exact content to be revealed shortly) and on vinyl.

The front art has been created by POWERWOLF guitarist Matthew Greywolf.

POWERWOLF guitarist Matthew Greywolf comments on the release of "Blood of the saints": "We're really excited about this album. It's been a hard piece of work, but it was so goddamn worth it. I think on "Blood of the saints" we really delivered a striking balance of mighty melodic stuff and some serious wolfish metal madness, all dressed up in some highly catchy tunes. We can hardly wait until the album is finally out and we can celebrate these tunes together with all of you, Be prepared!"

Track listing 'Blood Of The Saints'
01. Agnus dei (Intro)
02. Sanctified with dynamite
03. We drink your blood
04. Murder at Midnight
05. All we need is blood
06. Dead boys don't cry
07. Son of a wolf
08. Night of the werewolves
09. Phantom of the funeral
10. Die, die, crucified
11. Ira Sancti (When the saints are going wild)

POWERWOLF will be taking part on the next edition of the POWER OF METAL Tour 2011, alongside Sabaton, Grave Digger and Skullfist.

07/09/11 - AT - Vienna, Arena
08/09/11- DE - Munich, Backstage
09/09/11 - DE - Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn
10/09/11 - DE - Würzburg, Posthalle
11/09/11 - NL - Eindhoven, Effenaar
13/09/11 - CH - Zürich, Volkshaus
14/09/11 - DE - Saabrücken, Garage
15/09/11 - DE - Hamburg, Markthalle


TBDM premiers new single

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The face-melting Detroit quintet, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER (TBDM), has just released the final single from Ritual, the band’s fifth full-length album hitting streets June 21st in North America and June 17/20 in Europe. Hosting the exclusive worldwide premiere of the track Malenchanments of the Necrosphere is none other than Alternative Press Magazine. Check out the track HERE and be sure to leave a comment and spread the word.

Vocalist Trevor Strnad comments: "This stomper of a track is about a man who has been trapped in a body of stone, a golem, so to speak. He is driven insane by his bondage, and begins a violent rampage against human kind in search of the druids who condemned him. This song is one of the heaviest on the album, the main riff reminds me of Robocop marching along. Pump your fists!"

Ritual is a collection of 12 tracks that see the band staying true to their sound and style while progressing in both writing and musicianship. Guitarist Ryan Knight has delivered truly searing leads that will without a doubt daze and lay waste the ears of both loyal Black Dahlia diehards and burgeoning fans alike. Music for Ritual was recorded in early 2011 in Detroit, MI with Mark Lewis (Deicide, Unearth) and the band producing with vocals and mixing taking place at Orlando, Florida based studio, Audio Hammer with Jason Suecof (TBDM, Beneath the Massacre, Job for a Cowboy, All That Remains). Several pre-order options are available at the following location: http://www.metalblade.com/bdm

TBDM recently finished up a tour in Europe with label mates Amon Amarth and Evocation, which included dates in Norway, Sweden, Russia, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, and Croatia just to name a few. Check out this live, fan-shot video of the new track Moonlight Equilibrium off Ritual filmed at the bands stop in Moscow on May 16 HERE.

TBDM will return to Europe in June, make sure to catch them live!

06/18 Gothenburg, SE Metal Town Festival
06/19 Clisson, FR Hellfest
06/21 Bulle, CH Ebullition
06/22 Augsburg, DE Kantine
06/23 Karlsruhe, DE Stadtmitte
06/24 Dessel, BE Graspop Fest
06/25 Montabaur, DE Mach1 Festival
06/27 Brno, CR S Club
06/28 Graz, AUT Explosiv w/ Protest The Hero
06/29 Budapest, HU Dürer Kert w/Protest The Hero
06/30 Zagreb, HR Mocvara
07/01 Lustenau, AT Culture Factory br /> 07/02 Roitzschjora, DE With Full Force
07/03 Badalona, ES Estraperlo Club
07/04 Madrid, ES Sala Live
07/05 Lisbon, PT Cine Teatro De Corroios
07/06 Gijon, ES Sala Acapulco
07/08 Knebworth, UK Sonisphere


CRYPTEX wins Emergenza Lower Saxony finale

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They came, divided the stage and triumphed.
The boys of Cryptex created it nevertheless already again times to put a correctly steep board.
Ecstatically and a bit turned off like always, the boys won the “Great Lower Saxony Final” of the Emergenza competition, which took place on past Saturday in the premises of the “Kulturzentrum Faust” in Hanover, could decide sovereign, strong, decisively for itself.
With one the most violent fan front of the evening and an insanity performance, the three could become generally accepted against 8 competitors consistently and convince likewise the specialized jury the introduction in the large federal semi-final to have fairly earned
The federal semi-final takes place to 12.06.2011 in the legendary Batschkapp in Frankfurt/Main, whereby thus the international final comes SAOL on the deaf valley festival within easy reach…… presses naturally also further collectively with all fans the thumbs and holds you up to date.
By the victory on past Saturday (28.05.2011), the three can decorate themselves by the way with the title: „Best Newcomer band Niedersachsens“

Stonelake inks deal with Massacre Records

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Guitarist Jan Åkesson and vocalist Peter Grundström met in August 1984 at a gig. Jan played in a band called Ravage and Peter was the vocalist of the band Whitelight. Soon Jan joined Whitelight.

In 1987 Jan and Whitelight parted ways and Jan focused on playing more guitar-oriented hard rock. Peter continued as a member of Whitelight but Jan wasn't replaced. Soon Whitelight changed their name to Kee Avenue. In 1994 Jan established his own studio and retired from playing live shows. Kee Avenue split up when several band members left the band in 1991. Peter continued writing songs and played in cover bands. When Jan and Peter met again, STONELAKE was born. The band has already released four albums and they continue building a fan base all over the world.
Their fifth album "Marching On Timeless Tales" is going to be released on July 1, 2011!

Peter Grundström: Vocals
Jan Åkesson: Guitars
Lars Johansson: Bass
Jens Westberg: Drums
Annika Argerich: Keyboard


Free Neurasthenia single

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NEURASTHENIA hot news! Next June, 27 Italian thrashers will release for free listening a new single entitled "WHEN NIGHTMARE COMES TRUE"!!!

The song was recorded at FEAR STUDIO in Alfonsine-Ravenna-Italy, and is a production Spider Rock Promotion, Mr.Max Canali & Fear Studio, Neurasthenia. Mix and mastering process has been managed by NEIL KERNON, English producer credited with Nevermore, Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Deicide, Judas Priest, Queensryche, Dokken, Micheal Bolton & Kansas.

The single will be included on the forthcoming Neurasthenia's album, that will be out in 2012 and will be entitled "ANIMALATOR", by the name of the band who was the first incarnation of Neurasthenia.
In September, the band says, an official video will follow.
The full length will follow "Your Omen" (MyGraveyard production, 2009) that was supported with Italian single shows with Anthrax, Exodus, Destruction, Obituary, Forbidden, and European tour with Flotsam & Jetsam (Nuclear Blast) and Exciter (Massacre).

NEURASTHENIA - "When nightmare comes true" - 27 June 2011
Free streaming gratuito on www.spiderrockpromotion.it / Download on iTunes and major digital stores.

New Broken Melody line-up

Metalnews Power of Metal.dk
Big changes and news for the Melodic Heavy Metal band of Alghero. Change of addition of guitarist and keyboards. Emanuele Ninu, guitarist of the band since 2007, left the band for personal reasons and health problems for which all the band wish a fast recovery and offer max support. Emanuele has been a member of the band in the highlights of path, such as the UK tour in 2009 and the registration of the band's first album "Mirroring Identities." In addition, he participated in the drafting of some songs that will end on next album. Emanuele will be succeeded by Cristian Sotgiu, already active for many years in the music scene, composer, guitarist and violinist. The band says they are very happy and positive for the future and they are already working to readjust all content and the immediate plans.
Other news, certainly more cheerful, is the entrance into the formation of pianist and composer Giulio Fanelli, who will enrich the compositions of the band in a original and creative way.

"It will be a totally new and exciting path. We are motivated by this change and confident about what will happen in the future"- said the band.

Along with the renewal of the line-up and graphics, the band will pay homage to the fans with an exclusive preview of a song entitled “A REASON TO LIVE” that will be part of the next album, listenable HERE. This song contains the lines rhythms played by Emanuele Ninu.

Monday, May 30, 2011

New Blood Stain Child album out June 30th

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Blood Stain Child, Japanese cyber-melodeath band with contemporary Japanese music culture influences, is ready to release its fifth album entitled "Epsilon".
"Epsilon" will be released worldwide on June 30th 2011 (July 1st 2011 in the UK) via Coroner Records in Digipak format (with an exclusive bonus track) and Digital Download.

The album has been produced, mixed and mastered by Ettore Rigotti (Disarmonia Mundi, Destrage, Slowmotion Apocalypse, Stigma, etc...) at The Metal House Studio.
"Epsilon" features guest appereance by Claudio Ravinale and Ettore Rigotti (Disarmonia Mundi).

Blood Stain Child - Epsilon

Track List
01. Sirius VI
02. Forever Free
03. Stargazer
04. S.O.P.H.I.A.
05. Unlimited Alchemist
06. Electricity
07. Eternal
08. Moon Light Wave
09. Dedicated To Violator
10. Merry-Go-Round
11. LA+
12. Sai-Ka-No
13. Royal Sky (Exclusive Digipak Bonus Track)

Preorder "Epsilon" now!!!

Preorder now your copy of "Epsilon" in Digipak format with an Exclusive Bonus Track at the Very Special Price of € 9,90 only on Coroner Records Shop.
All preorders will be shipped worldwide on June 20th 2011, you'll be the first to have the album in your hands.

Blood Stain Child will play at A-KON (USA)

Blood Stain Child will appear at A-KON, one of America's largest Japanese culture events on June 10-12, 2011 in Dallas (Texas).
For more information about A-KON go to http://www.a-kon.com/

A preview of a new track taken from the forthcoming album "Epsilon" can be listened to at Coroner Records MySpace.

Devastating Enemy & Throught Your Silence tour

Metalnews Power of Metal.dk
Deavastating Enemy on tour with Through your Silence
   Jun 01  Rock N Roll Club  Milano, Italy     
   Jun 02  Peter Pan Club  Bellinzona, Switzerland     
   Jun 03  Altes Wasserwerk  Lörrach, Germany     
   Jun 04  Park In  Hall In Tirol, Austria   
   Jun 05  Metalfest HUNGARY 2011  Budapest, Hungary     
   Jun 06  Rock City  Uster, Switzerland     
   Jun 09  Side B  Benavente, Portugal     
   Jun 10  Metal Point  Porto, Portugal     
   Jul 01  Culture Factory Y  Lustenau, Austria     
   Sep 09  Arena Wien (BIG HALL)  Vienna, Austria     
   Sep 20  Molodoi  Strasbourg, France     
   Sep 21  TBA  Paris, France     
   Sep 22  Dynamo  Eindhoven, Netherlands     
   Sep 23  Metropool  Hengelo, Netherlands     
   Sep 24  Harmonie  Leeuwarden, Netherlands     
   Sep 25  TBA  Praesto, Denmark     
   Sep 26  Bastard Club  Osnabrück, Germany     
   Sep 27  Dazzle Danzclub  Berlin, Germany     
   Sep 28  tba  Prague, Czech Republic     
   Sep 29  Escape Metalcorner  Vienna, Austria     
   Sep 30  Club Zentral  Stuttgart, Germany     
   Oct 01  Dynamo  Zurich, Switzerland     
   Oct 02  Brise Glace  Annecy, France     
   Oct 21  Euroblast  Koln, Germany

Winterlong posts new video

Metalnews Power of Metal.dk
Winterlong have just unveiled a web video for their contribution "Failed Connection" to the upcoming album "Embrace The Sun - The Lion Music Japan Benefit Project" which sees release on 17th June 2011.

This new track is the first offering since 2005 from the metal act led by guitarist/vocalist Thorbjorn Englund with the tracks line-up completed by drummer Gerald Kloos and guest vocalist  Stella Tormanoff.

"Embrace The Sun - The Lion Music Japan Benefit Project" features 28 brand new tracks spread over 2 CD's from some of the best Lion Music acts and some special guests. Dedicated to the victims of the Tsunami and Earthquake that struck Japan in March 2011, all artists and composers as well the record label and publishing company are donating their profits from the material included to the Japan Red Cross in hope of a better world. 

Full information and pre-ordering of "Embrace The Sun" can be found at:

Craig Smilowski joins a new band

Metalnews Power of Metal.dk
Renowned drummer Craig Smilowski (ex-Immolation, ex-Goreaphobia) teams up with the Cazz Grant (Crucifier,) Matt Dwyer (Rellik,) and Chris Milewski in the form of MASADA. 

The band has just released their first demo "Suffer Mental Decay" which contains two songs of Old School Death metal with a unique edge. The demo is available as a free download (http://masada.bandcamp.com/album/suffer-mental-decay) or on CDr directly from the band (masadadasam@yahoo.com.) Don't hesitate to get in touch for more info!

Endnu et band på Day of Decay

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Den aalborgensiske endags metal festival DAY OF DECAY kan nu løfte sløret for yderlige et band, denne gang er der tale om det danske metal band MNEMIC. Desuden må vi desværre meddele at Essence er tvunget til at aflyse deres optrædende af personlige årsager.

Mnemic, kræver nok ikke den større præsentation, bandet har siden stiftelsen i 1998 etableret sig som et af danmarks absolut største metal band, og er kendt verden over, turnéeret med bands som blandt andet Metallica, Deftones, Fear Factory, Meshuggah og Arch Enemy. Så vel som udgivet 4 studie albums via
Nuclear Blast Records, det seneste ”Sons Of The System” fra sidste år. Bassisten Tomas "Obeast" Koefod valgte i april måned at forlade bandet, gruppen har nu fundet en erstatning, men han kan desværre ikke optræde til Day Of Decay, derfor vil der denne dag være en stand-in i hans sted.

De sidste bands til Day Of Decay vil blive offentliggjort inden længe!
Day Of Decay finder sted den 16. juli i DSB Stykgodsterminal i Aalborg. 

Billetterne kan nu købes via
http://billetbutik.dk/ for 200 kr. i forsalg (+ gebyr) og vil koste 275 kr. i døren. 

Billetterne kan desuden købes på Rock Caféen i Jomfru Ane Gade, Aalborg.

Følgende bands kan opleves til Day Of Decay:
9000 JOHN DOE (DK)


Friday, May 27, 2011

Dominanz signs a distribution deal

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Norway's Dark Gloomy Atmospheric Metal band DOMINANZ sign a distribution deal for the new album "AS I SHINE" with ROCK N GROWL DISTRO.

Roy Nordaas - Vocal, Bass, Guitar, Synth (ex Cult of Deception)
Jørn Tunsberg - Guitar (ex Hades Almighty, Immortal, Old Funeral)
Frode Gaustad - Drums (ex Thy Grief)
Renathe Håpoldøy - Female Vocals

DOMINANZ - The End of All There Is :: Video

"The End Of All There Is" video was filmed in a place called Dale, deep in a valley of Fjord. The video was recorded in a huge factory, which was established in 1869, but is presently closed. All of the props used were found in the factory itself.

DOMINANZ - is a modern and hellishly powerful band playing atmospheric and somewhat industrialized metal and plays dark, gloomy and atmospheric metal, but at the same time trying to do it in an engaging way. There are also elements from genres such as Death and Black metal. The musical expression is a mix between the aforementioned genres, but there are also influences from the 80s Century heavy metal and 1990/2000 century electro.

The orchestra DOMINANZ is a successor of the project called Cult of Deception that was established in 2006 by Roy Nordaas. After a couple of years with composing Roy joined forces with Frode Gaustad former drummer in the black metal band Thy Grief, and Jørn Tunsberg guitar player in the epic black metal band Hades Almighty, and formerly in the bands Immortal and Old Funeral.

The "AS I SHINE" album release is scheduled in August 2011.

New Opeth album September 20th

Metalnews Power of Metal.dk
Sweden’s most revered and respected progressive metal mavens Opeth will release Heritage, their third album for Roadrunner, on September 20th. The first video and single will be the song “The Devil’s Orchard”. Heritage follows up 2008’s Watershed and 2005’s Ghost Reveries, each of which garnered the forward-thinking, genre-bending band some of the best reviews of their career.

Opeth frontman and guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt weighed in on Heritage, saying, "It will be our 10th album/observation. I dig it; we all do. In fact, it feels like I've been building up to write for and participate on an album like this since I was 19."

Åkerfeldt went a little deeper and described the music contained within Heritage, saying, "It's quite intense at times in some 'old' murky way, and quite beautiful and stark at times, if I may say so myself. It's obvious I'm going to say nice things about it since I wrote basically the whole piece, but I guess it will raise a few eyebrows and it certainly is an acquired taste. I think you'll need a slightly deeper understanding of our music as a whole to be able to appreciate this record. I've realized my influences for this album are so diverse that I can't really say what it sounds like. If I can compare it to any other band, it would have to be Opeth, but it's different from the stuff we've done before. I've listened a lot to Alice Cooper for the last year, yet I can't say it sounds like 'No More Mr. Nice Guy'. I hope you'll like it once you hear it."

The album was produced by Åkerfeldt and mixed along with Porcupine Tree frontman/guitarist Steven Wilson, who is also a labelmate of Opeth. Longtime collaborator Travis Smith also worked with Åkerfeldt to create, design and execute the album’s artwork.

Track listing for Heritage is as follows:

"The Devil's Orchard"
"I Feel the Dark"
"The Lines in My Hand"
"Marrow of the Earth"

Heritage will be released in several configurations that will certainly incite the interest of Opeth’s legion of fans, known for their passion for collecting and collectibles. The album will be released as a standard version; as a special edition loaded with extras; as a box set exclusive to the Roadrunner and the bands own official Omerch webstore; and as a double LP. There is something for every Opeth fan, thanks to this variety of options.

Opeth will also embark on a seven-week, headline tour of the US. Dates will be announced imminently.

Here’s a sampling of what the press has had to say about Opeth in the past few years.

“The Swedish metal band Opeth, widened its sound in the mid-90’s, letting in acoustic guitars and clean vocals, and its albums since then have been careful refinements, with long, admirably coherent songs. Watershed is broad enough to encompass death-metal pummeling as we as cello and English horn, is typically engrossing- symphonic, and in a way organic.” –The New York Times

“The musical lineup fits Opeth’s style of lengthy songs that mix aggressive, heavy passages with delicate, melodic parts, making it one of the most unique bands straddling the line between progressive music and metal.” – Billboard

Watershed combines elements of modern metal, prog rock, free jazz and hints of European folk music, all of which come together for a seamless, unique collection of songs that will leave an indelible mark upon all who listen”  -- Hails & Horns