Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Commander In Chief in Metal Hammer

Metalnews Power of
Calling her "The new Queen of Shred", UK leading music magazine "Metal Hammer" has given The Commander In Chief a full page feature in their news section (page 11), and also her picture in the contents section, of their January 2012 issue - out for sale now. 

The feature says "Norwegian guitar supremo The Commander-In-Chief is a hell of a player. It is no surprise to find that this one-woman metal hurricane is smashing her way through the underground with her mix of great songwriting, face-ripping shredding and a refusal to listen to the few cynical wallies out there who judges her on image and not talent". 

This week she finished recording the first 5 songs for her debut album, produced by legendary Pantera engineer/producer Sterling Winfield, who says "he has never seen anything like her" in his 20 years in this business. Her first maxi single with two of the new songs will be released early in 2012 with her first official music videos. 

The Commander In Chief - the first female 7 string guitarist/singer/songwriter in Metal.

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