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Inverno streams new song

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“Beer”, one of the songs of Inverno’s upcoming album has just been released as a stream on Inverno’s offical MySpace website. The self-titled album of the Italian Thras Metal band will be released later this year by Punishment 18 Records.

01.Prelude to the bomb  
02.Tsar Bomb 
06.Chemical death
08.Religious explosion

Friday, June 29, 2012

Affector posts guitar play-thru video

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AFFECTOR, the highly skilled new international progressive rock/metal band consisting of German guitar-player Daniel Fries, Dutch drummer Collin Leijenaar (Neal Morse/Dilemma) as well as the US based bass player Mike LePond (Symphony X) and vocalist Ted Leonard (Spock's Beard/Enchant/Thought Chamber), have recently release their debut album, “Harmagedon”, all over Europe via InsideOutMusic.

In order to further promote “Harmagedon”, AFFECTOR have now launched a guitar play-through video showing Daniel Fries performing the song “Overture pt.2: Prologue”. Check it out here:

Selected press-feedback for “Harmagedon”:
“…the debut album from Affector is very close to being something of a masterpiece of progressive metal beauty. When the band is heavy, they’re heavy as hell and shred like demons, while their more subtle and sombre passages easily bring Pink Floyd or even Queen to mind.”Powerplay Mag. UK (8 out of 10 points)

“They’re a supergroup worth keeping an eye on”:Classic Rock / Prog Mag. UK

“… my 2 cents worth of advice to our fellow readers is, do yourself a favour, get your hands on a copy of this album and enjoy this perfectly carved diamond before Armageddon…” (97 out of 100 points)

AFFECTOR’s debut album, “Harmagedon”, was mixed and mastered at The Mouse House in Los Angeles by Rich Mouser (Spock's Beard/Transatlantic/Neal Morse) and its cover artwork can be seen above. The album also showcases four very special guests on keyboards: Alex Argento, Neal Morse (Transatlantic/Flying Colors), Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) and Derek Sherinian (Planet X/Black Country communion). Also featured on the album is the Polish orchestra Sinfonietta Consonus.

The album’s tracklisting reads as follows:

AFFECTOR – “Harmagedon” 

1. Overture pt.1: Introduction
2. Overture pt.2: Prologue
3. Salvation
4. The Rapture
5. Cry Song
6. Falling Away & The Rise Of The Beast
7. Harmagedon
8. New Jerusalem

The initial version of “Harmagedon” was released as limited edition CD in slipcase packaging and additionally featuring 2 special acoustic versions of the songs “Harmagedon” and “New Jerusalem” as bonus tracks.
The album is also available as strictly limited 2LP version in 180gr. vinyl, as standard Digital Download and also as HD-Audio Digital Download version via I-Tunes.

“Harmagedon” can purchased from the InsideOutMusic shop in all its physical release formats as follows:
Ltd. Edition CD: 2LP: Coloured 2LP:

AFFECTOR are showcasing the album’s title track, “Harmagedon”
(in its entire 13 minutes of running time!) via UK’s Prog Magazine here:

And a 5-minute online teaser compilation with excerpts from various songs off the “Harmagedon” album is launched via the InsideOutMusic YouTube channel. Check it out here:
Some of the album’s guests and other established Prog musicians checked in to comment on “Harmagedon”:

"AFFECTOR’s ‘Harmagedon’ is a solid blast of PROG metal complete with burning solos, odd time signatures, orchestral highlights, and Rock riffs that will tear your head off! Excited that I could be a part of this album!"
- Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater)

"I think AFFECTOR is amazing! Great playing, composition and production...and you can't beat the lyrics! Congratulations to Daniel and the gang. Excellent work!"
- Neal Morse

"If you are a fan of Dream Theater and progressive hard rock, this is an essential addition to your will love it!"
Mike Portnoy (ex Dream Theater, Adrenaline Mob)

Citing broad musical influences and diverse inspirations between prog and classic as well as modern rock acts, AFFECTOR is like an open marriage between progressive rock/metal and orchestral minimalism, destined to appeal to everyone into bands ranging from Dream Theater, A.C.T., Symphony X, Darkwater to Queen or Rush.


Daniel Fries – guitars
Collin Leijenaar – drums
Mike LePond – bass guitars
Ted Leonard – vocals

AFFECTOR online:

Stealing Axion reveals album artwork

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Progressive groove metallers STEALING AXION have now revealed the album artwork and track-listing for their debut full-length album, Moments. Due out August 27th in Europe and August 28th in North America via InsideOut Music, Moments was mixed and mastered by Acle Kahney (TESSERACT guitarist and producer), who worked closely with the band on the sounds and textures of the album, developing it into a dynamic and immense listening experience.

In regards to Moments, STEALING AXION’s Dan Forbrich (guitar, vocals) comments, "We feel this album is a culmination of the different compositional techniques that we've experimented with over the last few years.  We like to take the basic song structures and let them ferment and slowly add layers to the mix until we are satisfied.  Some of these songs have taken a while to fully mature."

Moments track-listing1. Mirage of Hope
2. Solar
3. Everything or Nothing
4. 47 Days Later
5. Unwanted Gift
6. Eventide
7. Collapse
8. It's Too Late Now
9. Sleepless
10. Moments Part 1
11. Moments Part 2

STEALING AXION recently released a digital single for “Everything or Nothing” on iTunes ( with the album, radio, and instrumental versions of the track available for download. 

To hear “Everything or Nothing”, please head over to the band’s SoundCloud at:

The tabs, in Guitar Pro format, for “Everything or Nothing” can be downloaded at this link:

A guitar/bass play-through of the track featuring Josh DeShazo (guitar/vocals), Dan Forbrich (guitar/vocals), and Phil Willmarth (bass/vocals) and Blake Ferris’ drum play-through can be viewed under the link below:

Guitar/bass play-through:,
Blake Ferris’ drum play-through:

Stay tuned for more news about STEALING AXION and Moments coming soon!


New Vanir album September 10th

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MIGHTY MUSIC is proud to announce the release of the rising Danish folk metal kings, VANIR’s, second album “Onwards Into Battle” September 10th 2012.

After the release of Særimners Kød in April 2011 things have gone quickly for the metal warriors of VANIR. With a long line of gigs throughout Denmark, with Copenhell, Aalborg Metal Festival, Grand Folk Metal Night, and Mighty fight night among them, a mighty following of brave Einherjer and Valkyries who have joined the band under their banner and message.
VANIR are now ready with the follow-up, “Onwards Into Battle”, which will be released on the 10th of September 2012. The theme is, of course, still the deeds of the Vikings as well as Norse mythology, but the band have turned the focus from the feasts around the tables of Valhalla to the field of battle, its bloody conflicts and great warriors.
Front vocalist Andreas Bigom: “Onwards Into Battle has been some time underway at this point. Many of the tracks were written and rehearsed during the time of our Danish tour last year, and when we agreed to hit the studio in April, this year, we suddenly got busy. After a good deal of contemplation and offers from different studios we decided to do the entire production of Onwards Into Battle with Berno Paulsson at Berno Studios in Malmö. It has, in every way, been a huge pleasure working with Berno; moods being high all around and Onwards Into Battle is, as we see it, our first big step into the wider world. For this reason, we have also chosen to write lyrics in both Danish and English, having experienced enthusiasm for the music in other countries as well.
“Onwards Into Battle is an attempt to bring the audience out of the warm taverns and into the field of war, filled with songs of heroes and epic battles. This also means that the universe of our lyrics, on some of the tracks, has become a great deal more of a theatrical interpretation of Norse mythology and history. There is, of course, still a lot of festive songs to be found on the album, as there was on Særimners Kød, but they have a more metal edge than they did on the first album.”

About the co-operation producer Berno Paulsson says:“When I was asked to record and produce the second album of Vanir I was thrilled. I almost immediately created a sound in my head and when I finally met Andreas and  the Songs where presented to me it all exceeded my expectations. Vanir is a very talented band and I’m looking forward to work with Vanir again.”

As on Særimners Kød there are no compromises with the melodic elements of the music. Since the first release, however, there has been an expansion of the band in the shape of Lasse Guldbæk Jensen on lead guitars, which has meant a new weapon with which to battle the Jötunn! This has, for “Onwards Into Battle”, meant a larger focus on the metal with the rumbling of the war drums, the thundering of the guitar and the epic solos for which metal is known.

Thus, with Onwards Into Battle, VANIR is ready to bring the brave Einherjer and Valkyries out of the warm taverns and into the field of battle to fight for a place in Valhalla, where the mead flows eternally.

Check out a sample here.

Onwards Into Battle
Release: September 10th 2012
01. Dark Clouds Gather
02. Onwards Into Battle
03. Thyrfing
04. By The Hammer They Fall
05. Tveskægs Hævn
06. Brigands of Jomsborg
07. Æresdød
08. Vinlandsfærd
09. Warriors of Asgard
10. Hlidskjalf Gynger
11. Raise Your Horns
12. Fimbul
13. Sons of the North

Saturian releasing new album in August

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Saturnian will release their new album “Dimensions” the 24th of August produced by non other than the legendary Russ Russell (Dimmu Borgir, Napalm Death, Evile). Check out the tracklist for “Dimensions“ below:

1. Construct: Illusion
2. Into Etherea
3. Aphotic
4. Eternal Eclipse
5. Shadow of Prophecy
6. Traces From the Past
7. Dimensions
8. Origins of the Future
9. The Immaculate Deception
10. Wreathed In Flame (Bonus Track)

During the short time  Saturnian have been touring the length and breadth of the UK they also won the Bloodstock Metal to the Masses competition. This takes the band to Wacken Open Air festival in 2012, and also officially opening Bloodstock 2012! The pinnacle of this exciting year was the recording of Saturnian's debut album ‘DIMENSIONS’ with legendary producer Russ Russell (Dimmu Borgir, Napalm Death, Evile). This masterpiece that has nearly killed them all in its inception will see a release in August this year.

‘Dimensions’, although not strictly a concept album, does have a recurring theme, and the individual concepts within each song come together under one banner. ‘Dimensions’ is the transformation and ‘becoming’ of a human being, the discovery of power and vision within oneself, known only to a chosen few.

Saturnian Live Shows:
02.08.12 Wacken Open Air, Wacken, Germany
09.08.12 Bloodstock, Swadlincote, UK

Check out Saturnian on Facebook!

Tantara releasing new single today

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Tantara release their 7” vinyl “Based On Evil” today! The 7” includes the unreleased track “Court Injustice”! It will be strictly limited to 300 copies and only available in certain online stores (see links below). Tantara will release a full-length album later this year also titled ”Based On Evil” August 24th. Tantara sets out on the Norwegian Thrash ‘Till Death Tour 2012 with Forgery and Harm in October. Check out the tour dates below.

Get the “Based On Evil” 7” at and  at Tantara’s own webshop.

Check out the single "Based On Evil" HERE!

Tantara Live Shows and Tour Dates:
29.06.12 Sebs, Hamar
07.07.12 Tribute, Sandnes
19. - 21.08.12 Slottsfjell Festivalen, Tønsberg

Thrash ’Till Death Tour:
17.10.12 - TBA
18.10.12 - TBA
19.10.12 - Tribute, Sandnes
20.10.12 - TBA
24.10.12 - TBA
25.10.12 - Buddy Scene, Drammen
26.10.12 - Sebs, Hamar
27.10.12 - Cafe 3B, Trondheim

Check out Tantara on Facebook!
Read more about Tantara and their new album HERE!

New Oslo Ess album in September

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Oslo Ess release their second studio album ”Verden På Nakken, Venner I Ryggen” September 7th in Europe and September 14th in G/A.

Oslo Ess’ critically acclaimed debut album “Uleste Bøker og Utgåtte Sko” was nominated for best rock album at Spellemannprisen 2011 (Norwegian Grammy).  The first single “Caroline” from the new album has been played constantly on Norwegian national radio for six months already and is a taste of what’s to come from Oslo Ess this year. The band shows greater width on the upcoming album, but continues the recognizable, life-affirming and energetic asphalt punk.

"This album is like a four-lane highway for us. We had less restrictions on genre and type of songs and ended up with a more varied album. This time we were also a lot better at cooperating during the songwriting process which has been very positive. After all we have been on tour together more than we’ve been at home for the past year.” says singer Åsmund Lande.

Oslo Ess’ new album has slowly but surely formed on the road while the band has toured far and wide the last year.  After about 80 shows in 2011, Oslo Ess ended the tour at a sold out Rockefeller just before Christmas. "We love to set goals to work towards, and to fill the Rockefeller venue was one. When we had achieved that we had to find a new goal to strive for. We love life on the road and the band is like a family, so at the after-party we decided to try to be the most touring rock band in Norway during one year. After a bit of research we found out that with 200 shows we would beat the old record. We are now halfway through the year and can barely glimpse the light on the other end of the tunnel.“ continues Lande.

Oslo Ess began as a “musical playground” for four friends in 2007, but they first became active in 2010. After only their second show, they were booked to the Øya Festival in 2010 as an unknown an unsigned act. The summer of 2011 Oslo Ess had become the most booked band in Norway. The same year they were rebooked to the Øya Festival as a headlining band, which only reflects their swift success and popularity.

Oslo Ess’ debut album was among the top 40 on the Norwegian charts for 15 weeks and has been played continuously on Norwegian national radio since December 2010 , respectively the hits” Gi Meg Noe Dritt”, “Alt Jeg Trenger” and “Caroline”. This summer Oslo Ess will play over twenty shows in Norway including the Norwegian Wood Fesival and VG-lista top 20. In the fall the band will once again embark on a comprehensive release tour and Rockefeller the 6th of October is already confirmed.

Oslo Ess Live Shows:
29.06.12 VG-lista Topp 20, Oslo
29.06.12 Steinkjer, Steinkjerfestivalen
04.07.12 VG-lista Topp 20, Stavanger
12.07.12 Kjørrefjordsfestivalen
13.07.12 Livestock
19.07.12 Total/Slottsfjellfestivalen
21.07.12 Driv/Buktafestivalen
26.07.12 Trollrock
03.08.12 Horten, Kanalrock

Oslo Ess online:

Kråke releasing new album today

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Today, 29th of June, Kråke release their new album “Conquering Death”! Get this amazing debut at

Kråke is now at an impressing #74 on the Norwegian charts!

Check out Kråke’s recently released singles  “And A Colder Breed” and “Victorious, I” HERE!

”‘Conquering Death’ is a very accomplished debut album. On headphones it sounds particularly impressive and although 55 minutes long, the time generally flies by in a flood of enjoyable epic-ness”– 7,5/10

”This is a must have if you’re into symphonic and atmospheric metal, and “Conquering Death” has left a strong mark in a genre that’s far from dead.” – 6/6

6/6 – Metal Hammer Germany

Original founders and brothers, Dreugh and Beist, conceived Kråke as an idea already in 2007. From the brothers hailing from Kopervik on the west coast of Norway the idea was to create the best possible symphonic & atmospheric black metal they could possibly achieve. It took 5 years in the making, but the result is nothing short of impressing.

The recording of their debut album has been a long process. Mainly due to the fact that the music for 'Conquering Death' is in its entirety composed, recorded, engineered and finally mixed by Dreugh himself in the bands own studio, Gainland Studios. Everything is done by Dreugh, from guitar and bass to orchestra and drums. All lyrics and vocal arrangements are by Beist. 'Conquering Death' has been mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios and is out via Indie Recordings on June 29th.

Check out Kråke on Facebook!

The Prophecy 23's new album out now

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THE PROPHECY²³ are going to unleash their new masterpiece "Green Machine Laser Beam" tomorrow!

The album was produced by Kristian “Kohle” Kohlmannslehner at the Kohlekeller Studio. Kohlmannslehner already put the final touches on miscellaneous chart entries (Crematory, Powerwolf, et al.).

Enjoy a making of video here:
Do you also want to know how Marvin Clifford created the album artwork? There you go:

"Green Machine Laser Beam" will feature the following songs:
01. Tough, Cool And Here To Mosh
02. Ice Road Trucker vs. The Sun
03. Don’t Step Back
04. Beyond The Purple Pipes
05. Green Machine Laser Beam
06. Sergeant P Of The 23
07. We Are The Pit Police
08. Wake Me Up For Lunch
09. Honor To Whom Honor Is Due
10. Captain Quick And The Pirates (Pre-listening:
11. Call Your Friends To Hang Out
12. Don’t Waste Time – Get Wasted (Now!)
13. No Beer – What A Mess (Radio Edit)
14. No Followers – No Leaders
14. Princess Of Gorleben
16. Guts.Gore.Reactor.Core.

Don't miss our thrash maniacs live on tour:
30.06.2012 DE Neckarsulm - Gleis 3 (CD Release Show) -
07.07.2012 DE Weinheim - Café Central - Wacken Warm Up Show -
27.07.2012 DE Heilbronn - Viel & Draußen Open Air -
14.08.2012 DE Berlin - Magnet Club (w/ Municipal Waste) -
17.08.2012 DE Zimmerhof - Römersee Open Air -
09.-10.11.2012 DE Neckarsulm -  Blast Of Eternity -

Saratan signs with Massacre Records

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SARATAN sign with Massacre Records!

Polish metallers SARATAN have inked a deal with Massacre Records!
The band was formed by Jarosław Niemiec, Wiktor Niemiec, Adam Augustyński and Maciek Dudek in 2003 in Kraków, Poland. After some line-up changes, the band started recording a demo entitled "Infected With Life" in December 2005 at the ZED Studio with Tomek Zalewski, which received very good reviews in heavy metal magazines and webzines across the world.

One year later the band decided to record their first full-length album "The Cult Of Vermin", which was released in April 2008 via the Italian label My Kingdom Music.

The second album "Antireligion" followed in June 2010.
SARATAN toured with bands such as Sadist, Virgin Snatch and Crionics.
The band’s upcoming third album, entitled “Martya Xwar”, is going to be released on November 23rd via Massacre Records!

Jarek Niemiec – Bass, Vocals
Adam Augustyński – Guitars
Michał Stefański – Drums

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69 Chambers competition

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Your Chance to Win 69 Chambers CD's & T-Shirts! 

The Swiss metal outfit 69 Chambers has just followed up the successful release of their second album "Torque" with an official video clip for the first single "Cause And Effect (feat. Chrigel Glanzmann / Eluveitie)". 

Working as an automotive Journalist, singer/bass player Nina knows about fast cars, and now offers you a chance to prove that you do, too: Guess make and model of the one she's driving in the video for a chance to win a copy of the new album or a 69 Chambers T-Shirt! Beware, this is one really rare vehicle. 6 lucky winners will be chosen randomly. 

Send your answer as a Facebook message on or by email to before July 31st.

Watch the video here:

Municipal Waste posts animated video clip

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So you finally realized that MTV’s only other saving grace back in their hey-day (besides Headbangers Ball) was their animation showcase called “Liquid Television,” huh?  Well, we’re gonna let you in on a cage match we’d really like to see: a revived Liquid Television vs. Spike and Mike’s Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation.  Why?  Because only those who truly champion sick animation should be allowed anywhere near the brand-spankin’-new video by Virginia’s speed metal punks MUNICIPAL WASTE for “You’re Cut Off.”  

Seriously.  If you doubt these wise words, check out our Academy Award nominee for Best Animated Short for yourselves right here.

See?  We told you.

“We've always wanted to see an animated Waste video and this blew away our expectations,” shares MUNICIPAL WASTE’s very enthused front man Tony Foresta. “I'm stoked that the Wizard came out of his brief retirement to make an appearance as well.  I've watched this thing over 40 times and I still keep finding hidden gems. If you hated our band before, you are really going to hate us after you witness this beautiful piece of work.”

The animation for “You’re Cut Off” was created by Pierre Mousquet and Jerume Cauwe of IMOV Studios and is a track off of MUNICIPAL WASTE’s latest album, The Fatal Feast.

Next week, MUNICIPAL WASTE heads to Europe to play the festival circuit and launch their European tour:

06.07.  S          Gävle                                      - Getaway Festival
07.07.  GR       Athens                                     - Kytarro09.07.  UK       Manchester                            - Moho
10.07.  UK       London                                   - Dingwalls
11.07.  NL        Eindhoven                              - Dynamo
12.07.  D         Ballenstedt                             - Rockharz Festival
13.07.  B          Dour                                       - Dour Fest
15.07.  I           Pinarella                                 - Rockplanet
D         Munich                                   - Feierwerk
18.07.  A          Innsbruck                                - Weekender
19.07.  D         Stuttgart                                 - JuHa West
20.07.  NL        Lichtenvoorde                         - Zwarte Cross
21.07.  DK       Copenhagen                           - Showdown Fest

27.07.  F          Sélestat                                  - Lez Arts Sceniques
28.07.  NL        Steenwijk                                - Stonehenge Festival
29.07.  B          Brugge                                   - JC Comma
30.07.  F          Paris                                       - Nouveau Casino      
31.07  F           Bordeaux                                - Heretic01.08.  F          Toulouse                                 - Le Saint Des Seins
03.08.  E          Viveiro                                    - Resurrection Fest
04.08.  UK       Lympne                                  - Hevy Fest
06.08.  I           Cannole                                  - Salento Summer Festival
08.08.  SLO      Tolmin                                    - Metal Camp
09.08.  D         Chemnitz                                - Rock Im Betonwerk
10.08.  CZ        Josefov                                   - Brutal Assault
FIN       Oulu                                       - Jalometalli Fest
13.08.  D         Hamburg                                - Hafenklang
14.08.  D         Berlin                                     - Magnet
D         Dinkelsbühl                            - Summer Breeze Festival
16.08.  CH       Zürich                                     - Dynamo
18.08.  F          Thiex                                      - Motocular Fest

More MUNICIPAL WASTE video insanity to be envious of:  “Repossession” and “The Fatal Feast.”

Deadend In Venice signs new deal

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German melodic death metaller DEADEND IN VENICE have inked an endorsement deal with, American manufacturer of amplifiers, KRANK Amplification. Lead guitarist “Kevin Klein” uses “Krankenstein +“, designed in conjunction with the legendary guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott.
Deadend in Venice says: “We’re proud to announce our cooperation with KRANK amps! Kevin is officially endorsed and we will enjoy our future work together for the upcoming shows and recordings in the studio. With KRANKENSTEIN + we feel prepared for some ass kickin’ action!”
Deadend In Venice "The Monkey In My Closet":
KRANK artist profile “Kevin Klein“
Formed in late 2008, Deadend in Venice tried right from the beginning to combine the power of trueMelodic Death Metal with the beauty of a clear female voice. A short three song demo was recorded at the end of the same year and first local club-gigs followed. In 2009 the band shared the stage with names like TristaniaFinntroll and Tanzwut on some bigger shows and played great concerts for both, crowd and band.
During the year 2010 the band decided to get all the stuff together for a full-length album “See You On The Ground” and through CASKET Music and PLASTICHEAD the chance was given for worldwide distribution. Later they signed a long-term management deal with ROCK N GROWL. The band is now truly in songwriting mode for album number 2 in the moment. See you on the ground!

The Cleansing & Gorguts show i København

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Hey - her er lidt info vedr. GORGUTS' DK show til august! Danske The Cleansing opvarmer!
Billetter kan købes nu her:

Det bliver Pumpehuset som står for skud torsdag den 16. august, når det legendariske canadiske dødsmetalband Gorguts vender tilbage til København.
Som opvarmning for GORGUTS, er valget faldet på det hårdtslående københavnske death metal band The Cleansing.

Gorguts blev dannet i 1989 af Luc Lemay og Sylvain Marcoux, Éric Giguère og Stephane Provencher. I 1990 udsendte gruppen sin første demo ’… And Then Comes Lividity’ og albumdebuterede årets efter med debuten ’Considered Dead’, der bød på gæstehjælp fra James Murphy fra Death og Chris Barnes fra Cannibal Corpse.

I ’93 udgav gruppen deres andet og mere eksperimenterende og tekniske album ’The Erosion of Sanity’, der efter et brud med det daværende pladeselskab, Roadrunner Records, førte til, at Gorguts blev sat på standby.

I ’98 vendte Lemay og Gorguts tilbage til musikken og udgav med et nyt lineup de anmelderroste album ’Obscura’ og ’From Wisdom to Hate’. Efter guitarist Steve MacDonalds selvmord i 2002 gik bandet imidlertid hver til sit og udgav blandt andet en ep under navnet ’Negativa’.

Nu er gruppen endelig tilbage med et nyt lineup bestående af Luc Lemay, Kevin Hufnagel, Colin Marston og John Longstreth.

Som opvarmning for GORGUTS, er valget faldet på det hårdtslående københavnske death metal band The Cleansing samt den upcoming brutale death-kvartet Defilementory fra Roskilde.

The Cleansing blev dannet i København i 2007 og har siden da udgivet 2 album på amerikanske Deepsend Records. Bandet kan bedst beskrives som et godstog fra helvede, der med 300 i timen tromler alt ned med deres brutale og teknisk overlegne death metal. Musikken trækker i øvrigt tydelige referencer til den velkendte US death metal, som man bryggede den tilbage i starthalvfemserne på østkysten.

The Cleansing vil uden tvivl varme øregangene grundigt op med hurtige blastbeats, knivskarpe riffs og dybe growls, så Gorguts overtager et publikum med varme nakkemuskler, der er klar til at blive banget i smadder! For tiden er bandet i fuld gang med at skrive materiale til den tredje fuldlængde plade, og koncerten med Gorguts vil desuden være den eneste The Cleansing-koncert i København denne sommer.

Andet support-band på aftenen vil være Defilementory, der gør sig i brutal death metal. Bandet har leveret bloddryppende tråd siden 2008 og har 2 Ep’er i baggagen (”Gory Defilement” og ” Infatuation With Deformity”). Defilementory skrev tidligere på året kontrakt med tyske Torture Music Records, og forventer at have et debutalbum ude i slutningen af 2012, hvor musikken efter sigende bliver trukket i en langt mere mørk og atmosfærisk retning. Vi håber på at kunne ryste garn til lidt smagsprøver fra den kommende debut-skive d. 16. august!

By The Patient signs record deal

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By The Patient signs with Canadian Extreme Metal label Deathbound Records (a sub division of No Entry Media inc., who also is behind Metalodic Records).

Deathbound Records is extremely proud to announce the signing of Denmark’s By The Patient, winners of the 2010 Danish edition of W:O:A Metal Battle. The band’s brutal sophomore album titled Premonitions was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jacob Bredahl (The Kandidate, Ex-Hatesphere).

Blessed By A Broken Heart posts video

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International glam-rock consortium BLESSED BY A BROKEN HEART are pleased to let fans know that the rock stops for no clock with the premiere of their new video for boisterous track “Rockin’ All Night.” The video marks the band’s second from their latest album, Feel The Power - released earlier this year on Rude Records.
Directed by the acclaimed Robby Starbuck, “Rockin’ All Night” perfectly encapsulates
 BLESSED BY A BROKEN HEART - a pulse-raising blast of glammed-up metal which has been praised by critics for embracing the glorious shred metal of the '80s while still offering something singularly fun, inventive and sharply relevant for today. Released just in time for summer, the song is the perfect toast to motorcycles, all-night parties and glory days.

Watch “Rockin’ All Night”:
The follow-up to the band's celebrated 2008 album Pedal to the Metal (Century Media), Feel the Power finds BLESSED BY A BROKEN HEART shrugging off metalcore trappings in favor of something more heartfelt. "The whole band is still obsessed with the ’80s, and that's bled into our lifestyles. It's not just when we're on tour: We all kind of dress ’80s; we still have mullets. It's become part of our lives,” explains singer Tony Gambino.
Like any artist with a notable body of work, BLESSED has experienced a near constant evolution over the past eight years, in some part due to lineup changes, but mostly due to a stylistic progression away from pure metalcore in favor of more traditional metal and hard rock. One listen toFeel The Power confirms that not only is this not the same band that recorded All Is Fair, but that that very fact is their saving grace. Staying ahead of the curve and distancing themselves from the pack is the key to BLESSED BY A BROKEN HEART's longevity, and the reason the new album will resonate with even the most veteran headbangers.
Select Praise For 'Feel The Power':
"[A] blend of DragonForce, Andrew W.K. and Avenged Sevenfold... the totally over-the-top 'Holdin' Back For Nothin'' will absolutely explode mosh pits.” - Alternative Press

"Feel The Power is Blessed By A Broken Heart's best work yet... bigger, better and heavier than anything they have done before” - Substream Music Press

"Unabashedly retro... lots of fun” - Outburn

"High-octane hard rock.” - Noisecreep

"a sound that's true to the past and true to the present. Could [Blessed By a Broken Heart] be on to our future's new musical trend?." - HM

Punk Rock Holiday

Metalnews Power of
There are cheaper tickets (64,-) for the PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY this year until 30.06.2012! From 01.07.2012 the tickets will be available for 69,-. So go on and get your ticket right now!
Pure passion, refreshing energy, adrenaline, new name and a fresh start on the most exceptional location! This is Punk Rock Holiday!
With it’s first edition in 2011, we managed to create the biggest punk-rock festival in the region. On top of it all, we chose the most beautiful festival venue in Europe, at the breath-taking confluence of river Tolminka and the amazing Soča river in Tolmin, Slovenia, which offers not only the usual festival experience, but an unforgettable holiday feeling.

The 2012 line-up consists of the following bands:

Stefan Lindholm signs endorsement deal

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Swedish guitar sensation “Stefan Lindholm” of Vindictiv and Raven Lord joins the ranks with VGS Guitars. Stefan uses the VGS E-Gitarre Pro Series Screech – Model “VG507.305Faded Transparent Black
Stefan says: “I’m very happy to be part of the VGS family and I wish to thank VGS for granting me the privilege to play this axe.”
Swedish melodic/progressive metaller Vindictiv and multi national metaller Raven Lord are currently in the studio to record new albums.
Stefan Lindholm was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1973 and picked up the guitar at the age of 15 after his father bought him his first electric guitar, which incidentally was the well known and highly appreciated: “Emperador Strat” from the Kasuga Factory in Japan, which he played through a Squire 15-watt amplifier to his neighbourghs cheerful delight. After two years of intensive playing, he took private tutoring from guitarist Mike Wead, known for his involvement with bands such as: “Candlemass”, “The Haunted”, “King Diamond”, “Momento Mori” and “Hexenhaus”.
Stefan Lindholm is also endorsed by “Manne Guitars” and “Hughes & Kettner AMPS”.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Flower Kings enters the charts

Metalnews Power of
THE FLOWER KINGS recently released their new Album „Banks Of Eden“. Loved and praised by press and fans alike, the record just entered the German album charts on # 68 (taken from and the Dutch album charts on # 64. 
To keep up to date with all the news about The Flower Kings, like tour dates, videos, photos, blogs, press clips, alternative mixes, downloads The Flower Kings just released a free App for your iPhone, iPad , iPod or your Android mobile phone.

Download the free  TFK  iPhone App at:
Download the free TFK Android App at:

The Flower Kings will go on an extended headling tour across Europe in September & October

Sat July 7th - DE - Loreley Night Of The PROG Festival kl. 17:00
Wed Aug 8th - ES - La Coruna TBC
Sat Aug 18th - SWE - Gothenburg Slottsskogen
Wed Sep-05 DE - Aschaffenburg - Colos-saal
Tue Sep-06 CH - Pratteln - Z-7
Fri Sep-07 IT - Veruno - Prog Festival
Sat Sep-08 IT - Rome - TBC
Mon Sep-10 ES- Barcelona - Music Hall
Tue Sep-11 ES - Madrid - Sala Live
Wed Sep-12 PO -Lisbon - Paradise Garage
Fri Sep-14 ES - Peralta - Auditorium
Sun Sep-16 FR - Paris - Divan du Monde
Mon Sep-17 NL - Uden - De Pul
Wed Sep-19 DE -Karlsruhe - Substage
Thu Sep-20 DE - Bochum - Zeche
Fri Sep-21 NL - Zoetermeer - De Boerderij
Sat Sep-22 UK - Leamington - Leamington Spa Assembly
Sun Sep-23 UK - Holmfirth - Picturedrome
Mon Sep-24 UK - London - Scala
Thu Oct 4 - Israel - Prog Stage Festival

Here’s the link to the pre-sale of Banks Of Eden through the InsideOut webshop:
Special Edition 2CD Digipak: Case 1 CD:
Black Vinyl 2 LP + 2CD:
Webshop exclusive coloured vinyl (solid dark red) 2LP + 2CD:

For more information visit:

Arjen Lucassen posts new video clip

Metalnews Power of
Multi-instrumentalist ARJEN LUCASSEN has posted a new video for the track "Pink Beatles in a Purple Zeppelin," taken from his recently released concept solo album, Lost In The New Real. The video was mainly shot where ARJEN grew up, near the sea in Holland. In regards to the video, ARJEN comments: "It's a very 'Dutch' clip, windmills and all!  So you could say this clip goes back to my roots, also musically. It features many visual links (at least 10!) to the bands and albums that I grew up listening to. Peace, man!"

To watch "Pink Beatles in a Purple Zeppelin," head over to YouTube:

Featuring artwork created by ARJEN and renowned designer Claudio Bergamin, plus an appearance by legendary actor Rutger Hauer as the album's narrator, Lost In The New Real is a double-CD that tells the story of Mr. L, a 21st century man who was cryo-preserved at the moment of clinical death from a terminal disease. The album begins as Mr. L is being revived at a point in the distant future, when technology has advanced enough to cure his disease. Mr. L finds himself in a world that has drastically changed -- to the point that the line between what's real and what's not is no longer clear.

The tracks on disc 1 follow Mr. L's emotional journey as he is confronted with both serious and comical aspects of the "New Real" and desperately tries to decide if he can find a meaningful place within it. Disc 2 is a mix of tracks that are part of the concept but didn't fit on disc 1, plus cover songs related to the concept.

The track-listing for this epic concept album is as follows:

Lost In The New Real (disc 1)
1. The New Real
2. Pink Beatles In A Purple Zeppelin
3. Parental Procreation Permit
4. When I'm A Hundred Sixty-Four
5. E-Police
6. Don't Switch Me Off
7. Dr Slumber's Eternity Home
8. Yellowstone Memorial Day
9. Where Pigs Fly
10. Lost In The New Real

Lost In The New Real (disc 2)
1. Our Imperfect Race
2. Welcome To The Machine (PINK FLOYD cover)
3. So Is There No God?
4. Veteran Of The Psychic Wars (BLUE OYSTER CULT cover)
5. The Social Recluse
6. Battle Of Evermore (LED ZEPPELIN cover)
7. The Space Hotel
8. Some Other Time (ALAN PARSONS PROJECT cover)
9. You Have Entered The Reality Zone
10. I'm The Slime (FRANK ZAPPA cover)

Lost In The New Real ist erhältlich unter:   

Arjen Lucassen Online:

Devin Townsend posts live video clip

Metalnews Power of
METAL HAMMER Germany is presenting Devin Townsend´s ‘Planet Of The Apes’ live video taken from the DECONSTRUCTION show of his 4 DVD / 5 CD box.
Check it out at:

The other three live clips were already presented by the folloing media:

Song „Ghost“ (taken from the “Ghost” album performance) at Guitar World:

Song “Gato” (taken from the “Ki” performance) on Metal Injection:

Song “Awake” (taken from the ”Addicted” performance) at Metal Hammer UK:

The DVD box set is available at:

Devin will also release his new studio album called „Epicloud“ in september 2012 and will be on a co-headliner tour with Fear Factory through Europa!


Oktober 201229.10.2012 France, Strasbourg - La Laiterie
30.10.2012 Luxembourg, Esch-Sur-Alzette - Kulturfabrik
31.10.2012 Germany, Hamburg - Logo / Grünspan

November 2012
02.11.2012 Denmark, Ålborg - Ålborg Metal Festival

04.11.2012  Norway, Oslo - Betong
11.11.2012  Denmark, Copenhagen - Amager Bio
12.11.2012  Germany, Berlin - C-club
13.11.2012  Germany, Cologne - Essigfabrik
14.11.2012  Germany, Karlsruhe - Substage
16.11.2012  France, Bordeaux - Barbey Club
17.11.2012  Spain, Durango - Plateruena
18.11.2012  Portugal, Porto - Hard Club
19.11.2012  Portugal, Lisbon - Incrível Almadense
20.11.2012  Spain, Seville - Fanatic
22.11.2012  Spain, Madrid - Penélope
23.11.2012  Spain, Valencia - Rock City
24.11.2012  France, Montpellier - Le Rockstore
25.11.2012 Italy, Milan - Magazzini Generali
28.11.2012 Germany, Munich - Backstage Halle / Werk
29.11.2012  Austria, Vienna - Arena
30.11.2012  Slovenia, Ljubljana - Kino Siska

Dezember 201201.12.2012 Croatia, Zagreb - Boogaloo
02.12.2012 Hungary, Budapest - A38
04.12.2012 Poland, Warsaw - Progresja
05.12.2012 Poland, Poznan - Eskulap
08.12.2012 Germany, Geiselwind - Christmas Metal Fest
10.12.2012 France, Paris - Bataclan
13.12.2012 England, Wolverhampton - Wulfrun Hall
14.12.2012 Scotland, Glasgow - ABC
15.12.2012 England, Manchester - Ritz
16.12.2012 England, Bristol - Academy
17.12.2012 England, Southampton - Mo'Club

VIP and GA tickets are available on Devin’s Facebook page at:

For further infos please visit:

Devin Townsend online: