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Avatarium premiere new video clip

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Swedish doom titans AVATARIUM have uploaded their brand new video for the song “Boneflower”.

Watch the clip here:

If the quartet’s gigantic, melancholy sounds have somehow passed you by, then this video is the perfect means to get acquainted with this great band. Check it out!

The band’s all-star lineup (featuring legendary doom metal pioneer Leif Edling (Candlemass) on bass, Marcus Jidell (Evergrey) on guitar, Carl Westholm (Candlesmass) on keyboards, Lars Sköld (Tiamat) on drums and singer extraordinaire Jennie-Ann Smith have struck gold with this one, a powerful and progressive doom journey that will have doom fans foaming at the mouth.

“Boneflower” is taken from Avatarium’s stunning debut album, which was released earlier this month through Nuclear Blast Records.

Order the seven-track from the Avatarium Landing Page:

Extol releases new single

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Extol are now out with “Wastelands” from the self-titled album “Extol”!

Check out the new single HERE!

Extol returned to the metal-acne earlier this year after a 8 year hiatus and baffled everybody by delivering one of the strongest progressive metal records of 2013. 

Mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth) their self titled comeback record made waves in the scene.

Get the single HERE!

Buy the album HERE!

Kampfar releases new single

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Critically acclaimed metal-veterans Kampfar will with their coming release step one step closer to the Black Metal Throne. Check out the first single MYLDER HERE!

The album is now available for preorders HERE!

Kampfar will soon announce a full European tour for March and April 2014 and are already confirmed to Ragnarök and Kings Of Black Metal 2014. 

Djevelmakt proves that 20 years of existence does not dull the blade, but grinds it into a sharpness more scything than ever before.

Check out the new track and video HERE!

Preorder album HERE!

Kaledon premiere new video clip

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Veteran power metallers Kaledon have released the official video for the song 'A Dark Prison', taken from the band's latest album ‘Altor: The King’s Blacksmith’. The video features a very special guest appearance by renowned singer Fabio Lione (Rhapsody Of Fire, Kamelot, Labyrinth, Vision Divine).

Watch the video here:

‘Altor: The King’s Blacksmith’ is Kaledon's first album following the celebrated ‘Legend Of The Forgotten Reign’ saga, which was introduced in the song ‘Steel Maker’, from the band’s 2012 “best of” album ‘Mightiest Hits. It narrates the life of the man who forged the sword that killed Mozul, the evil creature that upset the peace and tranquillity of the Kingdom in the last chapter of the saga. With this new album, the seventh in their career, Kaledon deliver another Power Metal masterpiece, with plenty of Classic Metal influences and majestic Symphonic parts.

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Prematory revels album details

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"Corrupting Influence", the new album from belgium thrash metallers Prematory, is ready to be listened to! The album was produced and mixed by Sven Janssens (Aborted, Crimson Falls, Unleash the Fury, Axamenta) at the Red Left Hand Studio and mastered by legendary Chris "Zeuss" Harris (All That Remains, Agnostic Front, Hatebreed, Municipal Waste, Soulfly, Suicide Silence, Suffocation, Whitechapel and many more) at the Planet Z Studio. The Cd will be released next February, 15 by Punishment 18 Records.

Battery posts live video clip

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Danish Thrash metal band Battery has posted on-line on YouTube a new videoclip on the Danish concert kept in Aarhus (Bel) on November 1. Band supported Danish thrash metallers Hell's Domain. Both groups are under italian label Punishment 18 Records.


Nightwish releases live album

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NIGHTWISH releases their live & tour documentary DVD »Showtime, Storytime«. It contains the incredible Wacken live show – filmed by 17 cameras, in front of more than 80.000 screaming metalheads, as well as the 2-hour documentation “Please learn the setlist in 48 hours” – both featuring the bands new singer Floor Jansen!

Get yourself an impression along with the brand new trailer:

Wanna see more?
Trailer #1:
Trailer #2:
Trailer #3:
Trailer #4:
‘Ghost Love Score’ (live):
‘Storytime’ (Live):

Some international quotes, from the overwhelming international press feedback:

"On the stage of Wacken an exhibition took place, that will remain long in the memory of all the fans: simply perfect, exciting and theatrical. The triumph of Nightwish!"
ROCK HARD (IT), Michele Martini

"As symphonic metal’s behemoth, and ardent perfectionists, Nightwish know how to dazzle"
METAL HAMMER (UK), Jonathan Selzer

„Showtime, Storytime“ is a wonderful journey through the bands past year, reaching its peak during the awesome Wacken show. Harmony, a breath of fresh air and a gripping set list…”
AMUSIO.COM (D), Anne C. Swallow

„A band, that never was better before“
SONIC SEDUCER (D), Jasmin Froghy

„A high-class product, that fulfills all your wishes“

“A perfect deal and a good marriage between a great singer with a band still alive. All recorded on Dvd for live show in the best location ever”
METAL MANIAC (IT), Ivan Gaudenzi

“When it comes to Floor Jansen it's obvious why almost everyone has saluted her arrival to Nightwish.

She is without any doubt the most versatile singer ever in the bands long history, because she masters to perfection almost every singing styles.

What is in particular important is that she can cut through the big wall of sound on stage, and not only by doing the classic or opera-orientated styles which was associated a lot to ex-singer Tarja.

Especially the endings of songs like "Ever Dream" and "Ghost Love Score" will make your jaw drop to the floor.”

METALIZED (DK), Kristian Kongshøj

Order »Showtime, Storytime« at:
or from the official Nightwish Shop at:
or via iTunes (live album incl. digital booklet):

Evenoire enters the studio

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Symphonic metallers Evenoire entered Dreamsound Studios in Munich, Germany, to record the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Vitriol’. Mario Lochert, Dejan Djukovic and Daniel Rehbein (Emergency Gate, Graveworm, Visions of Atlantis) will sit behind the consolle while mixing and mastering duties will be handled by Jan Vacik (Serenity, Visions of Atlantis, Graveworm, Dreamscape).

Formed in 2007, Evenoire combine a wide range of influences, from Gothic to Symphonic Metal with a very distinctive Medieval/Folk approach, which has attracted overwhelming response worldwide. A special mention goes to extraordinary lead vocalist Lisy Stefanoni, whose ethereal and powerful voice adds an extra dimension to the melodies and makes her one of the most promising female singers around.

You can listen to the song 'Days Of The Blackbird' from the band's debut album 'Vitriol' here:

More news will be released soon on and

I Killed The Prom Queen posts album trailer

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Tuomas Holopainen releasing solo album

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Tuomas Holopainen – the keyboardist and main songwriter of NIGHTWISH - has spent most of the year 2013 writing and producing his solo album. The whole album will be based on a graphic novel called »The Life And Times Of Scrooge McDuck«, written and illustrated by Don Rosa.

Tuomas Holopainen comments: “This is my longtime dream come true, 14 years in the making. And a homage to one of the best storytellers of our time. Thank you for sharing this celebration of Life & Adventure!”

This 12 - chapter book tells the life story of a certain Scrooge, from his early years in the 19th century Scotland to his adventures all around the world until the 1950`s. The story contains such immense depth, detail, wit and emotional power, that the moment Tuomas read it nearly 20 years ago, it instantly became a story of profound personal interest and love for him. The initial spark of `coloring` this story with music, i.e. create a kind of "soundtrack" for the book, came to him already in 1999, and has ever since been haunting the back of his mind.

The album was written and produced by Tuomas Holopainen and will contain 10 songs, with total duration of approximately 60 minutes. The music will be of soundtrack / classical / folk genre in the vein of Vaughan Williams, Michael Nyman, James Newton Howard and Enya.

Mr. Pip Williams has done the orchestral arrangements, continuing his collaboration with Tuomas after the NIGHTWISH records »Once«, »Dark Passion Play« & »Imaginaerum«.

There will be a number of guest musicians, including the London Orchestra, The Metro Voices (a choir from London) and four lead vocalists: Alan Reid, Johanna Kurkela, Johanna Iivanainen & Tony Kakko. Other guest appearances include Troy Donockley (uilleann pipes, low whistles, bodhran), Mikko Iivanainen (guitars & banjo), Teho Majamäki (Didgeridoo), Jon Burr (Harmonica) and Dermot Crehan in the solo violin.

The recordings took place during August - October 2013, first at Angel Studios, London, then in various locations around Scotland and Finland.

The author of the book, Don Rosa, has done the artwork for the album. 

There will also be a single release, from the track ‘A Lifetime Of Adventure’, and a music video to go with it in early 2014.

The album »The Life And Times Of Scrooge« is scheduled for a release in april 2014.

Acheron unveils album artwork

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Underground Metal legends ACHERON have finally completed their upcoming album “KULT DES HASSES” for LISTENABLE RECORDS from France. 

Vocalist/Bassist Vincent Crowley has been joined on this album with longtime drummer Kyle Severn and guitarist Art Taylor. Also appearing on the recording as a guest 2nd lead guitarist is Ricktor Ravensbruck from the bands WOLFPACK 44, ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB and WOLFEN SOCIETY. 

There are guest vocal appearances by Death Metal icon Kam Lee (Ex-MASSACRE, THE GROTESQUERY and BONE GNAWER), Jim Lippucci (SOULLESS), John McEntee (INCANTATION/FUNERUS), Jill McEntee (FUNERUS), Ash Thomas (ESTUARY/FAITHXTRACTOR) and Zdenka Prado (ESTUARY).

The album was recorded in Cleveland, Ohio at BAD BACK STUDIOS and mixed and Mastered by the mighty Dan Swano of UNISOUND (Sweden).

Band founder Vincent Crowley said “Even though this album ended up taking much longer than we thought to get done it ended up being something that the whole band is very proud of releasing. We had a very specific idea for this release and I really think we hit the nail on the head. ACHERON wanted to get a true late 80’s/Early 90’s sound on this album and stay clear of the over produced Metal approaches of today. The song writing is very catchy, the bass and drums are pounding and there is tons of shredding guitar solos all over the album. I know ACHERON fans old and new will really enjoy this musical assault.” 

The lyrics stay true to ACHERON’s dark appeal. The song JESUS WEPT (Again and Again) is about twisted visions of torturing Christ within nightly dreams-states, RAPTURED TO DIVINE PERVERSION is a story of ritualistic sexual debauchery, DAEMONUM LUX pays homage to the infamous encounter Aleister Crowley had with the demonic entity known as Choronzon, THY FATHER SUICIDE is a tempting tale of how the reaper lures the weak into taking their own lives, SATAN HOLDS DOMINION is a powerful anthem of Satanic reign, WHORES AND HARLOTS pays tribute to the ladies of the evening or as ACHERON would say the “Daughters of Lilth”, MISANTHRPOIC RACE is an interesting song taking us to a time when man evolves into a world of anarchy and chaos, ASPHYXIATION (Hands of God) reflect the highly anti-religious views this believes in, CONCUBINA DO DIABO can actually be taken as sort of a twisted love song about the Devil and his earthly concubine, and last, but not least, DEVIL’S BLACK BLOOD is dedicated to all the ACHERON fans worldwide. (The band usually toasts their crowd with Jagermeister at the end of their shows, which they have nicknamed Devil’s Black Blood.)
The new album cover was again done by German Artist Timo Wuerz.

ACHERON has been around for over 20 years and they don’t plan on going away anytime soon. The release date for the album is now planned to be released in early/mid 2014 on LISTENABLE RECORDS on both cd and vinyl. The band also plans to promote the new album by playing some fests and tours in 2014. ACHERON – KULT DES HASSES

JESUS WEPT (Again and Again)

Crystal Ball posts new video clip

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The clock’s ticking! CRYSTAL BALL’s new album “Dawnbreaker” will be released this Friday, November 29th!

The band has recently uploaded the official video clip for the song "Eternal Flame", which is available at

Now they’ve also posted the video clip for the song "Anyone Can Be A Hero"!
Enjoy it here:

The single "Anyone Can Be A Hero/Eternal Flame" is available here:

CRYSTAL BALL's new album "Dawnbreaker" will be released on November 29, 2013 via Massacre Records and will also be available as limited edition digipak with two exclusive bonus tracks!

CRYSTAL BALL @ Massacre Records MP3 Download Store:

Grand Magus posts album trailer

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Swedish riff lords GRAND MAGUS have just uploaded the first album trailer of their upcoming masterpiece »Triumph And Power«.

Check it out here:

The tracklist of »Triumph And Power« reads as follows:
01. On Hooves Of Gold
02. Steel Versus Steel
03. Fight
04. Triumph And Power
05. Dominator
06. Arv
07. Holmgång
08. The Naked And The Dead
09. Ymer
10. The Hammer Will Bite

11. Blackmoon

Commented the band: “»Triumph And Power« has been completed. It's a metal triumph of Viking power!!! Once again we worked with Nico Elgstrand as producer, a tradition that started with »Hammer Of The North« back in 2010. This is our strongest album yet, it has the northern feel, it has the power and the melody that has become our mark of excellence. Fans of true metal will take this album to their hearts. To top everything off, we have the striking and epic artwork of Anthony Roberts. The album cover perfectly captures the work on this album and GRAND MAGUS as a band. Stay true! GM”

Also enjoy the three parts of the band’s studio report:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

To present the new creation, GRAND MAGUS will hit the road alongside Icelandic label mates THE VINTAGE CARAVAN for the “Rock Revelation Tour 2014”. Don’t miss the chance to witness two generations of Rock sharing stages at the following dates:
18.03. FR Paris - Divan du Monde
19.03. DE Cologne - Gebäude 9
20.03. DE München - Backstage
21.03. AT Wien - Szene
22.03. CH Aarau - Kiff
23.03. DE Stuttgart - Universum
24.03. DE Berlin - C-Club
26.03. DE Hamburg - Markthalle
27.03. DE Frankfurt - Batschkapp
28.03. DE Geiselwind - Musichall
29.03. DE Essen - Turock
30.03. DE Nijmegen - Doornroosje

»Triumph And Power« is set to be released on January 31, 2014 via Nuclear Blast.

And it surely will turn out to be another powerful triumph in the history of GRAND MAGUS!

The Safety Fire posts new video clip

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Human Fortress posts new video clip

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Five years after the release of „Eternal Empire“ Epic Melodic Metal band HUMAN FORTRESS is back with an outstanding new record that also marks a return to the sound of their first two releases “Lord Of Earth And Heavens Heir” and “Defenders Of The Crown”.

Right in time to celebrate the release of “Raided Land”, the new video clip, filmed for the song „Wasted Years“, is available.

Vinyl releases on AFM Records

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The following albums will be released on vinyl for the first time ever on December 6th:

MASTERPLAN - Masterplan (2-LP, golden vinyl, 180 grams, gatefold sleeve, 2 bonus tracks, limited to 500 copies)
ORDEN OGAN - Easton Hope (2-LP, 180 grams, gatefold sleeve, limited to 250 copies in red and 250 copies in black)
EISBRECHER - Eiszeit (2-LP, clear blue vinyl, 180 Gramm, gatefold sleeve, 3 bonus tracks, limited to 500 copies).

AFM Records signs Sinbreed

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Their debut album "When Worlds Collide" SINBREED caused quite a stir in the scene already with their Melodic Speed Metal that comes across without keyboards, but with strong choruses and balls.

The band has now signed a contract with AFM Records and will release their second album next year. Blind Guardian guitarist Marcus Siepen has also joined the group’s ranks.

Guitarist Flo Laurin comments:
"We are really excited to work with AFM. Now that we've got the new line-up ready and the new record is in the making, we are looking forward to work with such a strong and experienced partner who is deep-seated in the metal scene. Great things to come."

SINBREED line-up:
Herbie Langhans - Vocals
Flo Laurin - Guitars
Marcus Siepen - Guitars
Frederik Ehmke - Drums
Alexander Schulz – bass

Crystal Viper premiere new video clip

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"Prophet Of The End" - the brand new video clip from the Polish female-fronted heavy metal act CRYSTAL VIPER, can be seen at this location:

The song is taken from band's forthcoming studio album "Possession", which will be released on Friday 13, December 2013, via AFM Records as a CD, limited edition LP and as a digital download. "This is probably the most unusual song I ever wrote, I sometimes think it's even best song I ever composed. We decided to film video clip for it, as it's different than everything CRYSTAL VIPER did in the past. So while people expect straight heavy metal from us, and as we of course deliver such tracks on the new album, this song shows we didn't say last word as a band yet" says vocalist and guitarist Marta Gabriel. "While working on this video clip, we wanted to achieve similar atmosphere to this one from "Paranormal Activity" movies, or from the "Fourth Kind" with Milla Jovovich, and basically reveal something from the story told on the album. We filmed this clip in Germany with guys from the 3D Maximal company, I think they did a great job and the final result is really cool!" she adds.

"Possession" will include the following tracks:
1. Zeta Reticuli
2. Voices In My Head
3. Julia Is Possessed
4. Fight Evil With Evil
5. Mark Of The Horned One
6. Why Can't You Listen?
7. You Will Die You Will Burn
8. We Are Many
9. Prophet Of The End

CD bonus track: 10. Thundersteel (RIOT cover song)
LP bonus track: 10. Night Prowler (2013)

On "Possession" - which was once again produced by Bart Gabriel (SACRED STEEL, SABATON, BURNING STARR, MORTICIAN) - CRYSTAL VIPER decided to cross the borders of traditional heavy metal, and while there are still fast and melodic songs that bring references to such classic bands as JUDAS PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH (with Ronnie James Dio) and JAG PANZER, the epic and dark parts bring comparisons to acts such as CANDLEMASS, MERCYFUL FATE and even BATHORY. CRYSTAL VIPER again invited members of other bands to sing guest parts on new album: the song "Fight Evil With Evil" features the legendary American singer Harry Conklin (JAG PANZER, TITAN FORCE, SATAN'S HOST), while "Julia Is Possessed" contains the growling voice of Sataniac, vocalist of the German black/thrash metal act DESASTER. In addition, one of the songs features more than 50 fans of the band, who were invited via band's official Facebook page to "scream" on the new album.

Noisehead Records signs Days of Loss

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We are proud to announce that we have signed a worldwide record deal with Noisehead Records for the release of our upcoming album "Our Frail Existence". We have chosen Noisehead Records because we were looking for a label that shares our passion and dedication and is renowned in the international music scene.


Ashes of Chaos premiere new video clip

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Selfmadegod Records to release NASHGUL “Obey”

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Selfmadegod Records proudly announces the release of NASHGUL “Obey” CD which compiles songs from the 7”EP splits with P.L.F. and Malpractice Insurance plus some previously unreleased material. Both EPs are post-“El Dia Despues Al Fin De La Humanidad” album and were recorded during one recording session September/November 2011 at Bonham Studios (A Coruña).

“Obey” will be released December 2013 via Selfmadegod Records

Artwork by Luis Sendon. Expect 10 tracks of grind as fuck from Spain.

“Muerte” song is now available at Selfmadegod Records SoundCloud or YouTube channel.

1. The Trip
2. Parasito
3. Los Ritos Satanicos De Fraga
4. Esperanza Viva
5. They Live
6. Muerte
7. Shock
8. 2012
9. Estigma
10. Estimociver

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Emergency Gate posts new video clip

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It was roughly three weeks ago that Munich metallers Emergency Gate
announced that they had recorded a song with 90s disco legend „Haddaway“ – a cover of his world hit „What is Love“, igniting a lively discussion in the scene and making people wonder if these different musical styles would work well when combined into one song.

Right on time for the release of this new endeavor, Emergency Gate have managed to prove that it does indeed work.

This amalgamation of soulful vocals with electronic music, tough metal riffs and shouts by frontman Matthias Kupka – recorded, mixed and mastered in the

Munich-based Dreamsound Studios – turned out to be a real jaw-dropper.
But it is best to hear for yourself!

You can get an impression of the recordings in the official video for “What is Love”. Videolink:

OverKill announces 2014 tour

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US thrash legends OVERKILL have announced their first European run in support of the band's upcoming, as of yet untitled new album which is targeted for a release in March 2014.

Make sure to catch Bobby Blitz and the wrecking crew on the following dates:

METAL HAMMER presents:
13.03. UK London - Islington Academy (w/Soilwork)
14.03. UK North Wales - Hammerfest
15.03. IRL Dublin - The Academy
16.03. UK Glasgow - Cathouse
17.03. UK Manchester - Sound Control
19.03. D Köln - Essigfabrik
20.03. D Bochum - Matrix
21.03. D Braunschweig - Meyer’s
22.03. D Leipzig - Hellraiser
24.03. I Mezzago - Bloom Club
25.03. CH Aarau - Kiff
26.03. D Aschaffenburg - Colos-Saal
27.03. D Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik
28.03. D Nürnberg - Hirsch
29.03. D Saarbrücken - Garage


Soilwork announces tour dates

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Having just recently completed their highly successful first European run in support of the band's stunningly great latest album, »The Living Infinite« (the first double album in the history of melodic death metal), Swedish metal visionaries SOILWORK have announced the second tour leg for March 2014.

More on »The Living Infinite«:

„Spectrum Of Eternity” music video:
Rise Above The Sentiment“ music video:

„Tongue“ lyric video:
„Long Live The Misanthope“ viral video:

„This Momentary Bliss“ viral video:


05.03. E Madrid - Sala Shoko
06.03. E Barcelona - Sala Salamandra 1
07.03. I Romagnano - Rock’n’Roll Arena
08.03. L Luxembourg - den Atelier
09.03. F Paris - Divan du monde
11.03. UK Bristol - The Fleece
12.03. UK Manchester - Sound Countrol
13.03. UK London - Islington Academy
14.03. UK North Wales - Hammerfest
15.03. UK Birmingham - Libary
17.03. NL Dordrecht - Biebelot

Sawthis kicks off tour

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Sawthis and Rock Tour Agency are proud to announce the "Youniverse East European Tour 2013”! A trip around 12 cities and 7 different countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary and Romania) with Children Of Bodom and many other bands.

Youniverse East European Tour 2013
27.11 Melna Piektdiena - Riga (LV)
29.11 Rock Cafe - Tallinn (EE)
30.11 Underground Pub - Kaunas (LT)
01.12 Club Przepraszam - Tarnow (PL)
02.12 Božak klub - Teplice (CZ)
03.12 Zberny Music Club - Ozimek (PL)
04.12 Pub Blues - Bielsk Podlaski (PL)
05.12 Club Alibi - Radom (PL)
06.12 Club Underground 2 - Sosnowietz (PL)
07.12 Zero Art Cafe - Szeged (HU)
08.12 Club Underworld - Bucharest (RO)

Lyric video of ”The Logical Color” available at

Ashes of Ares posts documentation video

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US Metal act ASHES OF ARES, featuring vocalist Matt Barlow (ex-ICED EARTH), guitarist/bassist Freddie Vidales and drummer Van Williams (ex-NEVERMORE), have revealed a new documentation video, filmed during their first show - on their tour along with POWERWOLF, BATTLE BEAST and MAJESTY - in Paris.

Watch the 11-minute documentation here:

Music video for `This Is My Hell´:
Track-By-Track, Pt. 1:
Track-By-Track, Pt. 2:
Lyric video for `Dead Man’s Plight´:

Order your copy of »Ashes Of Ares« here:


Chronos Zero premiere new video clip

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Chronos Zero have released the official video for the song 'Lost Hope, New Hope Pt.I', taken from the band's debut album 'A Prelude Into Emptiness - The Tears Path: Chapter Alpha'.
Formed in 2012 by the meeting of 5 talented and expert musicians, Chronos Zero were able to deliver an ambitious concept album which recalls the Classic progressive records of the Eighties and Nineties, an album made of beautifully written melodies, top notch musicianship and classy arrangements, in the vein of Dream Theater, Symphony X, Adagio, Meshuggah and Nevermore, with ethnic influences and a cinematographic feeling surrounding the whole work. ‘A Prelude Into Emptiness – The Tears Path: Chapter Alpha’ was recorded, mixed and mastered by celebrated producer Simone Mularoni (DGM) at Domination Studios in San Marino, Italy. The beautiful artwork was handled by Simone Bertozzi (Mnemic). 

Follow and for all the updates.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Sinfest" concerts

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Three decades in the sign of the SINNER – what better reason to celebrate can one imagine?

Mat Sinner and his band will play three special concerts in Germany (SINNER + surprise guests). Also joining the „Sinfest” concerts are Voodoo Circle and The New Black.

Black Messiah posts new video clip

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Germany's leading Pagan/Viking Metal band BLACK MESSIAH is currently putting finishing touches on their new video clip, which was filmed for the song „Wildsau“. The band’s new album “Heimweh“ will be released on November 29th.

„Jötunheim“, a brand new track coming off the album, is available for streaming already.

Lake of Tears releasing live album

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Swedish Dark Rock/Metal pioneers LAKE OF TEARS finally fulfill the wish of many fans and release their first Live album ever on January 31st. „By The Black Sea“ includes the recordings of a full concert with 16 songs (Bucharest 2013), and will be available as DVD/CD set. Bonus material on the DVD is a “Making Of”, an interview and the band’s latest video clips „Illwill“ and „House Of The Setting Sun“.

Kataklysm announces World Tour

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Just about a month after releasing their latest hatred infected outlet, Montreal based Death Metal powerhouse KATAKLYSM, have now posted a video outlining their world tour plans for the new masterpiece, »Waiting for the End to Come«. 
Check out this message from vocalist Maurizio Iacono here:

»Waiting for the End to Come« was released on October 25th (Europe) and October 29th (North America) via Nuclear Blast.

You can order the album in various formats from the following location:

»Waiting for the End to Come« was recorded by guitarist Jean Francois Dagenais and mixed by Zeuss (SUFFOCATION, HATEBREED, ARSIS).

The artwork by Eliran Kantor (TESTAMENT, HATEBREED) will be featured on the deluxe digipak and LP versions of their new album, while the cover art by Peter Sallai (SABATON) will be featured on the standard jewel case and limited edition cassette tape versions. Check out this previously released trailer previewing the Peter Sallai cover and new music here:

The brand new tracks ‘Kill the Elite’ and ‘Like Animals’ are available for streaming here:

More on »Waiting for the End to Come«:
‘Elevate’ music video
Track-by-track part 1
Track-by-track part 2
Track-by-track part 3

HELL:ON - New album out now

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"Hunt", the fourth album of Ukrainian Death-Thrashers HELL:ON, is out now on newly formed British record label FERRRUM.COM. To celebrate its release the band proudly presents the song "Slaughter Smell" which features a guest appearance of Andy LaRoque (KING DIAMOND). The track is available for streaming now at this location:

Thrash up the world!

Some press comments about "Hunt":
"Merciless and uncompromising!"
LORDS OF METAL (NL) - "The compositions are top-notch and the production is razor-sharp!"
TIME FOR METAL (GER) - "An underground jewel!"
METALZINE (PL) - "Hard, tight and very intense! Death/Thrash played with great passion!"
METALHEAD (IT) - "Very effective and engaging!"
METAL REVOLUTION (DK) - "Rage and aggression!"

SPARK MAGAZINE (CZ) - ""'Hunt' builds up and even expands on the previous album!"

Alexander Baev – vocal
Alexander Sitalo – bass
Oleg Talanov – drums
Anton Vorozhtsov – guitar
Alexey Pasko – guitar

Killing Ghandi posts album teaser

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Culted reveals album details

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Blackened doom merchants CULTED have revealed the details behind their upcoming second full-length album and first release in over four years. Oblique To All Paths is a beautifully haunting and grim piece of sprawling doom metal…the perfect soundtrack to a desolate, barren winter. The album will see its official release on CD, 2LP and digital formats via Relapse Records on January 21st in North America, January 20th in the UK/World, and January 17th in Germany/Benelux/Finland.

An album trailer featuring a clip of new music is available for viewing here while pre-orders are available at this location. People in Germany can view this trailer here.

CULTED’s story is a unique one: Four band members spread out over Sweden and Canada, having never performed music together in the same room as an entire band, instead coming together through the wonders of modern technology to create totally compelling top of the line doom. While CULTED’s writing and recording process may be unusual, and a story unto itself, it certainly should not overshadow what this band has accomplished---creating a bleak and epic masterpiece of dystopian doom. The group formed in 2007 and has released one full-length and one EP including 2009's Below The Thunders of the Upper Deep and 2010's Of Death and Ritual. Both albums can be streamed in full via Bandcamp here.

Winter Storm release new video

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Brit Outfit Unleash New Video ‘Wasted Feelings’ In Tandem With Latest Record Within The Frozen Design

“Like Lacuna Coil jamming with Paradise Lost, it’s a powerful mix!” – Powerplay Magazine

“A confident album, it flows well as a story and you can feel real empathy for the character!” – Midlands Rocks

British symphonic metal upstarts Winter Storm have been busy. Alongside their stunning second record, “Within The Frozen Design”, the band have also put together a brilliant video for their rapturously received new single ‘Wasted Feelings’.

Vocalist & Guitarist Hannah Fieldhouse had this to say about the record & the band’s new video “The album is based on the concept of universal design and a being who is designing his own world, which he thinks he has complete control over. However, as the story of the album unravels he realises it was mere coincidence and he has no control and spirals into madness...

The song Wasted Feelings is a heavy and fierce song to kick off the album, and we chose this song for that reason. The song is about having feelings on a situation that appear to mean nothing to anyone else, but also relates to this being designing his own world and being able to see into others 'thoughts'. We shot the video at the Academy of Music and Sound in Birmingham, and our Drummer Will Stokes was responsible for a lot of the filming and editing all the footage.”

Following on from their stunning debut “Serenity In Darkness”, WS have forged songs of beauty and elegance with a raw, unbridled power that results in a captivating listen. Formed in 2008, the band began getting a firm grip on their sound following some stellar support slots alongside the lines of Alestorm, Sirenia, Theatres Des Vampires, To Mera and Sarah Jezebel Deva to name but a few. Packing out venues left and right, the band became a name and a force to be respected amongst their fellow Female fronted metal peers.

Away from the live arena, the band’s work has been recognised elsewhere; having been included alongside the lines of Leaves Eyes, Epica and Stream Of Passion on the Des Filles Et Des Riffes CD and scoring an endorsement with the ever stylish Spiral Clothing.

See video here:

Epica posts live video clip

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»Retrospect« is out now as a deluxe hardcover book with 36 pages, both as a 2DVD/3CD and 2Blu-ray/3CD version.

On March 23 2013, Dutch symphonic metal band EPICA celebrated its 10th anniversary with a special concert dubbed »Retrospect«. During this evening the band was accompanied by the seventy piece Extended Reményi Ede Chamber Orchestra and the Miskolc National Theatre Choir, playing an unforgettable 3-hours best-of set.

Ten high-definition cameras captured this very special sold-out show. EPICA played in front of nearly five thousand ecstatic fans and performed the biggest hits from across the spectrum of their entire catalog.

The third clip of »Retrospect« is online now. You can view the song ‘Martyr Of The Free Word’ online at:

EPICA’s guitar player Isaac Delahaye comments: "This is one of my favorite tracks to play live: starting fast and furious, going into a groovy verse, giving the choir a pole position in the bridge. Awesome. We're very happy that this great show is now officially out on DVD and Blu-ray, and that we can share this with all of our fans. We're already working hard on the new studio album, but this »Retrospect« release reminds us of the great times we've lived so far. And we're glad you've been part of it!"

»Retrospect« is out now, through Nuclear Blast.
Order your copy here:
Or via iTunes:

More Live Clips:
`The Phantom Agony`

Mercenary lancerer kampagne

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De aalborgensiske metalveteraner Mercenary har netop lanceret en crowdfunding-kampagne via portalen Indiegogo for at indsamle midler til en musikvideo til nummeret ”Welcome the Sickness” fra det seneste album "Through Our Darkest Days" der udkom d. 29 Juli i år.

Videoen bliver lavet via greenscreen-teknologi og instrueres af artdirector Mircea Eftemie, der ud over at have lavet Mercenarys seneste coverart også har lavet artwork og medieproduktioner for internationale metalartister som Carcass, Soilwork og Volbeat.

Mercenarys guitarist, Jakob Mølbjerg, kommenterer:

”I en tid hvor mange bands må lave videoer for et ikke-eksisterende budget og derfor ofte må nøjes med at anvende liveoptagelser til lyricsvideoer, vil vi forsøge et eksperiment og bede vores fanbase om hjælp til at skabe noget andet og større. Ligesom vores musik baserer sig på stemningsmæssige dynamikker mellem melankoli, eufori og aggression, vil vi med artdirector Mircea Eftemie bestræbe os på at opnå et visuelt udtryk, der matcher de dystre stemningslandskaber. Derudover er det et fascinerende eksperiment for os som band at række ud til vores fans og involvere dem i processen og lade dem interagere på mange forskellige måder og niveauer.”

Der vil blive være biografpræmiere på videoen i Øst For Paradis i Århus for alle backere, og ved at støtte kan man bl.a. få guitar-, tromme- og vokallektioner fra bandet, deltage i videoen eller få en privat middag tilberedt af bandet!

Mercenary har sat 4.000 Euro som mål for indsamlingen til videoen.

Nummeret ”Welcome the Sickness” kan høres her:

Kampagnen kan besøges her:

Murder Construct posts new video clip

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Los Angeles, CA deathgrind supergroup MURDER CONSTRUCT have just released a new music video for 'The Next Life,' a track from their blistering 2012 debut Results on Relapse Records. The video, directed by Mitch Massie (Cattle Decapitation, The Locust), visually captures the chaos and anxiety that the band flawlessly conveys in brutal, sonic form.

Watch the clip here, German viewers can watch it here.

Additionally, the band are currently in the process of writing their sophomore release. To hear the devastation that is Results in its entirety, the album is streaming via Bandcamp here.

MURDER CONSTRUCT consist of vocalist Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation), drummer Danny Walker (Intronaut, ex-Exhumed, ex-Phobia), guitarist Leon Del Muerte (ex-Impaled, ex-Exhumed), guitarist Kevin Fetus (ex-Cattle Decapitation, Fetus Eaters) and bassist Caleb Schneider (Bad Acid Trip).

Stay tuned for forthcoming MURDER CONSTRUCT news / album release / tour information.

Lingua Mortis Orchestra posts new video clip

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"Towed cars, unscrewed mailboxes, a Hessian medieval district in complete darkness for three days and dozens of people shuffling across the towns’ pavements, wearing early modern garments and mumbling", explains an enthusiastic Alex Schopbach (City of Gelnhausen), just to give you a brief glimpse of the incredible efforts that were needed to produce the video clip for ‘Cleansed By Fire’, the opening track of the LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA debut album »LMO«. Together with Tine Link, a friend of the band, Alex was the main part of the production team, which, with the help of the fire department, building yard and city administration managed to transport parts of the historic old town back into the year 1599. That was a truly dark year for the Kinzigtal town (set between Vogelsberg and Spessart), which was newly found in 1170 by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, as the pastor's widow Elisabeth Strupp was killed by the sword of an executioner under the orders of the mayor and witch hunter Johann Strupp.

Based on these historic facts and supported by his research in the town archives, Peter „Peavy“ Wagner, singer, bassist and lyricist for the LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA took this extraordinary story, turning it into words for the concept album »LMO«.

Nuclear Blast and the city of Gelnhausen started working together in July. Alex Schopbach from the Gelnhausen department of public relations comments with most praiseful words: „From the very start we liked the fact that Peavy took on this very serious historic theme without any grandstanding, referring to the memorials in Gelnhausen, which even today are reminiscent of the persecution of witches.” The label itself is equally thrilled with this collaboration: “Working together has been a success right from the beginning. We got features in medieval and historical magazines, support from the local daily magazines, even TV stations reported about the video shoot and introduced the band to a complete new audience”, states Markus Wosgien, head of promotion at Nuclear Blast.

To boost the visual presentation of the history of witch hunting and execution in the city of Gelnhausen, the town tour guides and numerous extras were present alongside the LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA to shoot the video of ‘Cleansed By Fire’. The three-day shoot peaked on the final evening, when an additional 200 extras from the local region appeared, to act as the townspeople of Gelnhausen of 1599. Recruited via Facebook, they arrived just as work was about to start and were handed out historic garments from the town fundus, that offers some thousand sets of cloths.

The video for ‘Cleansed By Fire’ premiered this past Friday, November 22, 2013 at Gelnhausen town hall. Executive producer Tine Link found the right words at the premiere celebration, attended by 500 people, to praise the miracle work of all involved: “There are lots of wizards living in Gelnhausen. You made everything possible that was needed here.”

The video is available at the homepage of the city of Gelnhausen, under the following link:

The LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA will return to Gelnhausen on July 5, 2014 for an open air show during the first Gelnhäuser Sommerfestival, alongside HAGGARD, that will take place at Müllerwiese between Kaiserpfalz and Kinzig. More infos about the event under and

Förtress premiere new video clip

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Chastain reforms

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CHASTAIN's "Surrender To No One" marks the return of original vocalist Leather Leone. Long considered one of the originators of the female power metal vocal style, Leather proves on the new CD she hasn't lost anything from her glory days. Leather was the vocalist on the classic CHASTAIN albums:
Mystery of Illusion
Ruler of the Wasteland
The 7th of Never
The Voice of the Cult
For Those Who Dare

Also returning to the band is original bassist Mike Skimmerhorn. The drums are now being handled by Stian Kristoffersen (Pagan's Mind, Firewind).

Guitarist David T. Chastain states, "Leather and I picked up right from where we left off as if no time had elapsed since the For Those Who Dare tour. We have been working on this material for nearly a year and it was difficult to choose from all of the songs we had written. Our goal was to keep one foot in the 'old days' and one foot in 2013. Stian's drumming helped modernize the sound. I think Leather is basically the same vocalist as she was in our earlier days. Judging from her recent Keep It True concert it is obvious she still has what it takes in the live arena. I feel 'Surrender To No One' fits right in with her other CHASTAIN albums."

Leather further adds, "After our absence through the years, the title of this work says it all! I find much of it to be classic CHASTAIN. There are undeniably some modern concepts involved, life changes, we grow!! But I guarantee it will not disappoint, it is a CHASTAIN Cd!"

The new CD can be purchased or downloaded at sites around the world such as: iTunes, all sites, Best Buy, Tower, HMV, F.Y.E., Century Media, CD Baby, Hellion, CD Inzane and many others!For More Info!!

We Came As Romans heading East

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After just having finished the Vans Music Night & Warped Tour Europe alongside PARKWAY DRIVE, MEMPHIS MAY FIRE and LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES, Detroit, Michigan-based post hardcore superstars WE CAME AS ROMANS just announced that they will be embarking on a journey to do three shows in Russia and the Ukraine, that will take place in March 2014. Joining in the rocking US-Quartette will be Rockford, Illinois based Rock / Post Hardcore five-piece THE COLOR MORALE.

The journey towards Eastern Europe will feature the following dates:
04.03. UA Ukraine Kiev - Club Bingo
05.03. RU Moscow - Plan B
06.03. RU St.Petersburg - MOD

The most current record of WE CAME AS ROMANS called »Tracing Back Roots« was released on July 26, 2013 via Nuclear Blast and is available at the following address:

25.02. UK Glasgow - Classic Grand
26.02. UK Manchester - Club Academy
27.02. UK Birmingham - Academy 2
28.02. UK Bristol - Thekla
01.02. UK Brighton - Concorde 2
02.02. UK London - Islington Academy

Melechesh on Canadian TV

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With the release of their sixth album scheduled for 2014 via Nuclear Blast, Sumerian Black/Thrash Metal pioneers MELECHESH now present an Interview with mainman Ashmedi on the bands’ YouTube channel. The Interview, which is featured on Canadian TV show “The Cool Guy Files”, was conducted in 2011 whileMELECHESH was on tour in North America. 

You can watch the entire episode with Ashmedi at the following link:

MELECHESH are currently busy in search of a new drummer to fill in the vacant position for the successor of their highly acclaimed »The Epigenesis« (2010).

The Vintage Caravan posts lyric video

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Iceland classic rockers THE VINTAGE CARAVAN have released a brand new song called 'Midnight Meditation' from their upcoming debut album »Voyage«.

Check out the official lyric video at:

»Voyage« will be available from January 10, 2014 and will be issued as limited first edition digipak, 2LP 180g vinyl in various colours and digital download. Pre-order your copy via:

If you haven't checked it out and fell in deep love with TVC, check out the mushroom driven video clip for the first purple smoke inducing single, 'Expand Your Mind':

The first album trailer for 'Voyage' can be viewed at

The song can be purchased digitally including its video as an exclusive iTunes single from November 29, 2013 on:

Also make sure to mark your calendars for TVC's European tour as support for label buddies GRAND MAGUS in March 2014.





18.03. FR Paris - Divan du Monde

19.03. DE Cologne - Gebäude 9

20.03. DE München - Backstage

21.03. AT Wien - Szene

22.03. CH Aarau - Kiff

23.03. DE Stuttgart - Universum

24.03. DE Berlin - C-Club

26.03. DE Hamburg - Markthalle

27.03. DE Frankfurt - Batschkapp

28.03. DE Geiselwind - Musichall

29.03. NL Essen - Turock

30.03. DE Nijmegen - Doornroosje

Jack Starr's Burning Star returns

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Since the comeback of JACK STARR'S BURNING STARR in 2009 with the brilliant studio album called "Defiance", both band's career and Jack Starr's (ex-VIRGIN STEELE) solo career have been on the rise. In 2010 the band signed with Limb Music, a German label who promptly released next studio album "Land Of The Dead" in 2011. The album received rave reviews and is considered by many to be one of the best albums of 2011. The album featured the exact same lineup as "Defiance", including the fiery drumming of the ex-MANOWAR drummer Rhino, the spot on vocals of Todd Micheal Hall and the solid bass playing of Ned Meloni -  long time member and songwriting contributor of the band - and guest appearances by Ross The Boss (ex-MANOWAR, SHAKIN' STREET, DICTATORS) and David Shankle (ex-MANOWAR, DSG). One year later, Skol Records reissued the legendary and classic second BURNING STARR album "No Turning Back!" from 1986, with brand new front cover artwork, and which is often listed as one of the very best US Power Metal albums.

The recent activities of Jack Starr also include guest solos on new album of the Australian band DRAGONSCLAW, Lebanese band ZIX where he played on a track with former BLACK SABBATH singer Tony Martin, and various compilations including the Italian tribute album to STRANA OFFICINA, and Texas metallers' WITCHMARK debut album. Earlier in 2013  the band recorded live DVD at the KEEP IT TRUE FESTIVAL in Germany. 2013 also saw the re-release of "Out Of The Darkness", the much acclaimed solo album from 1984 that featured Jack Starr and Rhett Forrester - former singer of RIOT, and members of THE RODS and RAINBOW. Even more reissues are planned for this year: the two legendary PHANTOM LORD albums and DEVIL CHILDE mini album, that were recorded in the '80s by Jack Starr with Ned Meloni (another JACK STARR'S BURNING STARR member) and Joe Hasselvander (RAVEN, PENTAGRAM), will be reissued by Italian label Minotauro Records. In 2014 another reissue will see the light of the day: the ultra rare same titled album from 1989 (so called "The Orange Album"), will be released in CD format in its original form first time ever, with all tracks recorded during that particular session - mastered from the original tapes - and with fat booklet with many previously unseen photos.

Jack Starr and the boys have been busy, but the real news is the impending release of an all new original album scheduled for 2014 entitled "Stand Your Ground", which promises to be a fire breathing monster of an album. As Jack has said in a recent interview: "Some bands from the eighties lose steam and make albums that are less and less powerful as the years go by ”. BURNING STARR does the opposite: as the years go by, our  albums are getting heavier, better played and feature stronger songwriting. The band will be back in Europe in 2014 playing festivals and clubs in a full tour that promises to see BURNING STARR doing what they do best: delivering Classic US Power Metal with virtuoso playing and melodic songwriting that rocks. In closing, BURNING STARR is  stronger than ever, and will have the same lineup for the next album, featuring the pillar crumbling vocals of Todd Michael Hall, the bombastic drumming of Rhino, Ned Meloni's killer  bass playing, and once again Jack Starr will cement his reputation as one of Heavy Metal's most gifted guitarists and songwriters. BURNING STARR keep the Metal flame burning brighter than ever!

Reap posts new video clip

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Now it is the time for you and all our supporters to REAP the seeds that have been planted over the last couple of years. Have fun with our new Single "SLOTH" that we adorned with a self-made video addressing the song and its lyrical criticism of laziness.

Mist streams demo recordings

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Slovenian doom metal witches Mist are streaming their first demo recordings on Bandcamp, also available as a name-your-price download:

Mist is a new all-female occult doom metal band from Ljubljana (Slovenia), formed in July 2012. They build their music on the legacy of legendary bands like Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Candlemass, Coven, Saint Vitus and others. With the premiere live show at the end of September 2013 the girls without a doubt demonstrated, that such a specific genre of music is not necessarily just a men's domain. The band just released a limited edition of their demo called simply Demo 2013.

Nina Spruk - vocals
Ema Babošek - rhythm guitar & backing vocals
Nina Grizonič - lead guitar
Neža Pečan - bass
Mihaela Žitko - drums

Mist - Phobia:
Mist - The Living Dead:

Sorronia touring Spain

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Hungarian female fronted, Symphonic Metal band Sorronia are going to support Xandria during their upcoming Spanish tour. The dates as follows:
28.11. Madrid - We Rock
29.11. Valencia - Novelty
30.11. Zaragoza - Utopia
01.12. Barcelona - Begood
'Words Of Silence', Sorronia's critically-acclaimed debut album, is now available on Bakerteam Records. First conceived in 2011 by vocalist Anna Király and keyboardist István Biró, the band released a promotional video for the song 'Enemy Of Yourself' in January 2013, soon attracting a very strong response. The band combines a wide range of influences which resulted in a striking symphonic album made of grandiose melodies and hard rockin' riffs, neo-classical solos and Gothic elements, with unique twists and plenty of groove. The stunning artwork was handled by talented artist Alexandra V Bach (Kamelot, Adagio).
Watch the official 'Words Of Silence' trailer here:
Watch the official 'Enemy Of Yourself' video here: