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Intervals adds a vocalist

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Canadian/US progressive metallers and former instrumentalists, INTERVALS, have announced the next stage in their exciting musical journey: the addition of vocalist, MIKE SEMESKY.

The band have released Mike's vocal debut in the form of new single ‘Ephemeral’ via Revolver, check it out here:

Mike’s vocals have manifested in many guises over the past few years; most notably on the debut album from UK metallers The Haarp Machine, where Rock Sound magazine commented that his performance is one of the album's highlights. Metal Hammer magazine were also huge fans, choosing a track off the record to open their October 2012 ‘Metal 2.0 – Future Metal’ cover-mount CD.

Mike comments: “I'm extremely happy to announce that I am the singer of Intervals. I joined the band on bass in early 2013, but after writing and experimenting with vocals over demos of the band's new material, the four of us knew that that was the direction we were meant to go. I feel so blessed to be a part of such a talented group of musicians and I'm extremely proud of the album we all worked so hard on. We can't wait for you all to hear it!”

INTERVALS have been making huge waves State / Canada side over the past few years following the release of their debut instrumental EP, 'The Space Between', and sophomore EP, 'In Time'. Viral tracks and numerous tours with the likes of Texas In July, Northlane, Structures, The Kindred, The Color Morale,  Misery Signals and more, have built a devoted fan-base and quickly affirmed the band as serious contenders on the international circuit. Given INTERVALS' early success as an instrumental outfit, it was a gamble for primary writer / guitarist Aaron Marshall to bring in a full-time vocalist, but it's a move that he feels is absolutely right.

Aaron comments: “We're incredibly excited and proud to announce Mike as the band's singer. Intervals has always been about open minded, forward thinking, progressive music with no boundaries. It's also been about staying true to the art we feel compelled to make, and we couldn't be happier with the dynamic Mike brings to the music. For those who remember, the band put out a feeler for a vocalist with the release of "The Space Between", but in lieu of finding the right candidate, we decided to move forward with our initial intent: Make music. Mike joined the band as our bass player, but after only a few weeks of touring, it was apparent that this was the chemistry we were after all along. The human voice is an instrument and from our perspective, we are by definition, still an "instrumental" band, now with added dimension and perspective. The band still retains its identity in guitar driven, progressive rock/metal and there's something on this record for everyone. We couldn't be more thankful for the support you have all shown us over the past few years and we hope you continue to follow along on this journey we share. This release is our proudest musical accomplishment to date and we can't wait for everyone to hear it!”

Completing the line-up are drummer Anup Sastry (Jeff Loomis, Skyharbor) and guitarist Lukas Guyader. The four-piece have completed work on the debut album, which is due for a spring release.

INTERVALS hit Europe / UK from  6 January on tour with Protest the Hero, Tesseract and The Safety Fire; make sure to catch them on one of the following dates:

Jan 06     Substage      Karlsruhe, Germany
Jan 07     Hirsch      Nurnberg, Germany   
Jan 08     Magnet      Berlin, Germany   
Jan 09     Logo      Hamburg, Germany   
Jan 10     Klubben      Stockholm, Sweden
Jan 11     Fangelset      Gothenburg, Sweden
Jan 12     John Dee      Oslo, Norway
Jan 14     Vega      Copenhagen, Denmark
Jan 16     DE KLINKER      Aarschot, Belgium
Jan 17     Divan du Monde     Paris, France
Jan 18     Le Saint des seins      Toulouse, France
Jan 19     Copernico      Madrid, Spain
Jan 20     Sala Boveda      Barcelona, Spain
Jan 22     KiFF      Aarau, Switzerland   
Jan 23     Zoe Club      Milan Mi, Italy
Jan 24     Rockhouse,  Salzburg, Austria
Jan 25     Szene      Wien, Austria
Jan 26     Durer Kert      Budapest, Hungary   
Jan 28     Backstage      Munchen, Germany   
Jan 29     Conne Island      Leipzig, Germany
Jan 30     ROCKHAL      Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Jan 31     Essigfabrik     Cologne, Germany
Feb 01     Concorde 2      Brighton, United Kingdom
Feb 02     O2 Academy 2 Birmingham     Birmingham, United Kingdom   
Feb 04     Corporation      Sheffield, United Kingdom
Feb 05     Classic Grand      Glasgow, United Kingdom   
Feb 06     Academy Manchester 2     Manchester, United Kingdom   
Feb 07     Electric Ballroom     London, United Kingdom   
Feb 09     Bibelot      Dordrecht, Netherlands

With a stunning debut album and many more worldwide tour dates to be announced, INTERVALS are set to be the most exciting progressive metal prospect of 2014.

Find out more:

Animations premiere new video clip

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Originating from Jaworzno, Poland – progressive metalcore band Animations has recently released their new video promoting latest, third studio album “Private Ghetto”.

Video for the song “Dawn The Day Before” is available here -

“We chose this song for the next video, because it as a bit different from other “Private Ghetto” stuff – when it comes to both sound and atmosphere. However we honour this one very much – still it’s quite challenging song when played live. We took the shots for this video quite a long time before – in December 2012 – in Theater Of Arts in Jaworzno – one of the most amazing places we ever played”
- comment Animations members.

In spring 2013, Animations had finished working on their third album entitled Private Ghetto. The album is available both in regular CD format and digitally through every major digital distributor. In addition, Animations has published full version of the album (‘playthrough’) online on band’s Youtube channel -

"We really want the music from Private Ghetto to hit the ears of our listeners as soon as possible, that's why we've decided to distribute the album digitally.”- Animations members say.

Private Ghetto is the result of over a year's work in the studio. The band's first album with Frantz Woloch - the new vocalist, and the first one marking such a dramatic genre shift.
The album contains fourteen tracks, three of which are short instrumental interludes. The tracklist is as follows:
01. Mellah
02. Morality Failed
03. Silence
04. My Private Ghetto

05. Dawn The Day Before
06. We Are...
07. Generation Zero
08. Internal Chaos
09. Crystal Lies
10. Thieves of Dreams
11. Epiphany
12. Mea Culpa?
13. Wrath
14. halleM

Animations have also prepared a trailer for the album that is also a short behind the scenes documentary. It can be viewed here:

Mind:Soul premiere new video clip

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Mind:Soul has finally done it! After two years of hard work, the band has released their debut-album "The Way It Should Be" on the 11th of December 2013! (11-12-13!)

And if that isn't enough, the band has also released a music video for the song "Caught (In The Pressure Cooker)" on the same day to celebrate this occasion! This video is a compilation video of Mind:Soul's live performances in their first two years of existence. You can view the video by clicking here.

The band posted the following comment on their website regarding the album and video release:

"...The release of the album and the new video mark a very special occasion in the band’s history. It feels like we have finished a chapter, with the “old” bandmembers present on the album and with the video as a tribute and welcome memory to their contributions! We shared both good and bad times together, but our memories are warm and we know that everyone who has been a part of Mind:Soul has helped us to reach this point!

So from the bottom of our hearts, we thank Jim, Raul, Roland & Rik for being the awesome guys that they are and for giving their 100% to the band when it was needed! We hope you guys like this vid as much as we do! ..."

And the first set of reviews has also come in and the replies have been positive so far! A small selection is included below:

Lady Obscure - 4 Out Of 5 Stars - 90 Out Of 100
Dutch Distortion - 6,5 out of 10

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter post new webisode

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In November, DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER started their own YouTube-series. The monthly episodes that will air at the beginning of the month, will present an exclusive inside look on the creation of their upcoming new double album, which is scheduled for a release on May 30, 2014 on Nuclear Blast Records.

The third episode went online, right in time before Sylvester. In this new trailer, the band takes you onto their houseboat and reports from their gig at the German »Bang Your Head« festival.

Click here:

First part:
Second part:

“There have been ideas and inspiration everywhere”, the band points out. “We went to the Ural and the Florida Keys, crossed giant mountain passages, found the solitude of Uckermark. We even turned a houseboat into a rehearsal room.” Be it self-made films or coverage, done by a camera team, the band has recorded so much during the past three years, they now can take the best of it. “Travelling is a main theme for us, since the records were done far away from daily life. ‘1000 Tage‘(English: 1.000 days) is both a look back and a preview and, as we think this way of entertainment will have anticipation rise high.”

Subscribe to their channel and don’t miss one single episode: WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/REITERMANIA

Watch the first episode, starting at midnight on November 1st: (NB channel) (Reiter channel)

Dooweet Records signs Mur

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We are proud to announce the signing of the band MUR on Dooweet Records ! 

Their first opus will be edited at only 500 copies by our label, and available on our webstore on February.

* Listen "Hugo Suits" :
* Follow them :

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Demona releasing new album

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"INFERNÖ Records is proud to announce the release on CD & Cassette of the long awaited second album by chilean/canadian speedsters DEMONA !

Release date is December 20th, 2013 ! The album includes 9 songs (+ intro/outro) of old-school dirty Speed Metal to break your neck & bones !
Recommended for fans of Vectom, Sentinel Beast, Znowhite, Living Death, Desaster...

Comes with a 12-page booklet. Cassette version limited to 100 copies !

One Machine premiere new song

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One Machine, the brainchild of acclaimed guitarist/songwriter Steve Smyth (Testament, Nevermore, Forbidden, Dragonlord, Vicious Rumors), have released a new song taken from their forthcoming debut album 'The Distortion Of Lies And The Overdriven Truth', out February 18th, 2014 on Scarlet Records.
Listen to the song 'One Machine' here: 
One Machine is an international metal band with classic and modern influences, featuring members carefully selected by Smyth: Mikkel Sandager (Mercenary) on vocals, Jamie Hunt (Biomechanical) sharing guitar duties, rounded out by a powerhouse rhythm section with Tomas “O’Beast” Koefoed (Mnemic) on bass guitar and Michele Sanna on drums (although former drummer Raphael Saini of Italian progressive metallers Chaoswave played on the album).
'The Distortion Of Lies And The Overdriven Truth' was recorded and produced by Steve Smyth. Mixing was handled by Roy Z (Judas Priest, Bruce Dickinson, Halford), mastered by Alan Douches (Three Inches Of Blood, Firewind, Sepultura) from West West Side Music with artwork created by Niklas Sundin from Cabin Fever Media (Dark Tranquillity, Arch Enemy), complimented with photography from Anthony Dubois (Meshuggah, Mnemic).

Follow and for all the updates.

New album from Legions of War

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"INFERNÖ Records is proud to announce the release on CD & Cassette of the long awaited second album by Swedish warmongers LEGIONS OF WAR !

Release date is December 20th, 2013 ! The album includes 9 songs of relentless & merciless war-THRASH Metal with STRONG Heavy-Metal influences to break your neck & bones !

Recommended for fans of Deströyer'666, Gospel Of The Horns, Hail Of Bullets, Dissection, early-Kreator, Sodom...

Comes with an 8-page booklet. Cassette version limited to 100 copies !

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Power of the Night Festival

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After doing 4 full length studio albums, bunch of singles and compilation releases, after touring in most of the European countries, showing up on many festival stages (incl. Bang Your Head, Keep It True, Sabaton Open Air, Metal Magic Festival, Headbangers Open Air or Magic Circle Festival), and mainly because of the classic songwriting and impressive stage presence, CRYSTAL VIPER – the female fronted Heavy Metal act from Poland, led by charismatic singer and guitarist Marta Gabriel – managed to establish their position as of one of the most hard working bands of the genre. Now, one and a half year after premiere of their last full length album “Crimen Excepta”, the band strike back with “Possession”, their brand new concept effort, which is out now on AFM Records. On July 25, 2014, CRYSTAL VIPER will play for the first time in Cyprus: the band will co-headline POWER OF THE NIGHT FESTIVAL in Nicosia, for which they prepared a special and unique “best of”setlist including a BLOOD Show!

On "Possession" - which was once again produced by Bart Gabriel (SACRED STEEL, SABATON, BURNING STARR, MORTICIAN) - CRYSTAL VIPER decided to cross the borders of traditional Heavy Metal, and while there are still fast and melodic songs that bring references to such classic bands as JUDAS PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH (with Ronnie James Dio) and JAG PANZER, the epic and dark parts bring comparisons to acts such as CANDLEMASS, MERCYFUL FATE and even BATHORY. CRYSTAL VIPER again invited members of other bands to sing guest parts on new album: the song "Fight Evil With Evil" features the legendary American singer Harry Conklin (JAG PANZER, TITAN FORCE, SATAN'S HOST), while "Julia Is Possessed" contains the growling voice of Sataniac, vocalist of the German black/thrash metal act DESASTER. In addition, one of the songs features more than 50 fans of the band, who were invited via band's official Facebook page to "scream" on the new album.

More about the band:

Harlott reveals tracklist

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Recently, australian thrash metallers Harlott has signed a new deal with Punishment 18 Records in order to promote and distribute the new debut full-length album titled “Origin“. 

Underneath the tracklist:
01. Origin
02. Effortless Struggle     
03. Ballistic         
04. Heretic         
05. Export Life         
06. Hierophobia      
07. Kill         
08. Infernal Massacre     
09. Regression     
10. Virus
11. Ultra Violence         
12. Not Long For This World     

- Harlott -

Prematory releasing debut album

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Belgium thrash metallers Prematory has finished working on “Corrupting Influence“, their first full-length album that will see the light on February 15, 2014 by italian label Punishment 18 Records.

Miracle Master posts album teaser

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A video teaser for “Tattooed Woman“, the forthcoming full-length debut album from Danish/German hardrockers MIRACLE MASTER, features the song “Miracle Masters“, can be seen below. The new band featuring Oliver Weers (Oliver Weers Band) on vocals, was formed out of the ashes of PUMP. The clip was created by Dominic Pencz of Pencz Art and Krone Camera Edit.

MIRACLE MASTER recently signed a worldwide record deal with GOLDEN CORE RECORDS/ZYX MUSIC. The release of the debut album “Tattooed Woman” is planned for spring 2014. Recordings were done at Studio 22; Germany and Medley Studios Copenhagen, Denmark. Produced, mixed and mastered by Miracle Master & Axel Heckert(Brainstorm, Symphorce).

Oliver Weers – Vocals (Oliver Weers Band)
Aki Reissmann – Guitars (ex Pump, Downspirit)
Selly Bernhardt – Guitars (ex Pump, Tales Of Sorrow)
Andy Minich – Drums (ex Pump, Unfroynd)
Michael Vetter – Bass (ex Pump, Chinchilla)

You can expext nothing more than KICK ASS HARD ROCK.

Dofka posts lyric video

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The first NEW Dofka track in three years, "Pain and Sorrow" features  the vocal talents of Matt Bizilia. The classic riff based song, structure, and soaring vocals are meant to pay homage to the great melodic metal of the early 80's, like Accept and Loudness.

And it's our first ever lyric video (everyone's doing it):

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Kilmara reveals album artwork

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Spanish heavy metallers KILMARA has finished recording its forthcoming album, entitled “Love Songs And Other Nightmares“. The band’s third album was tracked atGrapow Studios with Mr. Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex-Helloween). The album release of “Love Songs and Other Nightmares” is scheduled for early 2014.

The cover artwork for “Love Songs and Other Nightmares” was done by Canadian artist Jessica Allain, known for his work in digital photomanipulation. Photos by Gina Roma from Spain.

On January 7th, KILMARA will release the new song “Fantasy“, featuring Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex-Helloween) and Pilar Villatobas (Resilence).

KILMARA are: Christian Wolfgang Kohl (vocals), Jonathan Portillo (guitar), Enrique Torres (guitar), Javier Morillo (drums), Raul Ruiz (bass guitar)

Guests on the new album are DAVE IMBERNÖN from ENUMA ELISH on keyboards and KALEB from young Spanish pagan death metal band DRAKUM on the violin.

“LOVE SONGS AND OTHER NIGHTMARES” will probably be the heaviest KILMARA album up to date and finally make the breakthrough on European and International level.

Blues Pills releasing live EP

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Up and coming multicultural blues rockers BLUES PILLS have announced to release the brand news live EP »Live At Rockpalast« on February 14, 2014 via Nuclear Blast.

»Live At Rockpalast« will feature four songs from the band's euphorically celebrated gig at Germany's WDR Rockpalast on October 18, 2013 and will be made available as a lavish slipcase MCD as well as on high quality 10“ vinyl in various colours.

The tracklist for »Live At Rockpalast« reads as follows:
01. In The Beginning
02. Black Smoke
03. Little Sun
04. Mind Exit

Commented the band: "Thanks to Rockpalast for letting us release some of the material from the show we did back there in October 2013. We wanted to give our fans a piece of the BLUES PILLS live experience to have on vinyl or CD.“
Pre-order »Live At Rockpalast« via


'Devil Man' lyric video:
'Yet To Find' live acoustic:
Trailer #1:
Trailer #2: 

European Tour 2014


01.04. FR Lille - La Peniche

02.04. FR Angouleme - La Nef

03.04. FR Nantes - La Scéne Michelet

04.04. FR Bordeaux - Le Bootleg / Make It Sabbathy

05.04. ES Barcelona - Razzmataz 3

06.04. ES Murcia – Garaje

08.04. PT Lisbon - Stairway Club

09.04. ES Madrid – Lemon

10.04. ES Bilbao – Sonora

11.04. FR Bayonne - La Magneto

12.04. FR La Roche Sur Yon - Le Fuzz Yon

13.04. FR Paris – Le Point Ephemere

16.04. FR Mulhouse - Le Noumatrouff

17.04. FR Chambery - Brin d´Zinc

18.04. FR Lyon - Stone Rising Festival

19.04. CH Zürich – Mascotte

25.04. UK London – Desertfest

26.04. BE Antwerpen – Trix

27.04. NL Drachten – Iduna

29.04. DE Brilon – Kump

30.04. DE Osnabrück - Bastard Club

02.05. DE Leipzig – Moritzbastei

03.05. DE Weil der Stadt - JH Kloster

05.05. AT Salzburg - Rockhouse Bar

06.05. AT Innsbruck – Weekender

07.05. DE Augsburg – Spectrum

08.05. IT Bologna - Freak Out Club

09.05. IT Montecchio Maggiore (VI) - E20 Underground

10.05. IT Milano - Lo Fi Club

11.05. AT Graz – Explosiv

13.05. PL Warsaw – Progresja

14.05. PL Gydnia – Desdemona

16.05. DK Aalborg – 1000 Fryd

17.05. DK Lyngby – Templet


29. - 31.05. DE Out & Loud Festival, Geiselwind

29. - 31.05. DE Freak Valley Festival, Netphen-Deutz

05. - 07.06. SE Sweden Rock Festival, Sölvesborg

07. - 08.06. DE Gelsenkirchen, Rock Hard Festival
19. - 21.06. DE Metalfest Loreley, St. Goarshausen

20. - 22.06. FR Hellfest, Clisson

31.7. – 3.8. DE Burg Herzberg Festival, Breitenbach am Herzberg

Amon Amarth premiere production video

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AMON AMARTH premiere epic production video for 'Father Of The Wolf' at Las Vegas show the 17th and online the 18th of January!

AMON AMARTH is pleased to announce they will be premiering the stunning production video for the track 'Father Of The Wolf' at the first date of the US tour-taking place in Las Vegas on Friday January 17. For fans attending this show, make sure to follow Amon Amarth's and Metal Blade Records' Twitter and Facebook pages for info on what time the video will be played at the kickoff date of the tour. Fans not attending this show will be able to view this epic music video, which is more like a mini movie, at on Saturday January 18.

Don't forget to catch the Swedish heavy metal titans AMON AMARTH live this January/February 2014 as the band headlines the US in support of their newly released album Deceiver of The Gods. Very special guest on the dates will be Enslaved with additional support from Skeletonwitch.

Thanks to our friends at Live Nation and Blabbermouth, fans can enter to win a pair of tickets to one of the shows listed below by entering HERE. Rules and restrictions apply and can be found on the contest page.

Friday, January 17 – Las Vegas, NV @ House Of Blues
Saturday, January 18 – Phoenix, AZ @ Club Red
Monday, January 20 – San Antonio, TX @ Backstage Live
Tuesday, January 21 – Dallas, TX @ House Of Blues
Wednesday, January 22 – Houston, TX @ House Of Blues
Friday, January 24 – Atlanta, GA @ Center Stage
Saturday, January 25 – Tampa, FL @ The Ritz
Sunday, January 26 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Revolution
Monday, January 27 – Orlando, FL @ House Of Blues (*no Skeletonwitch)
Wednesday, January 29 – Charlotte, NC @ The Fillmore
Thursday, January 30 – Norfolk, VA @ The NorVA
Friday, January 31 – Silver Springs, MD @ The Fillmore
Saturday, February 1 – Boston, MA @ House Of Blues
Monday, February 3 – Philadelphia, PA @ TLA
Tuesday, February 4 – New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
Wednesday, February 5 – Huntington, NY @ Paramount
Thursday, February 6 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Small's
Friday, February 7 – Chicago, IL @ House Of Blues
Saturday, February 8 – Minneapolis, MN @ Mill City Nights
Sunday, February 9 – Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theatre
Tuesday, February 11 – Denver, CO @ Summit Theatre
Wednesday, February 12 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Murray Theater
Friday, February 14 – San Francisco, CA @ The Regency
Saturday, February 15 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Wiltern
Sunday, February 16 – San Diego, CA @ House Of Blues (* No Enslaved)

Tickets are available now at:

Deceiver of the Gods shattered the band's previous sales records around the world. The album landed at #19 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart and #19 on the Top Current Albums Chart. The band's last album, Surtur Rising, entered the Top 200 Chart at #34 making Deceiver of the Gods the band's highest charting record to date. In Germany, Deceiver of the Gods entered the Top 100 Chart at #3, the official Media Market/Saturn Chart at #3 and the German Media Control Weekend Trend Chart at #2. Deceiver of the Gods came in at #9 on Canada's Top 200 Chart, #2 on the Hard Music Charts and #21 on the Digital Music Chart. Additionally, the record came in at #2 on the iTunes Metal Chart, #2 on the iTunes Rock Chart and #7 on the iTunes Top 200. In the UK, the record entered the official Album Charts at #67, the Rock/Metal Chart at #4 and the Independent Chart at #14 marking the highest UK chart placements for the band yet. Elsewhere, Deceiver of the Gods came in at #9 on the Top 100 Album Chart in Switzerland, #7 on the Austrian Top 100, #9 in Sweden, #27 in Denmark, #51 in France, #34 in Czech Republic and #51 in Hungary.

Keep up to date on all things Amon Amarth at the following locations:

Cattle Decapitation in the studio

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CATTLE DECAPITATION has begun the writing process for the follow up to 2012's Monolith of Inhumanity, which has been lauded as the band's finest and most complex release to date. Decibel Magazine gave the album a 9/10 review calling it "a behemoth of an album; probably the best of their prolific history…a masterstroke of rule-shattering extreme metal worthy of album of the year consideration." Decibel Magazine also placed the album at #13 on their top 40 Extreme Metal Albums of 2012 calling it "perfection" while the folks at ranked the album #2 on their Best Heavy Metal Albums of 2012.

"Since we got home from THE SUMMER SLAUGHTER TOUR the guys have been hard at work on new material! I actually go in next week to grab a quick run through of the first new track they have completed so I can start writing lyrics to it. I have heard the track and I hate to say anything just yet because we will be spending the next full year from now working on the next album, but I will say the stuff they're working on is intense. I can't wait to start writing lyrics to it and so far is in league with one of our current musical aspirations… to make fans of our last record shit themselves!

We'll be taking a small break to play a few shows in our region with EYEHATEGOD and our friends STRONG INTENTION on their January tour!"

CATTLE DECAPITATION's next album is tentatively due out early 2015. Stay tuned to both the band and label's sites for more updates on the new record and future tour dates.

Travis Ryan: Vocals
Josh Elmore: Guitar
Dave McGraw: Drums
Derek Engemann: Bass

Assignment streams new song

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The Betrayal”, a brand new song featuring Michael Bormann (Silent Force, Redrum, ex-Jaded Heart, Bonfire) & Carsten Kaiser (ex-Angel Dust) on lead vocals, from German prog metallers ASSIGNMENT is available for streaming. 
The track comes off the band’s third album, “Inside Of The Machine“, released via Mausoleum Records. 

The new song can be streamed here:

ASSIGNMENT are: Goran Panic (guitars), Gert Sprick (keyboards), Heiko Maag (bass), & Sven Pollkötter (drums). 

The new album is a conceptual masterpiece including ROBIN BECK, MICHAEL BORMANN (Silent Force, Redrum, ex-Jaded Heart, Bonfire), MATS LEVEN (ex-Malmsteen, Addagio), & CARSTEN KAISER (ex-Angel Dust) on vocals.

Already combining various influences like Queensryche & Fates Warning, but also adding segments in the styles of Ayreon or early Pain of Salvation, the band is hoping to secure a permanent record deal in the near future. Fans can expect hard-edged riffs, catchy hooks, & unexpected turnovers in more than 70 minutes running time; special guest appereance of Bernie Versailles (Redemption) on lead guitar.

ASSIGNMENT stands for music without boundaries, as our musical influences are spread over the whole Rock & Metal genre. From Death Metal to Progressive Rock but having always the focus on the melodies and arrangements.

Sorrowful Angels premiere new video clip

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Impalers announces new bass player

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“We know this particular post is long overdue, but we wanted to make sure we made the right call. For the past two months we've been without a bassist, but after many emails and a couple of very cool auditions, we're 100% sure we've made the right call. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Kenneth Frandsen into the Impalers fold!

Fresh from the ranks of, the now defunct, band Illnath, Kenneth will bring his years of experience with him to Impalers, to help us deliver one hell of a potent performance both on record and, most importantly, live.
Here's a few words from the man himself:
"After Illnath split up I was looking for a new band, and Impalers is the perfect band for me, because I have always been a fan of fast shredding thrash metal music. I am very excited about joining Impalers, and I can't wait to play live and record music with these guys."Give him a welcome, will ya!”

Enforcer announces headliner tour

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Swedish high-energy Heavy/Speed Metal outlet ENFORCER are proud to announce their first ever European headlining tour which will see the Stockholm based foursome hit the road in 2014. After presenting their current record »Death By Fire« the audiences of the “Hunting Across Europe” Tour alongside label- and country mates GRAND MAGUS and British Metal veterans ANGEL WITCH in early 2013, the aspiring act has moved up to the next level. Joining ENFORCER on the road will be Canadian Metalheads SKULL FIST and Dutch Hard Rock assault VANDERBUYST.

Stated ENFORCER vocalist/guitarist Olof Wikstrand: “It's our first headline tour ever and it's gonna be great to finally give the fans a proper long set including songs from all our three albums. This time we also have the chance to bring much of our stage props, lightning rigs and other things to make the show complete. You can expect hell on earth! Expect the ultimate heavy metal show of the new millennium.”

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the high voltage Metal package at the following dates:
30.01. NL Amsterdam - Melkweg
31.01. DE Saarbrücken - Garage
01.02. DE Essen - TuRock
02.02. NL Drachten - Iduna
03.02. UK London - The Underworld
04.02. FR Paris - Divan Du Monde
05.02. DE Köln - MTC
06.02. DE Pforzheim - Kupferdächle
07.02. CH Aarau - Kiff
08.02. DE Lichtenfels - Paunchy Cats
09.02 IT Turin - Nightbreaker Club
10.02. IT Bologna - Freak Out Club
11.02. AT Graz - Explosiv
12.02. AT Dornbirn - Conrad Sohm
13.02. DE München - Backstage
14.02. DE Aalen - Rock It
15.02. BE Kortjijk - JC Den Ast
16.02 DE Darmstadt - Steinbruch Theater
18.02. HU Budapest - Dürer Kert
19.02. CZ Prague - Club Kain
20.02. PL Krakow - Klub Kwadrat
21.02. DE Leipzig - Bandhouse
22.02. AT Wien - Escape
23.02. DE Berlin - K 17
24.02. DE Hamburg - Marx
25.02. DK Copenhagen - TBC  

26.02. NO Oslo - Vulcan arena / Pokal Room
27.02 SE Stockholm - Pussyagogo
28.02. SE Umea - House Of Metal
01.03. SE Göteborg - Truckstop Alaska

The current ENFORCER record »Death By Fire« is out now. Order your copy here:

Welicoruss posts new videoblog

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While mixing and mastering of new WELICORUSS`s album "Az esm`" , symphonic pagan/black metal band released new issue of video blog about how they shot video "Sons of the North" in the mountains at hight of over 1500 meters.

Band web-site :

Nightwish available on iTunes Concert Film

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On Decmber 6th NIGHTWISH released their live & tour documentary DVD »Showtime, Storytime«.

Now, the live part of DVD 1, filmed by 17 cameras, in front of more than 80.000 screaming metalheads at the Wacken Open Air 2013, is available via iTunes Concert Film:

You can order it within the following countries: USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Province Of China and Turkey.

Also available is the worldwide audio only digital live release (live album incl. digital booklet) here:

Wanna see more?

Trailer 1:
Trailer #2:
Trailer #3:
Trailer #4:
‘Ghost Love Score’ (live):
‘Storytime’ (Live):

Order »Showtime, Storytime« at:
or from the official Nightwish Shop at:
or via iTunes (live album incl. digital booklet):

Fallen Fate reveals album details

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North East England’s purveyors of modern metal FALLEN FATE have announced an upcoming full album release. After storming the UK in 2011 with 'The Virus Has Spread' the band is back, has regrouped and is ready to utterly waste with new release 'Into the Black'.

Recorded in part in Stymphalian Productions in York with producer James Stephenson and finished in vocalist Lee Skinner’s home studio, 'Into the Black' retains the Fallen Fate’s signature punishing heaviness but it’s also apparent that the band has moved on musically since 'The Virus Has Spread'. Comments Lee Skinner,

‘Dark, Expressive and Heavy…The sound and feel of Fallen Fate has changed quite a bit since the release of 'The Virus Has Spread'. The band has progressed and developed a more solid metal sound while maintaining a unique mix of speed and heaviness in the music.’

‘Based on a horror movie theme around a young girl called Vespa the concept of 'Into The Black' plays a big part in how the album sounds and how it is visually portrayed through the artwork and upcoming videos. It contributed to the evolving sound of the band as we introduced more keyboards and experimental sounds into the mix, giving it a different dark feel and sound.’

Talking further about the concept of the album Skinner elaborates,

‘She [Vespa] chose a life without faith and over time became possessed by a demon. The demon slowly took over her body and ultimately lead her to kill herself and her family. The drive behind the concept is to empower the listener to decide whether she was possessed by the Devil, as she has no saviour in her life, or if she was possessed by God, punishing her for her lack of faith.’

The artwork designed by both Photographer Ian Cameron and Skinner through his own Black Venom Designs compliments the album’s running theme.

Supported by a release show in The Forum, Darlington, the album is set for release January 30th 2014.

Track Listing
01. The Rise (Intro)
02. Blackened Within
03. Until The Final Hour
04. Into The Black
05. Possession
06. I Welcome The Dead
07. Rituals
08. Last Rites
09. The Demise (Intro)
10. Vespa

'Into The Black' is out January 30th 2014.

Def-Con-One streams new song

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Newcastle Metal monsters Def-Con-One, featuring former Venom and Mpire Of Evil drummer Antton Lant, have announced ‘II’ as the title of their forthcoming new album, the highly anticipated follow up to 2012's critically acclaimed debut 'Warface'. This album sees the band take things to a whole new level. They have described their second offering as "a natural progression" and have definetely stamped their own sound all over it. With influences covering a wide range of musical styles, from modern metal to old school Rock and Punk, Def-Con-One have been described by the organizers of renowned Bloodstock Open Air festival as a bar fight between Machine Head, Slayer and Pantera. The band has gone from strength to strength, played countless shows in their home country and beyond and is now ready to unleash themselves upon the world. 'II' will be out February 18th, 2014 on Scarlet Records.
You can listen to the song 'Soul Possessed' from Def-Con-One's new album 'II' here:

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

XANDRIA join Dames Of Darkness festival in May 2014

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Xandria have announced they will play Dames Of Darkness 2014. They will join Stream Of Passion, Jaded Star, Skeptical Minds, Apparition, Dyonisis, In Carnadine Coven and Divided We Fall.

Dames Of Darkness will be held at 'The Robin 2', Bilston, Wolverhampton (England) on May 10, 2014 and kicks off at 2:00pm. Tickets are £25 (approx. €30)and are available from  or by phoning 01902 401 211. 

Keep up to date with the very latest info on:

Check out the video for “Valentine” by clicking the image below: 
Xandria's "Neverworlds's End" album is out now on Napalm Records.

The Ocean announces German tour

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THE OCEAN will embark on a rather short headline tour through Germany in February. Support comes from German Black Metallers DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT.

21/02/13 DE – Leipzig - Cone Island
22/02/13 DE – Potsdam - Waschhaus
23/02/13 DE – Braunschweig - Hansa Kultur Club
24/02/13 DE – Wiesbaden - Räucherkammer
25/02/13 DE – Aschaffenburg - Colos Saal
26/02/13 DE – Augsburg - Kantine
27/02/13 DE – Dortmund – FZW
28/02/13 DE – Rostock - Mau Club
01/03/13 DE – Osnabrück - Kleine Freiheit

Check out THE OCEAN's latest release, the triple-DVD Collective Oblivion @

Carnifix reveals album details

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San Diego death metal outfit CARNIFEX is pleased to announce the release of their Nuclear Blast debut on March 7th (Europe), 2014 and March 4th (North America). The new album, entitled »Die Without Hope«, was recorded at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida and produced by the esteemed Mark Lewis (ARSIS, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, WHITECHAPEL, DEVILDRIVER, DEICIDE, SIX FEET UNDER).

Cover art for the album was created by renowned artist and longtime collaborator, Godmachine. "CARNIFEX and Godmachine have been working together for many years,” commented vocalist Scott Lewis. “To be able to bring his art to the cover of this album is truly when all the pieces fell into place. The artwork here represents the tone and overall blackened feeling »Die Without Hope« captures."

»Die Without Hope« will deliver 10 tracks and over 35 minutes of crushing metal. Lewis states, "»Die Without Hope« is CARNIFEX at our very best. This is an album over two years in the making. We pushed ourselves every step of the process to include new elements never before heard on any previous CARNIFEX album." 

»Die Without Hope« track listing:
01. Salvation Is Dead
02. Dark Days
03. Condemned To Decay
04. Die Without Hope
05. Hatred And Slaughter
06. Dragged Into The Grave
07. Rotten Souls
08. Last Words
09. Reflection Of The Forgotten
10. Where The Light Dies 

On recently signing to Nuclear Blast, Lewis continues: “Signing with Nuclear Blast is a career defining moment for CARNIFEX. To be aligned with the largest metal label on earth is a true honor. This world-wide deal signals a turning point for us as a band and individuals. Together with Nuclear Blast you will see CARNIFEX like you have never seen us before. Prepare yourself for an album that crushes any and all expectations. An album that will stand as the definitive mark for modern metal.”

CARNIFEX’s Nuclear Blast Records debut will also introduce new lead guitarist and longtime friend of the band, Jordan Lockrey. 

CARNIFEX's last studio album, »Until I Feel Nothing«, was produced by Tim Lambesis (AS I LAY DYING) and was released in October 2011.


Scott Lewis – Vocals

Shawn Cameron – Drums

Jordan Lockrey – Guitar

Cory Arford – Guitar

Fred Calderon – Bass

Ashes of Ares announces winner

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After launching a video contest in early November, ASHES OF ARES vocalist Matt Barlow (ex-ICED EARTH), drummer Van Williams (ex-NEVERMORE), and guitarist/bassist Freddie Vidales (ex-ICED EARTH) wish to thank all the fans who submitted a video entry for the album track ‘Chalice Of Man’.

The band members have deliberated and are proud to announce their First Place Grand Prize Winner, Thomas Pfundt from Germany, whose video will be uploaded to ASHES OF ARES’ official YouTube channel:

Thomas will also receive:

  • Video will be uploaded to ASHES OF ARES’ YouTube channel
  • Skype interview with ASHES OF ARES member
  • Signed drum head (used in recording session)
  • ASHES OF ARES signature guitar picks
  • Autographed 5x7
  • Oversized poster
  • »Ashes Of Ares« debut album in Blood Red Vinyl (import) version
  • »Ashes Of Ares« debut album in digi-pak version
  • Oversized car window sticker
  • Tour t-shirt
  • Warrior t-shirt
  • Girlie t-shirt
  • Band patch
The two runners-up are:
• Second Place: Paula De Castro Garreto from Brazil -
• Third Place: Felix Hanke from Germany -

Congratulations to Thomas & all the aspiring filmmakers who submitted a contest entry.

Order your copy of »Ashes Of Ares« here:


Indica posts 3. album trailer

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With the release of their new record »Shine« coming closer by the day now, Finish all-female Rock quintet INDICA have just released the third trailer, to give their fans a detailed view on the creation of »Shine«.

In this trailer, the enchanting bandleader Jonsu reveals a most private side of herself. The trailer is available to watch here:

Also available is the first album trailer:

The second album trailer:

And the lyric video for ‘A Definite Maybe’, which is available to watch here:

»Shine« will be released on January 24, 2014 via Nuclear Blast, giving you a real kick-off start for the New Year. You can pre-order your copy of »Shine« at this address:


New Earth Crisis album in March

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Candlelight Records today confirms March 3 for Europe and 4 as the North American release date for Salvation of Innocents, the label debut from hardcore/metal pioneers EARTH CRISIS.  Mixed by Zeuss (Agnostic Front, Terror, Hatebreed), the album and its lead single, “The Morbid Glare,” will be available for preorder via ITunes and other digital platforms and physical release beginning January 20/21.

Salvation of Innocents features twelve new tracks from the Syracuse-formed band.  Production of the bold concept album offered the respected five-piece an extraordinary recording experience.  Guitarist Scott Crouse shares, “the process for this album was new for us.  We did most of it ourselves.  The absence of pressure having to get things done by a certain time each day really gave us the freedom to try new ideas and critically listen to the songs.  From the music, to the lyrical concept, to the comic book that brings the lyrics to life, we think we've created something pretty unique.”

The comic book Crouse mentions is the pairing of EC with Black Mask Studios’ Liberator comic.  The hard-edged vigilante comic series will release its fifth edition simultaneously with the release of Salvation.  The Matt Miner created comic brings its main character and the Salvation of the Innocents’ vivisection concept together in a commanding graphic landscape.  Black Mask Studios co-founder Matt Pizzolo says, “it is crazy to me that it took twenty years for comics to produce a set of animal-minded vigilantes strong enough to roll with EARTH CRISIS.  It is probably the most perfectly aligned superhero team-up ever.”

Salvation of Innocents and Liberator will share original cover art from Chicago-based illustrator/painter Menton3.  The comic will feature additional works by illustrators Rod Reis, Javier Aranda, and Joaquin Pereyra.  Liberator creator Matt Miner says, “working with EARTH CRISIS on the comic book side of Salvation of Innocents has been a dream project for me.  Our styles, ethics, and ideologies are a fitting match and I’m super excited for folks to read the story.”

Fans pre-ordering Salvation of Innocents via ITunes will receive “The Morbid Glare,” as an immediate download as part of the digital outlet’s Instant Grab Track promotion.  Preordering will begin 24-hours prior to a special world premiere of the album track “De-Desensitize,” set for January 22.  “Lambgoat is thrilled to be premiering a new EARTH CRISIS track,” proclaims editor Alex Arnold.  “EC fans all over the world know what to expect from this reliable band, and they most certainly won't be let down."

Talking candidly about the album’s single, Crouse details, “The Morbid Glare is a song that really challenged most of the band members mainly since it's the fastest tempo we've ever written at.  Ian wrote the majority of the song, and we all had a common goal of trying new things on this record.  This is certainly new territory for us. Working at this speed for was uncomfortable at times” he says, “but we think the song really came out great in the end.”

No hardcore or metal fan can be unaware of EARTH CRISIS or the contributions the band has made to heavy music since their founding in 1989.  Regardless of passing trends, the band has maintained their vision, dedication to their craft (and causes), and most importantly respected their fans.  Media giants CNN, CBS, and MTV have applauded the straight-edge, vegan band that to date has released seven full-length albums, two eps, and two live albums; their most recent album 2011’s Neutralize the Threat (Century Media).

EARTH CRISIS will kick off 2014 with a performance at the Tough Love Festival in Seattle.  Set for February 15, the 3rd annual festival will take place at Studio 7 located at 110 S. Horton Street.  Follow the festival’s official Facebook page for ticket details.

Track listing for Salvation of Innocents is:
01. De-Desensitize
02. Out Of The Cages
03. Shiver
04. The Morbid Glare
05. Razors Through Flesh
06. Depraved Indifference
07. No Reason
08. The Pallid Surgeon
09. Devoted to Death
10. Into Nothingness
11. Tentacles of The Altering Eye
12. Final Breath

EARTH CRISIS is vocalist Karl Buechner, guitarists Scott Crouse and Erick Edwards, bassist Ian Edwards, with drummer Dennis Merrick.

Black Mask Studios was launched Spring 2013 by Matt Pizzolo (Occupy Comics) with partners Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion)

Few bands command the respect that EARTH CRISIS does.  They’ve earned it through twenty years of hard work and consistency.  Contain, control to dominate!  Contain, control, exterminate!”  - Alex Arnold/Lambgoat

“Salvation of Innocents isn't just the story of a badass vigilante rescuing animals.  It's a challenging hero story because it's true, and it's the type of heroism any of us can step up and do ourselves."  Matt Pizzolo/Blackmask Studios

“XXX” – Ray Harkins/Peta

“We are really excited for everyone to hear this album.” – Scott Crouse/EARTH CRISIS