Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Belphegor posts lyric video

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Diabolical Death/ Black Metal troop BELPHEGOR have just released the official lyric video for the ‘Gasmark Terror’. The video is available at the following link:

‘Gasmark Terror’ is a track off the upcoming new BELPHEGOR record »Conjuring The Dead«, which will be unleashed on August 5th (North America), August 8th (EU/Brazil/Japan) and August 11th (UK/FR) via Nuclear Blast.

Helmuth comments: ”BELPHEGOR is the blood in my veins. Highly appreciated when demons enjoy our death-magick! If ppl are offended, also fine by me. We are still consistent, brutal, and march worldwide without compromise. ‘Gasmark Terror’. A Death/ Black Metal neck-breaking hellride. Push play and adjust your speakers to max volume. An honor - this horror.”

More on »Conjuring The Dead«:

First studio trailer, giving an insight on the drum & bass recordings:

Second studio trailer, on the guitar recordings:

»Conjuring The Dead«, the tenth and highly acclaimed BELPHEGOR album, was recorded at Mana Studios in Florida under the direction of Erik Rutan.

The track list will be as follows:
I Gasmask Terror
II Conjuring The Dead
III In Death
IV Rex Tremendae Majestatis
V Black Winged Torment
VI The Eyes
VII Legions Of Destruction
VIII Flesh, Bones And Blood
IX Lucifer, Take Her!
X Pactum In Aeternum

»Conjuring The Dead« will be available in the following formats:
- Standard CD
- Digipak-Edition (CD+DVD)
- Limited Mailorder Edition: Slime Pack (CD, Booklet + DVD) incl. exclusive Belphegor guitar pick
- On Vinyl
You can pre-order you copy of »Conjuring The Dead« here:


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