Monday, June 30, 2014

BLIND SAVIOUR reveal details of debut album

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Blind Saviour are currently putting the finishing touches to their debut full-length "The Master Plan". The album is an ambitious sci-fi concept involving a myriad of characters and interweaving sub-plots within a post-apocalyptic scenario. The hero of the story is Blind Saviour himself, a character who remains shrouded in mystery throughout the course of the saga.

The band recently released a lyric video of ‘Freedom Call’ which describes one of the last key episodes within the Blind Saviour saga and mainly talks about the largest scale battle between human survivors and their Robot Oppressors which the world has ever witnessed. 

 (Click the above image to watch the 'Freedom Call' lyric video.)

Blind Saviour can lay claim to be Malta's only fully fledged Power Metal band. Lightning fast double bass drum rhythms, twin-lead harmonies, catchy sing-a-long refrains and orchestral textures are all combined in an elegant and exciting blend. The powerful and varied vocals together with an overall judicious use of keyboards make Blind Saviour quite a unique sounding band within the female fronted metal scene.

Guitar player Campos Gellel recently augmented Blind Saviour’s line-up, which also features ex-Weeping Silence vocalist Rachel Grech. The band makes its live debut on the 12th of this month.

The release date for "The Master Plan" has yet to be announced.

Blind Saviour is: 
Rachel Grech - vocals
Aldo Chircop - guitars & keyboards
Campos Gellel – guitars
Karl Friggieri - bass
Robert Frigggieri - drums

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