Saturday, June 14, 2014

Evil Masquerade album sold out

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The new Evil Masquerade album 'The Digital Crucifix' was sold-out even before it was announced in the Dark Minstrel Music newsletter.

The initial pressing was expected to last at least 6 months according to the distributors of previous album 'Pentagram'. Fortunately this was a severe miscalculation that led to an unexpected hiccup in the release plan. But now everything is back to normal. The CD plant made an express delivery and most important shops have now restocked their shelves with 'The Digital Crucifix' - including the Evil Masquerade online shop.

A few quotes from random media:
"I believe that the creativity is limitless here. [EXCELLENT]"
- Metal-Temple

"Henrik Flyman is still the mastermind of this insanity and he still has a penchant for writing some really good tunes."
- True Metal Lives

"It’s almost like an anniversary celebration of what is great about the band, layout and immense song hooks."
- Metal Nation Radio

"Old school mixed with new harder stuff. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"
- Rocknytt

"Excellent classic metal work, with its exquisite orchestrations and powerful riffs."

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