Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hatriot cancels European Tour

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HATRIOT fans, we have bad news for you!

HATRIOT are sorry to announce that they won't go on tour with Artillery and Onslaught in July.

Here's a statement, taken from the band's Facebook page:
"Due to circumstances out of our control Hatriot is not going to be able to do the tour with Onslaught and Artillery next month. Thank you and sorry to all the fans out in Europe that were looking forward to seeing us. We will be back in due time."

In an interview w/ Dave from MetalRecusants, Zetro also said:
[About the tour being cancelled] "We had nothing to do with that, Onslaught and Artillery pulled off the bill, since we were supposed to be the opener, we couldn’t go over there and play those shows, it wasn’t monetarily feasible for us to do. We were barely gonna break even on that tour anyway, we just wanted to do it for the fans but when they (Onslaught and Artillery) pulled out, we really couldn’t consider going solo, especially with all the great festivals going on. We know we aren’t strong enough yet to pull that off ourselves so we had to abort. I know they (Onslaught and Artillery) left the UK tour dates open for themselves but there wasn’t enough juice for us to pay for the flight, hotel accommodations, whatnot so we really needed those European dates to pull the whole trek off.

We’re extremely disappointed we lost those dates, and I want to repeat again that even though I’m in Exodus now I’m still doing Hatriot, I’m not letting that go, there’s been a lot of voices out there lately saying I’m gonna let it go and I’m not. The band’s (Hatriot) working on some new stuff right now and I plan on writing new lyrics when I’m out on tour with Exodus, Suicidal Tendencies and Slayer."

The complete interview is available here.

HATRIOT's latest album "Dawn Of The New Centurion" is out now via Massacre Records.

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