Saturday, June 14, 2014

Introducing: Aphyxion

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Danish death metal youngsters APHYXION are ready with their debut "Earth Entangled" and drops a music video for "The New Breed".

Producer and mentor Jacob Hansen (Hansen Studios) is stating: "This is beyond awesome! The new breed of Scandinavian metal!"

Since the band was formed in 2007 – all members in their mid-teens - APHYXION has been going through a major development both musically and mentally. The young boys have gathered a rather good reputation by their appearances on prestigious festivals such as Wacken Open Air and Copenhell, massive touring in Europe and shows played alongside well established bands both inside and outside of Denmark. APHYXION has managed to play nearly 100 shows before the age of 20. They have a prominent willpower that is always increasing.

APHYXION has managed to release a handful of EP’s: ”Eradication of Fates” (2009) and ”Obliteration of the Weak” (2010) - which gave them the confidence and experience to work towards a full album. At an early state, the band teamed up with highly experienced and professional people which secured the high quality of all their written material. All releases were received well by the metal press in Denmark.

The band is now ready with their very first full-length album, “Earth Entangled”. The album is produced, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Aborted, Mercenary) and the APHYXION’s own guitarist, Jonas Haagensen. A perfect teamwork during the recordings of the album has ensured a tight and powerful sound. Strong riffs, melodic choruses, ass-kicking breakdowns and mind-blowing vocals are all aspects of “Earth Entangled”. A strong combination of catchy guitar-riffs and groovy death/thrash metal makes this album stand out. With “Earth Entangled”, Aphyxion is ready to take off on all fronts.

Check out the crisp new video for "The New Breed" here:
Aphyxion - The New Breed (official music video)

Earth Entangled

Release: September 1st 2014
01. Transgress
02. In Decline
03. The Deterioration
04. No More Days Of Prime
05. Despicable
06. Born Abomination
07. Awoken
08. Blind Belief
09. The New Breed
10. Pointless Purpose

Michael Vahl - Vocals
Bertil Rytter - Guitars & backing vocals
Jonas Haagensen - Guitars
Jais Jessen - Bass
Jakob Jensen - Drums

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