Monday, June 23, 2014

Introducing: Oslo Faenskap

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Oslo Faenskap is a new act that has been growing in the Oslo underground over the last 2 years. Their stunning performances on festivals such as Slottsfjell, Hove and Oya are now causing them to make waves also outside the underground scene.

It is with great pride we welcome Oslo Faenskap to the Indie Recordings family and present a first taste of their upcoming debut album which is currently being written and recorded for a 2015 release.

With the release of "No Skin, No Armor" Oslo Faenskap are on top of their game, yet still show a new and more accessible side of their songwriting. This is catchy, heavy and brutal metal. And it is not by chance Oslo Faenskap have been chosen to open the show alongside label-mates Kvelertak at the Avenged Sevenfold visit in Stavanger on June 25th.

Watch the lyric video HERE

Listen to "No Skin, No Armor" here: Spotify, Wimp, iTunes.

Oslo Faenskap is known for fresh, heavy and brutal metal. They deliver melodic riffs and heavy-duty breakdowns that make you immediately want to headbang. Either at a show or in your own couch; Oslo Faenskap is likely to leave you with a new haircut and a neck collar!

To stay up to date on new shows and songs from their upcoming debut album follow Oslo Faenskap on Oslo Faenskap on Facebook now!

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