Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lehmann posts new song

Metalnews Power of
LEHMANN'S debut album "Lehmanized" will be released pretty soon!

The band has now revealed the album's track list, which looks like this:

1. Equilibrium
2. The Secret
3. Like A Rock
4. Lehmanized
5. Let Me Pray
6. Gemini
7. Sunday I’ll Be Dead
8. Laid So Low (Tears For Fears Cover)

"Lehmanized" was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mat Lehmann. Vladimir Chebakov is responsible for the cover artwork.

You can already listen to the brand new song "The Secret" in its entirety on

LEHMANN's new album "Lehmanized" will be available for an attractive newcomer price and is set to be released on June 27, 2014 via Massacre Records!

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