Thursday, June 19, 2014

New album from Mind Snare

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Recently, italian deathster Mind Snare has signed a new deal with The Spew Records (a division of Punishment 18 Records) that will release their new fourth full-length album titled "Ancient Cult Supremacy". 

Mind Snare is one of the most influential Italian Death Metal bands, but the band’s story started way back in 1989 when the band emerged from the Italian underground scene of the late 80s. 

You can see the tracklist below:
01. Drainig Faith
02. Entrenched In Agony
03. Decadent Bearer Of All Disease
04. Smugled In The Underworld
05. Shatter Of Morality
06. Deceived Humanity
07. Mutilated Meaning Of Life
08. Unleashed Hate Spreading

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