Friday, June 20, 2014

New Tankard album out now!

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The new masterpiece of Germans thrash metal legends TANKARD, „R.I.B.“, is out now!

This new record combines all aspects that defined the past three decades of TANKARD: Brilliant riffs, creaking old school Thrash attacks, catchy melodies and of course the very special type of humor this band has.

The press agrees:

„That’s how Thrash’s got to be in 2014 – thoughtfully nailed down and with catchy compositions. Tankard are just unable to record a bad album und are closer to the Champions League than their beloved Eintracht Frankfurt - Chapeau.“
Metal Hammer (D), Tom Küppers

„Wih "R.I.B." Tankard created a straight yet versatile Thrash album with several potential hits. Respect!”
Rock Hard (D), Ronny Bittner

„Tankard were never better and more versatile!The Frankfurt Thrashers find the perfect blend of humor and seriousness!”
Legacy (D), Manuel Stein

"They remain capable of churning out pulversing riffs and moments of high-velocity insanity that evoke the wild spirit of 80s thrash"

"Another round of alcothrashmadness. Long may Tankard Reign In Beer."
Kerrang (UK)

TANKARD have also just released a split single with label mates and thrash metal legends DESTRUCTION.

The single is available on colored vinyl and includes following songs:
Side A - Tankard - Fooled By Your Guts
Side B - Destruction - Wildstyle-Immortality

The Song “Fooled By Your Guts” is the first single of TANKARDs upcoming album “R.I.B.”.
“Wildstyle-Immortality” is a brand new track from DESTRUCTION

Order the album and the single here:

TANKARD have announced a special collaboration for their next video, ‘Fooled By Your Guts’.

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia has spent the past 13 weeks working on a video for the first single from the new album, ‘R.I.B.’ (Rest In Beer) - and the result is a hilarious fully animated video!

Producers Aaron McLoughlin & Simon Norton spent around 3000 working hours with their team to create the video, which will be premiered online on the 23th of June 2014.

Until then, the band is teasing fans with a „Making Of“ the video, which includes teaser clips from the video and background info from the producers, Cameron Jones & Nick Simpson:

More about »R.I.B.«:
Track-By-Track, Pt 1:
Track-By-Track, Pt 2:
Track-By-Track, Pt 3:
Album Trailer:
Studio Trailer, Pt 1:
Studio Trailer, Pt 2:
Studio Trailer, Pt 3:
Studio Trailer, Pt 4:

Release-Show at METALFEST Germany:
TANKARD will play the official album release show at Metalfest Lorely (June 19. – 21.) and do an exclusive signing session.

There you are able to grab a free and limited TANKARD poster (while stock lasts), so be there! Tickets for the Festival can be ordered here:

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