Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Burning Nitrum reveals album details

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Italian thrash metallers Burning Nitrum has revealed the tracklist for their upcoming debut full-length album titled "Molotov". 

The full-length will be released before end of 2014 via Punishment 18 Records. Artist Ed Repka will create the artwork (Megadeth, Death, Massacre, Vio-Lence, Toxik, Uncle Slam and many more).

01. Subversive Nausea -intro-
02. Remote of Death
03. Apocalypse of Pain
04. High Speed Bangers
05. Lying Until The End
06. Falling into Slavery -intro-
07. Slave of Lust
08. Sparkling Splatter
09. Nemesis, The Death Star -instrumental
10. Turned to Ashes (Nothing Stands Still)

- Burning Nitrum -
- Punishment 18 Records -

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