Wednesday, July 16, 2014

English Dogs premiere new video clip

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English Dogs release new video “Turn Away From The Light”

Watch it below now

Filmed by Wes Orshoski Directed by Pinch

Wes Orshoski is a New York-based director-producer, photographer and writer. He recently co-directed/produced the award-winning documentary on Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister, ‘LEMMY: 49% Motherf**ker, 51% Son of a Bitch’, and is currently finishing the first-ever feature-length documentary on English punk heroes The Damned.

Gizz from the band had this to say on the making of the video: “This video uses a lot of imagery and suggestion to evoke the impact from religion, abuse, depression, suicide and revenge.

It was filmed in an abandoned house set in Thetford. An incredible location with an old Wolseley car, pickled food, piano, furniture, mirrors, made beds, valve radios and record players still intact. The message in the lyric is that life is full of external influence and that the only one that matters is inside yourself.

Trust the voice inside your head when it is telling you that something is wrong! The characters are a most dysfunctional family with Father as the abuser and pretty punk daughter and her long suffering mother are the victims. Private “sessions” in the bedroom trying to cast out “evil” turn into abuse.

She starts to dress like a nice Christian girl (no make-up, nice bright clothes) and so it appears she has been “saved” by her abuser who takes her for one final “session”.

Revenge is sweet when his daughter “bites back” and he finds himself in a pool of his own blood. The daughter and mother hug each other at the end with knowing looks and they are both wearing the symbol of Ouroboros, the eternal cycle. What goes around comes around.”

Pinch also added the following: “Wes Orshoski is an inspirational, larger than life character who tends not just to run with ideas, but actually expands them with unbridled passion and creativity. His personality is infectious, and transfers seamlessly to his on-screen view of the world. Working with Wes on this video, as well as The Damned movie project, has been an incredibly fulfilling experience, and one where I have made a friend for life.

We even joined a virtual band we made up together. He is Bitch and I am Moan, together we are… BITCH AND MOAN!”

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