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GRAI announce new album and first dates of 'Folk Metal Crusade Tour'

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In September the folk metal quintet GRAI from the Republic of Tartary in the East of Russia will release their third studio production. The new album bears the title MLADA and will be released worldwide on September 19th, 2014 via NOIZGATE Records / Rough Trade Distribution. Right on time with the release GRAI will start their 'Folk Metal Crusade Tour'. First dates are confirmed!

On their third longplayer MLADA, GRAI thrill their fans with 11 Songs and the typical GRAI-like mixture of delicate folklore sounds and powerful metal.

NOIZGATE Records has the pleasure to reveal the track list in advance:
01. Beard
02. Hunt
03. Mlada
04. Hugging the Storm
05. Hay Harvest
06. Get Back
07. I Will Sow My Sorrow
08. Fortress (Instrumental)
09. Outro
10. In The Arms Of Mara (Bonus)
11. Yaz' (Bonus)

Ruzel 'Ruzveld', guitarist and mastermind of GRAI, reveals about the album: 'Mlada is multifarious and lively, with songs full of mirth, dance, action and rhythm, as well as some slower, more contemplative tunes. We have come off with a great album on which we could evolve our musical form of expression, too!'

Congenial to the often playful, romantic lyrics of the band is the cover artwork for MLADA, designed by Andrey Andreev: A fairytale-like illustration of a girl playing the flute, based on medieval aspects all in the manner of the band.

Right on time with the album release, GRAI are starting a large 'Folk Metal Crusade Tour' alongside SantanaKozel all over Europe in September and October.

These are the dates so far confirmed:
16.09.2014 (PL) WARSZAWA - Progresja
17.09.2014 (PL) GDÁNSK - Wydzial Remontowy
18.09.2014 (PL) TORUN - Lizard King
19.09.2014 (PL) POZNAN - U Bazyla
20.09.2014 (PL) SZCZECIN - Slowianin
25.09.2014 (DE) MUNICH - Garage Deluxe
26.09.2014 (CZ) PRAGUE - Nova Chmelnice
27.09.2014 (CZ) BRNO - Faval Music Circus
01.10.2014 (CZ) OSTRAVA - Barrák Music Club
02.10.2014 (PL) WROCLAW - Od Zmierzchu do Switu
03.10.2014 (PL) KRAKÓW - Rotunda
04.10.2014 (PL) ZABRZE - Wiatrak

Further dates in Germany, the Netherlands and Slovakia are planned and to be announced.

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