Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hammerheart Records signs Kjeld

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Hammerheart Records places another Dutch fist in the face of God!

After releasing Sammath’s “Godless Arrogance” to high critical claim in February, and adding Tarnkappe for their brilliant first album just recently (wait till you hear this!), we now complete the Dutch fist in the face of God with the fantastic addition of Frisian Black Metal band Kjeld!

Frisia is the most Northern part of the Netherlands, with its own culture, history and language (familiar to Norse and Danish).

Kjeld plays intense and fast Black Metal, using Frisian lyrics exclusively. The upcoming album 'Skym' is mixed and mastered by M. Nienhuis and J. Bonis, known for their brilliant work on Dodecahedron's debut album.

Kjeld features members of Tarnkappe, Lugubre, Salacious Gods and Gheestenland, and we have the great feeling that finally after all these years all their past experiences came together in their new fantastic album!


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