Friday, July 11, 2014

Heidra releasing their debut album

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Heidra is a new shooting star in the Danish metal sky. So much was established on a windy night in March, where Heidra swept away all competition at the fourth edition of Mighty Fight Night. Along with the victory came a record deal with Mighty Music and an appearance at this year’s Copenhell Festival alongside bands such as Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister and many more.

Copenhagen-based Heidra play a melodic mix of black metal, power metal and folk music. With their music they have created a name for themselves in the folk metal scene, which continues to grow steadily these days.

Heidra have just completed their debut album, “Awaiting Dawn”, in Andy La Rocque’s (King Diamond) Sonic Train Studios. The album was engineered by Olof Berggren and mixed and mastered by Andy La Rocque.

“We try to always challenge ourselves and we’re inspired by many different genres when we write music. Our sound has many different aspects, but the most important thing for us is to write good songs with memorable melodies – I think we succeeded in doing that with Awaiting Dawn,” says lead singer Morten Bryld.

See the beautifully staged 3D-lyrics video for "Betrayal":

Heidra - Betrayal (official lyrics video)

Guitarist Carlos G.R. comments: “The idea of this video was to give life to the fantasy world of Heidra, where human drama from another time comes into balance with very high quality graphics combined with a touch of elegance. We are very satisfied with the results as it gives the listener the possibility to combine Heidra´s music with a world unknown, altogether through the reality and imagination of the listener immersed in the darker side of humanity.”

The band have previously released the self-financed and critically acclaimed EP “Sworn to Vengeance”, that really put the band on the map and got them support gigs for internationally acclaimed acts such as Korpiklaani, Thyrfing and Hate, as well as the victory at Mighty Fight Night.

“Awaiting Dawn” will be released July 28th worldwide via Mighty Music/Target Group.


HEIDRA - Awaiting Dawn
July 28th 2014

01. Prelude
02. Awaiting Dawn
03. Betrayal
04. Witch of Prophecy
05. Into Cursed Lands
06. The Eyes of Giants
07. Wolfborn
08. The Power of Gods
09. Harbringer of War

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