Thursday, July 10, 2014

Introducing: Deed In Karma

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If you're looking for a rockband that has it all – great melodies, cool riffs and hooklines, powerful yet emotional vocals – then look no further, Denmark’s DEED IN KARMA is bringing it all together really smoothly. Their debut album "Good Dog" will be released September 1st.

Back in the noughties a famous Danish footballer offered to sponsor a recording for an old friend, Jonas, because he thought Jonas was a “damn good singer”.
Jonas immediately went ahead and put together the band that would become Deed In Karma. Rock with a twist of grunge and – dare we say it? – hooklines!

Deed In Karmas music is riff-based but also melodic. At the centre of this you’ll find Jonas Holmbergs instantly recognizable hard rock vocals supported by lots of guitar layers and an ultra-tight rhythm section. Just give the first single "Stray Dogs" a listen:
Deed in Karma - Stray Dog (Official Music Video)

Deed In Karma’s debut album “Good Dog” will be released by Target Records September 1st and is produced by Jacob Hansen whose work for notable acts such as Volbeat, Pretty Maids and Duné speaks for itself. The album is inspired by the American music tradition of the nineties and the noughties led by bands such as Alice In Chains and Foo Fighters.

Deed In Karma is a melting pot of band members from different backgrounds such as legendary death/thrash outfit Maceration and high profile pop-rockers Savage Affair. This background is in no little part responsible for the eclectic rock music that is Deed In Karma.

Release: September 1st 2014


01 I ain't crawling
02 Communication
03 War and I
04 She could be dancing
05 Karma Theme
06 Stray Dog
07 No Answer
08 Anamnesis
09 Waiting for the sun
10 Taste of regret
11 Release

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