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Introducing: Higher

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Cezar Girardi (vocal) and Gustavo Scaranelo (guitar) are two very experienced and respected professional musicians in the Brazilian music scene, especially in the fields of jazz and instrumental music. However, both nourish another feature in common: a passion for heavy metal.

In 1995 they founded the band Second Heaven, that unfortunately did not leave any recordings before split up two years later. The musicians then began to devote to academic studies of music, which eventually led them to other segments where they made career. But the passion for metal remained pulsating throughout this time. After a telephone conversation, they decided to meet to play and compose heavy metal again. The result? A new band: Higher!

To complete the band's line up, it was necessary other musicians of proven experience, such as the Chilean bassist Andres Zuniga (music teacher and columnist of Bass Player Magazine) and the drummer Pedro Rezende (that studied with Virgil Donati in Australia).

With a musicality full of identity, as never heard before, Higher's debut album is awaited with the same expectation of a big Brazilian heavy metal name, although it is a newly formed band.

Recorded in Sao Paulo at Fusao Studios and produced by Thiago Bianchi (Shaman, Noturnall), the self titled album will bring the tracks "Lie", "Illusion", "Keep me High", "Climb the Hill", "Like the Wind", "Break the Wall", "Time to Change", "Make It Worth" and "The Sign".  

The band has launched a Studio Report of the recordings on its official Youtube channel. To watch, go to:
Higher's debut album will be released independently in August.
The pre-sales in Brazil are already available through Die Hard Records -

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