Monday, July 28, 2014

ISOLE signed to Cyclone Empire

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We are completely proud to announce the signing of mighty Doom-gods ISOLE!

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Hailing from Gävle/Norrland, ISOLE are the newest members of the CYCLONE EMPIRE familia. Swedish legend ISOLE is a true force and celebrates now nearly 25 years in the Doom Metal scene. Well known and loved for their unique, majestic, epic and powerful doom hymns, a new dark and epic album will be out in fall of 2014. We can’t wait to unleash ‘The Calm Hunter’, the sixth masterpiece of this fantastic band!
With their first releases, ISOLE was able to secure an excellent reputation within the doom metal underground. They have elevated their status even further with their three albums released by Napalm Records.
IMG_6209_small.jpgAfter "Born from Shadows" it was yet again time to move on and ISOLE signed with German label Cyclone Empire for album number six.
ISOLE’s new piece of art “The Calm Hunter” impressively maintains their well-earned position and lays any doubts as to their superiority to rest. The Swedish quartet understands more than any other band how to effectively merge hypnotic melodies with viscous guitar lines.
The album's main focus is undeniably the heavy riffs and ISOLE’s trademark with vocal harmonies, but also a continuation of the path leaning towards a more progressive touch along with occasional digressions into more aggressive realms, where growls and vicious drumming reign. As such, even the epic tracks remain tantalizing and require one's complete attention, so as not to miss the fine details of this musical masterpiece. The dark euphonious landscapes created on “The Calm Hunter” and the stories where death and despair always is present will haunt your minds for a long time.
The four Swedes guarantee genuine and essential progressive doom metal. Get it now and lose yourself!

ISOLE are:
* Daniel Bryntse - guitars, vocals
* Jimmy Mattsson - bass, vocals
* Crister Olsson - guitars, vocals
* Jonas Lindström - drums

“We are looking forward working with Cyclone Empire, a label with lots of dedication and a great heart. We are sure Cyclone Empire will support us in our musical journey and we have a great feeling about our co-operation! Our new album ‘The Calm Hunter’ will be released this fall, on which we have tried to broaden our horizons and pushed the boundaries even further. Stay tuned for more news!”

1991 - Tired - Demo (as FORLORN)
1992 - Vivere non necesse est - Demo (as FORLORN)
1994 - Waves Of Sorrow - Demo (as FORLORN)
1995 - Promo ´95 - Demo (as FORLORN)
1996 - Promo ´96 - Demo (as FORLORN)
2001 - Autumn Leaves - Demo (as FORLORN)
2004 - Promo 2004 - Demo
2005 - Autumn Promos - Compilation-CD (as FORLORN)
2005 - Forevermore - CD (I Hate Records) / LP (No Remorse Records)
2006 - The Beyond - 7” (I Hate Records)
2006 - Throne Of Void - CD (I Hate Records) / LP (No Remorse Records)
2008 - Bliss Of Solitude - CD (Napalm Records)
2009 - Silent Ruins - CD (Napalm Records) / DLP (Cyclone Empire)
2010 - Imperial Anthems Vol.4 - Isole vs. Semlah - Split-7" (Cyclone Empire)
2011 - Born from Shadows - CD/DLP (Napalm Records)
2014 - The Calm Hunter - CD/LP (Cyclone Empire)

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