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Lou Siffer And The Howling Demons

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The Swedish rockers in 'Lou Siffer And The Howling Demons' are ready with their second full-length album "At Your Service" - A full speed ahead gasoline infused hard rock album with a punk attitude.

Lou Siffer And the Howling Demons (L.S.H.D ) was formed in 2008 in Uppsala, Sweden. It all started with a friend that needed a cool band for a party at a car club. Lou gathered his demons and it became so much more than just that party.

In 2009 L.S.H.D. recorded and released the 7”-single “The Mosher”. Even though L.S.H.D was given a record deal proposal after their first official gig they decided to release their debut album “The Devil’s ride” on their own in 2011. Subsequent L.S.H.D played several big festivals in Sweden such as Sweden Rock Festival, Sundsvalls gatufest and Rock Out Wild Festival etc.

L.S.H.D. are now ready with their second full length album “At your service” which will be released by Mighty Music August 18th. Guitarist Kahn Ibbal explains about the album:

"The album is all about loud and fast cars, bikes, bar fights and a bunch of other cool stuff. We are all into cars and bikes and the rest comes with it. What could be more thrilling and majestic than the sound of a V8 engine with open headers or the deafening thunder of a Harley chopper? It sends shivers of delight down your spine and we would like you to feel the same shivers while listening to this album."

The album is guested by their friends in The Playboys, who helped out with backing vocals on the album and Vic Zino (Hardcore Superstar) and Magnus Söderman (The Playboys) plays lead guitar on one song each.

Listen to "Coughin' In My Coffin" from the upcoming album here:

Coughin' in my coffin - Promovideo

“At Your Service” will give you all you need! Full service, all included no extra charge! Satisfaction´s guarantied!

For all you lovers of full speed ahead rock'n'roll – Lou is here to steal your soul!
Buckle up – It’s gonna be a wild ride!

At Your Service
Release date: August 18th 2014

01 Coughin' in my coffin
02 Train to hell
03 Bad cobra
04 The Devil's hearse
05 Action man
06 Gasoline queen
07 Bad habits (die hard)
08 The curse of Anubis
09 Hawg rider
10 Ghoul party
11 Before this song is sung
12 C.T.A.F.H.
13 From below

K. Oz – Vocals
Kahn Ibbal – Lead guitar
Gil Yotin – Rhythm guitar
Lou Siffer – Bass
Ray Zår – Drums

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