Friday, July 18, 2014

Moonloop premiere new video clip

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The Spanish progressive death Metal band Moonloop are having their video for the song 'Strombus' exclusively streamed via Mariskalrock

Link is as below :

The band coments :"The song lyrics are about climate change, and the conductor of the lyrics is a sea shell named Strombus, wich is a snail that lived in European coasts 5 million years ago and it gives to scientists the perfect information to date the marine deposits from a geological era called Pliocene.
On the other hand, the lyrics are an advice: If humanity doesn't take conscience of the planet that we're living in and take some preventive actions, the Earth will continue his evolution, and as humans we're gonna pay for not taking care of our home.

This song also reflects Moonloop's style, wich is a mixture of technical Death Metal with soft and progressive elements, strenght and mellowness, light and shade."

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'Deeply from the Earth' available here:

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