Monday, July 28, 2014

MORTIS DEI "Salvation Never Comes" CD out

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The fourth full-length (and first officially released) album by the Polish death metal band Mortis Dei will be out soon thanks to Metal Scrap Records! The album will contain 8 tracks (+ intro) of fast forward going death metal music with a dose of melody. Modern, but raw sound, low, yet understandable vocal parts and some melodic guitar solos are perfectly combined in this promising release.

After twenty years of playing death metal Mortis Dei shows its new incarnation. “Salvation Never Comes” is a concept album, so get ready and beware of horrible death story! Check it out or your salvation will never come!
The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at IX Studio under the supervision of well-known Polish audio engineer Michal 'Urgul' Barski.

1. Origin 01:42
2. Lights End 03:37
3. Journey To The Dark 03:14
4. In Ruined World 04:00
5. Two Sides 03:29
6. Going Down 04:09
7. Nightmares Coming 01:59
8. Screams Of The Slave Soul 04:58
9. The Way To The Light 04:36
Total playing time: 31:44

Release dates (CD):
Ukraine: 07.07.2014, Russia: 12.08.2014, Poland: 23.08.2014, Europe: 01.09.2014, USA: 07.10.2014

Release dates (DIGITAL):
UK: 01.08.2014, USA: 07.10.2014

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