Sunday, July 6, 2014

New album from Platens

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MelodicRock Records is excited to announce the extension of their working relationship with Violet Sun mastermind Dario Grillo with the signing to the label of his brand new album with melodic progressive rockers Platens.

Platens is a melodic rock project brainchild of Dario Grillo, the Italian multi-instrumentalist.

After 10 years from the Platens’ debut album, Dario is coming back with a brand new album titled “Out Of The World” and a renewed line up:  Dario Grillo – vocals, guitars, keyboards; Riccardo Barbiera – drums; Domiziano Mendolia – bass; Gabriels - Hammond & synth.

“Out Of The World” continues to showcase Dario’s impressive writing skills and knack of working melody and mood into the most complex musical arrangements.

The 11 track, 54 minute album features inspired vocals, top class production and mix, outstanding individual performances from all and some complex, yet easily accessible powerful hard rock music.

The album mixes elements of progressive and symphonic rock, AOR and  melodic rock and will be released by MelodicRock Records August 22.

Track listing:
01. Running
02. Time Will Tell
03. You Won’t Bring Me Down
04. Ask Yourself
05. I Still Search For You
06. Sometimes I Miss You
07. The Last Time
08. Don’t Leave Me Alone
09. Deep In My Heart
10. No Easy Way Out (Robert Tepper Cover)
11. Save Me

It’s possible to listen to the whole song “time will tell” through Soundcloud:

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