Monday, July 21, 2014

Rawhide joins Gabriel Management

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RAWHIDE was founded in 2002 in Uddevalla, Sweden, when Robert Hansson let his brainchild come into reality together with Erik and Anders Svensson. In the first few years band recorded several demo tapes and bunch of small venues was ravaged by a serie of wild gigs. 

Most of the material recorded during those early years, ended up on a "Plenty Ain't Enough" compilation CD, released in 2010. After several lineup changes, between 2008 and 2010 the band was put on hold. 

In 2010 RAWHIDE was brought back to life, along with guitarist Michael Karlsson and drummer Carl Wockatz, who completed the line up with Robert and Erik. The same year the band recorded two EP's: "Branded For Life" (released by Patac Records) and "Built To Blow" (released by Hellrocker Records), which came out in 2011. 

After fine-tuning the machine through gigs and rehearsals, the following year RAWHIDE went to Sunlight Studio and recorded their debut album titled "Murder One". About one year later, in 2012, when the band returned from serie of live shows on the American East Coast, the album was released on vinyl LP by Patac Records. In summer of 2014 "Murder One" came out on CD*, after being released in cooperation with Mexican labels Dybbuk Records and Craneo Negro Productions.

Most recently the band works on second full length studio album, and awaits the release of two new EP's: "Black Hearts & White Lines" (split with Panzer Bastard from Boston, USA) and "Guilty As Charged", which will be released by Unholy Anarchy Records and Craneo Negro Productions respectively. 

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