Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Reaper: Track-by-track

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REAPER's upcoming album "An Atheist Monument" will be released next week!

The band's lead vocalist and guitarist Daniel Zimmermann has now commented on each album track:

1. Hetoimasia
Found this nice Greek term on the internet when I was doing some research for the album. Fits perfectly - translated means something like "empty throne".

2. Realms Of Chaos (Pre-listening: http://youtu.be/iWwrDL54ZFw)
Our version of the old witchfinder general story. Did you ever wonder why ordinary people may turn into cruel beasts? Religion is the key.

3. Of Sheep And Shepherds
People who consider themselves as sheep certainly need shepherds. Found a lot of inspiration to this in Terry Pratchett's “Good Omens”, one of the most atheistic novels ever.

4. Horse Brigade
In fact this is more of a myth but in the early days of the Second World War, Polish cavalry attacked German tanks (known as charge at Krojanty) and were terribly defeated. So this illustrates the clash of military arrogance and industrialized killing technology.

5. Hail The New Age
This is something all religions have in common, they promise wonderful times when some day every human being has turned into a believer.

6.Voice Within
Where is God located - in heaven or in your head or heart? It isn't any better either way because the voice within isn't a friendly voice at all.

7. 1943
In January 1943, the German 6th Army lost the Battle of Stalingrad and it became obvious that Germany had lost another war, but the greatest losses of human lives occurred in the following two years after this defeat.

8. Well Of Poison
Once again, religion itself is the source of all evil.

9. Taste My Revenge
A wonderful thing about music is that you can defend yourself against insults and false incrimination without being physically violent. Just a musical way to say "F..k you!".

10. Ship Of Fools
Do you remember "Life Of Brian"? I've always loved that scene in Jerusalem where there were prophets preaching on every corner. That's the way it is, JC was just one amongst many others and the simple truth is that we are responsible for our own deeds.

11. Fields Of Joy
Basically a re-recording of an old track. We've always thought the original recording was too slow - this one's more like the live version.

12. La Tristesse
Somehow I like French titles, this one goes along with the music and lyrics very well. It's deepest depression turned into sound and it's the first time ever we've added a female voice to a song.

REAPER's new album "An Atheist Monument" will be released on July 25, 2014 and is also available as limited and numbered gatefold vinyl LP!

REAPER @ Massacre Records MP3 Download Store: http://massacre.musiclogistics.net/artists/reaper


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