Friday, July 11, 2014

Suicide Silence – »You Can't Stop Me« out now!

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California death metal maestros SUICIDE SILENCE have released their brand new album »You Can't Stop Me«. The entire album can be streamed at

Furthermore proudly presents a three-part video lesson for the song 'Cease To Exist' with SUICIDE SILENCE guitarists Mark Heylmun and Chris Garza. 

Watch the videos here:
· Part 1:
· Part 2:
· Part 3:
The video for ‘You Can’t Stop Me’ - the title track & the very last song on the album with lyrics penned by late vocalist Mitch Lucker - has debuted exclusively via this playlist on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel:

Returning to the director’s chair after two SUICIDE SILENCE videos – 2011’s ‘You Only Live Once’ & 2012’s ‘Slaves To Substance’ - is Nathan Cox (MARILYN MANSON, DEVIL DRIVER).

Produced and mixed by Steve Evetts (SEPULTURA, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, WARBRINGER), this fourth full-length studio album marks the vocal debut of new frontman Eddie Hermida (ex-ALL SHALL PERISH) and features guest appearances by George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher (CANNIBAL CORPSE) and Greg Puciato (THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN). Artwork is by Tim Minarzik of Throne Media & Design.

Track listing for the special edition digi-pak version includes:
01. M.A.L.
02. Inherit The Crown
03. Cease To Exist
04. Sacred Words
05. Control (featuring George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher)
06. Warrior
07. You Can't Stop Me
08. Monster Within (featuring Greg Puciato)
09. We Have All Had Enough
10. Ending Is The Beginning
11. Don't Die
12. Ouroboros

13. Blue Haze
14. Last Breath (HATEBREED cover)
+ Bonus DVD ​ (featuring studio & touring footage; watch teaser here)

»You Can’t Stop Me« vinyl track listing:

Side One
1. M.A.L.
2. Inherit The Crown
3. Cease To Exist
4. Sacred Words
5. Control (featuring George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher)
6. Warrior

Side Two
1. You Can't Stop Me
2. Monster Within (featuring Greg Puciato)
3. We Have All Had Enough
4. Ending Is The Beginning
5. Don't Die
6. Ouroboros

Additional SUICIDE SILENCE 2014 videos on YouTube:

‘Don’t Die’ lyric video:
‘Cease To Exist’ lyric video -
Making-of »You Can’t Stop Me« trailer:
Bonus DVD trailer:

Order the new album in CD, digi-pak, or vinyl versions from the »You Can’t Stop Me« Landing Page:

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