Thursday, July 10, 2014

SupreMa announces new lineup

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Brazilian band SupreMa, who has been establishing themselves each day more worldwide with their recently released, announces changes in their lineup.

Lead vocalist Pedro Nascimento and drummer Fernando Castanha are no longer part of the band and the change happens due to musical differences.

To continue the "Traumatic Scenes" tour, the band announces the return of the experienced drummer Helmut Quacken, who had been in the band from 2008 to 2011 and did 3 tours with the band in the North/Northeast of Brazil, and also recorded the "Traumatic Scenes" album. Helmut Quacken is known for his great ability and creativity that he has demonstrated also in other bands such as Glory Opera and Dominus Praelli.

To take over as the new voice of SupreMa Diogo Noleto was recruited, a new guy in the scene who has, however, brought to the band a powerful voice with the feeling that progressive metal requires.

"I can only thank the former members for the good moments and wish them good luck in their career. Many times our lives point at different paths and basically that's what happened. For the past few months SupreMa has been working day and night for this second leg of the tour in support of the album and I'm extremely happy and motivated with this new lineup. We took new breath, new energies, people with "blood in the eyes", willing to lift SupreMa's name and also Brazilian metal even higher all over the world, and that's what I can say SupreMa is today, a team that's totally focused on work and with a lot of fuel for the next steps.

I'm thrilled to have Helmut back in the band, last year he played a show with us in Manaus without one rehearsal whatsoever and it was amazing, the chemistry that we have when we're playing is scary! I'm also happy with Diogo Noleto joining us, a simple and charismatic guy who will surely enchant every fan of the band right away. He's an amazing singer that got me and the whole band and crew amazed even before his first audition with us. His voice is HUGE and I have no doubts it will surprise all fans of the band. Be it in the heavy parts, be it with his clean voice or even the feeling progressive metal needs, he surprises during each second of the song. He has an unique voice and I wish for every fan enjoying with us this new Brazilian talent. With these guys full of fire we will climb the next steps we are aiming for.",
said guitarist and band founder Douglas Jen.

The band has its lineup debut performance scheduled and will announce the date and location in the next few days.

"We are super excited about this new stage and new cycle, this year when SupreMa has its 10th anniversary is a very special year and we are preparing a few releases with this new lineup, we can't wait to be able to announce the news and show the fans the new sound that's coming ahead.", says bass player Fabio Carito.

Soon SupreMa will announce other great news in celebration of the 10 years of career, fans have no idea what's coming for them so stay tuned to .

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