Friday, July 18, 2014

Ultramantis Black posts new video clip

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Behold the Joe Stakun-directed video for ULTRAMANTIS BLACK'S "Biomonster DNA". The track is from the self-titled debut EP of the hardcore punk band created to spread the gospel of professional wrestling champion ULTRAMANTIS BLACK (out now on Relapse Records).
Alternative link to ”Biomonster DNA” on Dailymotion click here

Having spent over a decade dominating the Chikara wrestling scene, ULTRAMANTIS teamed up with members of the beloved punk band Pissed Jeans to form a blistering political hardcore band that is equal parts The Locust, Deadguy and Melt Banana. Imagine the best parts of 90s militant straight-edge hardcore filtered through the over the top theatrics of pro-wrestling and you have ULTRAMANTIS BLACK! Look for the band to play Relapse Records' This Is Hardcore Afterparty in Philadelphia on July 24 at Voltage Lounge.

Praise for Ultramantis Black:

"The tag team is a diving double foot stomp of political hardcore in the tradition of 90s militant straight-edge forbears." - Noisey

"The transition from wrestling to rocking may seem like a dubious one, but the EP is slab of spastic punk as solid as UMB's own abs." - AV Club

"...a feral, unhinged form of hardcore..." - Stereogum

Ultramantis Black
Relapse Records
Out now, Order here

1. Biomonster DNA
2. Prescription Culture
3. Oil and Gas
4. Sentience
5. Stockpiling Graves
6. Deepest Ecology
7. West Siberian Plain
8. Earth War
9. Gloom of Prosperity

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