Monday, August 18, 2014

Artizan: Crowdfounding campaign

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The US Progressive/Power Metal Band ARTIZAN has started a Crowdfounding campaign for their new album "The Furthest Reaches" on Indiegogo.  

The album will be released as a limited CD edition (with bonus track), as a standard CD and on vinyl (also with bonus track) on April 2015 (at the Keep It True festival). 

All contributors will receive a digital copy of the new album three days before the worldwide release. You are the ones who made this happen! 

 The Band cannot make an album of this magnitude without the support of their incredible fans. The motto has always been "If we are going to do it then let's do it BIG!"  

When you want to support the band, then go on the website of Indiegogo. More information you found on the website of Indiegogo, on the homepage of ARTIZAN and on Facebook.

Tom Braden - vocals
Ty Tammeus - drums
Shamus McConney - guitars
Jon Jennings- bass

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