Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Blood God: Track-by-track

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Only a couple of days to go until BLOOD GOD’s new album will be released!

BLOOD GOD mastermind Thomas Gurrath now spoke about each track on "Blood Is My Trademark":

Slaughterman (Video clip: http://youtu.be/lmaojb-8_uU)
The 6 minutes long album opener. Judas Priest riffs, fast, mean lyrics about the Slaughterman. He’s a Blood God, who’s leading a disgusting slaughterhouse for men, women and children in the future. We’ve recently shot a video clip for the song.

The Monstermaker is a lone and sick monster, who’s building an army of abnormal creatures in the pits of hell. The song’s is a fast neck-breaker with a slow interlude and a sick solo. Debauchery style :-)

Defenders Of The Throne Of Fire
A groovy monster in the vein of AC/DC. The good dragons of Eden are a bulwark against all evil. Unconquerable demon hunters, who give the creatures of hell what they deserve: a fiery death. Their leader is sitting on the throne of fire. This song’s my personal favorite and that’s why we’re going to shoot our second video for this song.

Warhordes From The Underworld
This song has it all, a great chorus, heavy verses and a fantastic solo. That’s probably why our record company as well as our guitarist love this song so much. I’m really impressed by the hook of the song, written by my guitarist. Well done, dude.

Another song about a sick freak. The Carnager is going to bring us the horrible zombie plague in the future und will attack all humans. It’s almost a thrash song or a heavy Priest track. You could easily put the version with the monster voice on a Debauchery album and no one would notice it.

Sexy Music For Sexy People
This song could also be featured on the previous album. It’s smash hit. It’s straight, with a shuffle rhythm and you can also sing-along. A song which would be a fantastic single release. But that’s exactly why it won’t get a video with naked girls in it.

Blood Is My Trademark
The title track. A groovy mid-tempo song. I don’t know why, but you’ll hear blood is my trademark exactly 5 times in the final chorus. Just like in a song by the Rolling Stones.

World Of Blood Gods
The beginning is very Maiden-like, melodic, calm… ‘til you reach the old-school hard rock chorus. I like it, it goes straight forward then. Without any bells and whistles. The main riff could’ve also been part of a slow Debauchery track.

Mr. Kill
This song was a tough cookie - it was a lot of hard work until we managed to combine the hard rock part with the metal part. This track sounds different than the other fast songs on the album.

Dragonbeasts Are Rising
It’s almost… epic. 7 minutes about dragons and fire. It’s our personal "For Those About To Rock". Not as good as AC/DC’s but we’re close to it.

Pre-order "Blood Is My Trademark" now on iTunes and get the instant grat single "Slaughterman" instantly: http://geni.us/BloodGodBIMTitunes

BLOOD GOD's new album "Blood Is My Trademark" will be released on August 15, 2014 via Massacre Records and will also be available as limited edition digipak with an exclusive bonus CD that features the whole record sung with the DEBAUCHERY monster voice.

The limited and numbered vinyl LP will be released on August 29, 2014 also via Massacre Records.


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