Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Deadlock premiere new video clip

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No rest for the wicked! After the lyric video for "An Ocean's Monument" and the video for "Renegade" DEADLOCK now reveal in time for the release of their new album "The Re-Arrival" a brand new video for "Awakened By Sirens 2014"! "The Re-Arrival" will be out in Europe on August 15th and on August 19th on North America!


DEADLOCK mastermind Sebastian Reichl about the re-recording of "Awakened By Sirens":
"Re-recording such a big Deadlock song is most definitely a forlorn hope. You can only go wrong and fuck up the whole thing completely. ;) For that reason we tried to create a new, for itself standing track, comparable to a remix. We wanted it to sound fresh and modern. Old and new listeners shouldn't be forced to deceide, they should love both versions... And the most important point for us was, is a metal band allowed to write a gospel part? Absolutely!!!"
Here some feedback on "The Re-Arrival" from bands one or the other should know:

Niklas Sundin, Dark Tranquillity:
"The new Deadlock songs are impressively dynamic and creative, especially "An Ocean's Monument" with its intricate riffing and unexpected choir arrangement. Thumbs up!"

Markus Vanhala, Omnium Gatherum / Insomnium:
"The Re-Arrival shows that Deadlock is the German flagship for modern metal and have been already for over a decade."

Linus Klausenitzer, Obscura:
"This album is a magnificent compilation of melodic, graceful, ass-kicking and modern songs - I love it!!"

Nikita Kamprad, Der Weg Einer Freiheit:
"With The Re-Arrival Deadlock have forged a heavy piece of metal decorated by filigreed melodies all around and shining with a flawless production!"

You can see DEADLOCK live at one of the following dates:
15.08.2014 Dinkelbühl (DE), Summer Breeze
30.08.2014 Litvinov (CZ), Open Air
12.09.2014 Berlin (DE), Kesselhaus, Metal Hammer Awards
27.09.2014 Cham (DE), L.A. Eventhalle
25.10.2014 Herisau (CH), Metalvetia Festival

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