Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Introducing: Doomspeak

Metalnews Power of
Hailing from Upstate NY, Jason Snell (Ex: Pyrexia / Enthroned In Hate) has created the crushing new project Doomspeak. Joining Jason in this mix of madmen are: Duane Timlin (Ex: Divine Empire / Dying Fetus / Forrest of The Impaled) and his relentless hammers of drumming doom, and Michael Dorrian (Anatomy of I) who brings a level of guitar proficiency and mastery, while handling all leads and solos.

Doomspeak plays and bleeds what comes naturally from their influences, both from here and beyond! Doomspeak serves as a vessel of summoned energies with which to express and explore any number of observations and views one can make when gazing upon this world, or any other world with truly open eyes!

Come forth and listen to these works of doom. These honestly expressed words and hymns of observed chaos, corruption, war, and death... Come to know the black-flame illuminated heresy known as Doomspeak.

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