Friday, August 1, 2014

Listenable signs Hellish Outcast

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Norway's HELLISH OUTCAST are releasing their upcoming album' Stay of Execution' on Listenable this October.

New album «Stay of Execution» was recorded in the late Grieghallen Studios in Bergen and Russells’ Parlour Studios in the UK (Napalm Death, Evile, Dimmu Borgir), and can proudly compete with a sound of their own that is bigger, and more elaborate.  Musicwise, the arrangements tend to get more progressive flavor while still retaining an absolute intensity. The band is anxious to march forward with what might become a shockingly fresh contribution to the scene.

Drummer Mads Lilletvedt comments : "Under the working title 'Stay of Execution',  we have been working immensely on the songs for our next album. This has resulted in ten tracks inspired by the desperation and anxiety growing in any human being given the death sentence - awaiting fulfillment of the penalty. Our approach to the music this time was to capture more of the defining aggression found in a typical Hellish Outcast song. We also wanted to explore with more harmonics and melodies, incorporating it with the face chopping riffs." 

The line-up alone should prove the groove and hard-hitting, shredding epicness of this ghoul four-piece consisting of Thebon (x-Keep of Kalessin), Alkolust (x-BYFROST), Max Morbid (x-BREED) and Martin Legreid (66 Crusher).

HELLISH OUTCAST 's track ' The Hunter Supreme' is taken from their forthcoming album' Stay of Execution' and is linked here :


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