Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mike LePond releasing solo album

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UDR/Warner has set a September 26 release date for the first-ever solo album from SYMPHONY X bassist Mike LePond.

"Mike LePond's Silent Assassins" is described in a press release as "a fantastic heavy, power metal album that combines all influences of Mike LePond's favorite bands from the past and present. This album is packed with kick-ass vocals, scorching riffs and epic styling; there's something in there for any style of metalhead!"

"Mike LePond's Silent Assassins" features guest performances by guitarist "Metal" Mike Chlasciak (HALFORD, TESTAMENT), lead guitarist and drum producer Michael Romeo (SYMPHONY X), vocalist Alan Tecchio (HADES, WATCHTOWER), and, of course, mainman Mike LePond on bass and rhythm guitar.

LePond states: "This CD is all me. I wrote all the music, and all the lyrics. It's one of the most satisfying things I've ever done and I can't wait to share it with my fans. Join me as we celebrate the glory of heavy metal with my first-ever solo release!" Metal Mike adds: "Superbly crafted songs! Highly recommended to fans who like their metal true and hard."

Alan Tecchio says: "The themes Mike wrote about lyrically and the energy of full-throttle riffage was a welcome back to my power metal roots."

"Mike LePond's Silent Assassins" track listing:
01. Apocalypse Rider
02. Red Death
03. The Quest
04. The Outsider
05. Masada
06. Silent Assassins
07. Ragnarok
08. The Progeny
09. Oath Of Honor

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