Friday, August 22, 2014

New discovery for NOIZGATE Records: GREY SEASON

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With GREY SEASON NOIZGATE Records have made their most exciting new
discovery of the year: The five boys from the region of Düsseldorf play modern,
technically utterly tricky prog-metal on the highest level – ambitious metal of a
new generation!

Founded by some schoolmates in 2006, GREY SEASON have since blossomed out to becoming one of the country’s most promising and progressive up-and-coming bands.
“Progressive” thereby explicitly describes the five young musicians’ eagerness to
experiment and their refusal to align themselves with any established genre. Industrial and atmospheric sounds, unfamiliar cadences, the powerful tunes of low tuned sevenstring guitars and fresh approaches in terms of songwriting are assembled to form GREY SEASON’s unique and fascinating musical frameworks.

NOIZGATE Records’ Susanna states: “When we dealt with Grey Season for the first time, we thought: Wow – these people must have been making music for decades. So finding out how young the band members really are, knocked us right off our feet! Grey Season sound as if they had never done anything else but turning the music world upside down. These guys really are prodigies and we set great hopes on working together with them. We’re honoured to welcome GREY SEASON at NOIZGATE

With their initially single-handedly released debut album “Septem” GREY SEASON could already engage the media’s attention in 2013. Back then the German “Metal Hammer” wrote: “Grey Season can’t be described. Grey Season has to be experienced.” – openly showing itself impressed by this first album.

To shorten the latency until a new GREY SEASON album in May 2015, “Septem” will now be re-released by the sister-label Deafground Records on October 31st, 2014.
On their eclectic concept album, Blazej Lominski (vocals), Roman Gatzka (guitar), Jan Schweigler (drums), Bodo Strauß (bass) and Pascal Horn (keyboard) give their creativity
and inspiration full scope over the length of all seven songs: Merciless death metal broadsides meeting on “Septem” with alternative rock, funeral doom saluting funk elements and thrash metal outbursts intertwining with art rock fragments, forming a furious oeuvre.
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