Thursday, September 25, 2014

ARCTURON – new "Expect Us" trailer released

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The Swiss melodic death metal unit ARCTURON just released their second trailer for their upcoming EP "Expect Us".

Check it out here:

The Band states the following:
"The idea behind this trailer was to capture the very first moment, in which an arcturon fan hears our new record. we invited four people from our area which we knew, deserve the titel "hardcore arcturon fan". Without telling them why, we invited them to our rehearsalroom with only the knowledge, that they will be filmed. The more excited they were, when they found out that they are the very first persons outside the band to hear the full new record. It was a really cool experience and their feedback gave strength to our believe, that this is the strongest Arcturon CD yet!"

The new EP "Expect Us" will be released on October 24 and outshines all previous efforts. Being recorded in Swedish Fascinationstreet Studios and produced by Johan Örnborg (Arch Enemy, Soilwork, Amon Amarth, etc.) the record shows the impressive potential of the four Swiss.
Tracklist of the EP:
01. My Treasure
02. Expect Us
03. A Restless Soul
04. Rowan
Artwork was handled this time by Fashion and advertising photographer Joel Cartier (BMW, Nivea, Paul Gaultier a.m.m).

"Expect Us" will be released on 24.10.2014 through Supreme Chaos Records, celebrated in a releaseshow on 25. 10. 2014 in Pratteln (CH) with Darkane (S).

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