Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Introducing: Skullwinx

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SKULLWINX is a young Epic Speed Metal band from Southern Bavaria, Germany. Their special style has got a high recognition value. The vocals of Johannes Haller are sounding like Hansi Kürsch has taught him how to sing. Bass and guitars are reminding of old Running Wild. To put it in a nutshell: Skullwinx brings the energetic Metal from the 80‘s back on stage! 

In Winter of 2013 Skullwinx released "St. George" EP, which already was a hint how the band will develop. On this record they were playing slower and more "British". Nevertheless one could already guess their creative potential, which unfolded on their debut album, "The Missions Of Heracles", which was released in summer of 2014, and which was released on both CD and LP (each version has different cover artwork).
"The Missions Of Heracles" is a concept album based on the ancient legends of Heracles, who had to solve various missions to save the souls of his family. Skullwinx delivers the emotions and different caracters of the creatures, with enormous guitar riffing and diversified songwriting very well. Regarding their outstanding good reviews and their young age, this might be a band with perspective!

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