Friday, September 5, 2014

New ablum from Annominus

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With a mix of catchy melodic and hard-hitting elements of the modern rock- and metal scene, the album debuting Danish ANNOMINUS hits a musical nerve that will satisfy rock souls and metal folk alike.

"End Of Atonement" will be released November 17th via Mighty Music. The first single is out today.

Annominus was formed in 2009 with a goal of creating a musical universe in line with their favorite bands from the rock- and metal scene. The intention was not to come up with a revolutionary new sound, but to take the best of what they knew and loved, and adding their own personal touch.

This resulted in the debut EP “Vashta Nerada” from 2011 which quickly spawned a lot of attention on the local scene.

The band started the recording of their debut album “End Of Atonement” in the fall of 2013. With inspirations ranging from such distinct bands as Pink Floyd to Rammstein, Annominus is tackling the topic of a personal recovery process and gives the listener a character-driven evolution through the album’s 10 tracks.
"End Of Atonement" is recorded in CB-Studios and is produced by Christian Bonde (Volbeat, D-A-D, Dawn Of Demise etc.).

The third track "Whore of Your Grace" can be heard on Youtube right here:

ANNOMINUS - Whore Of Your Grace (lyrics video)

The release date is set and Annominus is gearing up to show the world that they are here to stay.

ANNOMINUS - End Of Atonement
Release date: 17. November 2014
01. Intro
02. Despised
03. Whore of Your Grace
04. Reverie
05. Icarus
06. In Fade
07. Apotheosis
08. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
09. Best Laid Plans of Mice
10. Finding Neverland

Jacob Zinn: Vocals
Peter Sandvig: Bass Guitar
Mathias Wahl: Drums & Vocals
Morten Fahnøe: Lead Guitar
Martin Hansen-Nord: Rhythm Guitar

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