Thursday, September 11, 2014

New album from Unfaithful

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The anti-bullying Swedes in UNFAITHFUL is about to their first full-length album "Streetfighter" - A straight-in-your-face groovy metal album that will hit the stores November 10th via Mighty Music. Watch the music video for the first single "Vegas Baby" today!

After playing three times in a row on Sweden Rock festival the band released a music video for the track “Psychward” in 2011, directed by Thomas Tjäder (In Flames, At the Gates, Soilwork etc.). The video generated amazing uptake with music media in both print and radio in Sweden and abroad, and was being played on Sirius throughout North America.

Now, three years after, the band is ready with their first full-length album “Streetfighter” – a metallic guitar-oriented album that incorporates sophisticated technical elements, creating a unique sound with intense energy that will grab the listener from the first note.

“Streetfighter” deals with the daily problems that very few people tries to solve. The title-track is written as an anti-bullying song in a very extreme way. “How far are you prepared to go to make the bullying stop?”

The band is feeling strongly about this subject and will donate 10 SEK pr. Sold CD to the anti-bullying organisation Friends (

“We wrote this album to make people aware of what we all do with our lives and the people around us. We need to start approaching the world with strength and confidence. You can still have attitude as long as you aim it in a right and humble way.” Guitarist Sammy Kela explains.

"Streetfighter" (out November 10th via Mighty Music) is recorded at Top Floor Studios in Gothenburg by Jakob Herrman (Europe, Hurts, Mustasch etc.) and Martin Forslund at Sound Palace Studios in Karlshamn, and was mixed and mastered
 by Johan Blomström at Sound Palace Studios.

The single 'Vegas Baby' will be released on all digital platforms on Monday, September 15, but already today the music video, which again is directed by Thomas Tjäder, can be seen on Youtube below.

UNFAITHFUL - Vegas Baby (Official music video)

UNFAITHFUL - "Streetfighter"
Release date: 10. November 2014

01. Vegas Baby
02. Streetfighter
03. Trendkiller
04. The Kid
05. Childhood Friend
06. Medicated For Your Protection
07. Busted
08. Flawless Life
09. Unrestrained

Marcus Karregard – Vocals
Sammy Kela – Guitar
Robin Ingemansson – Bass
Jimi Lexe – Drums

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