Friday, September 5, 2014

New Bullet album out today!

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Today Swedish Heavy Metal institution finally release their new record »Storm Of Blades«.

If you haven’t bought it yet, you can get it here:

»Storm Of Blades«, the cutthroat album and song title results from the bands aim to make the “toughest Bullet song ever. The first impression was the image of knifes falling from the sky and the title »Storm Of Blades« was born. To make this song the title track of our new album became a must, as it is a tale about destruction, apocalypse and horror!”

Taking things to a new level of heaviness, yet returning to their own roots, the new creation sees BULLET with much “of the feeling the band had in the beginning, but with a up-to-date sound and craftsmanship. We can now at last truthfully say; this is our best album so far and most likely the rawest since »Heavy Metal Highway« (2001)!

»Storm Of Blades« was recorded in December/January 2014. The call to return to the road supporting the legendary PRIMAL FEAR, had the band taking a break all until April/May 2014, when they finally continued working on and concluded the album at Pama Studio in Torsås, Sweden. The production was handled by BULLET and Magnus “Mankan” Sedenberg.

01. Uprising
02. Storm Of Blades
03. Riding High
04. Tornado
05. Hawk Eyes
06. This One’s For You
07. Hammer Down
08. It’s On
09. Crossfire
10. Run With The Hunted
11. Coming In Loud

Also check out the 10 BULLET track-by-track episodes:

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Track-By-Track: Coming In Loud

Album Trailer #1:
Album Trailer #2:
‘Storm Of Blades’ (Video):

Also check out BULLET live on their “Tour of Blades over Europe 2014” with supports STRIKER & STALLION
Presented by Rock Hard, Rocks, Guitar, Musix, Noizeletter, & Blast

16.08. S Torsas - Pama
18.09. D Osnabrück - Bastard Club
19.09. D Wiesau - Storm Crusher Festival
20.09. D München - Backstage
21.09. I Milano - Barrio’s Club
22.09. CH Zürich - Komplex Club
23.09. F Luynes / Aix - Le Korigan
24.09. ESP Barcelona - Razzmatazz 3
25.09. ESP Valencia - Rock City
26.09. ESP Madrid - Sala Live
27.09. ESP Zaragoza - La Casa del Loco
28.09. ESP Bilbao - Sala Sonora
29.09. F Paris - Glazert
30.09. BE Antwerpen - Kavka
01.10. NL Tilburg - Little Devil
02.10. D Stuttgart - Cann
03.10. D Siegburg - Kubana
04.10. D Bochum - Matrix
05.10. D Frankfurt - Nachtleben
06.10. CZ Prag - Storm Club
07.10. AT Wien - Escape
08.10. D Erfurt - From Hell
09.10. D Berlin - K17
10.10. D Hamburg - Markhalle
11.10. D Dittigheim - Sporthalle
12.10. D Lindau - Vaudeville
14.11. S Stockholm - Rock At Sea
22.11. S Malmö - KB
28.11. S Umeå - Scharinska
29.11. S Sundsvall - Aveny
30.11. S Stockholm - Göta Källare
05.12. S Borlange - Liljan
06.12. S Visby - The Hammer Bar

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