Thursday, September 25, 2014

Panzer posts new trailer

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The German PANZER, the Teutonic Heavy Metal trio, is comprised of yet three undisputed genre legends: Vocalist & bass-player Schmier, best known as fronter of DESTRUCTION & HEADHUNTER, guitarist Herman Frank (ACCEPT, VICTORY) as well as drummer Stefan Schwarzmann (ACCEPT).

To celebrate the nearing end of the year with a real killer release, the first The German PANZER onslaught entitled »Send Them All To Hell« will roll down onto the unholy European soil on November 28th 2014.

Today the band put out the second album trailer on »Send Them All To Hell«.

Check out the clip at the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel:

Commented frontman Schmier: „Like a Panzer … - the self-titled track 'Panzer' is a marching song monster that is different than the rest of the more classical material. We wanted a song that sounds like a steamrolling TANK - straightforward in your face! 'Panzer' will be a perfect live song, cause of its intense beat, guitar crunch and the hypnotic chorus! Traditional metaheads might not expect a track like this from us, but the record has a wide range from classical ACCEPT/PRIEST Metal up to Speed Metal/MOTÖRHEAD influences - so this track sure stands out with its intensity!”

The first trailer is available here:

The track listing of »Send Them All To Hell«:
01. Death Knell
02. Hail And Kill
03. Temple Of Doom
04. Panzer
05. Freakshow
06. Mr. Nobrain
07. Why?
08. Virtual Collision
09. Roll The Dice
10. Bleed For Your Sins

The artwork for »Send Them All To Hell« was created by Hungarian artist Gyula Havancsák, who also created the recent artworks of DESTRUCTION and HEADHUNTER

If you like it heavy, more melodic or if you dig Speed Metal, then The German PANZER will hit right on - Or to say it with Hermann Frank: “No left - no right! Just straight forward like a Panzer!”

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