Friday, September 19, 2014

Rublood posts teaser

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Rublood have released a teaser of the upcoming official video for the new single ‘Electro Starfuckers', taken from the band's debut album 'Star Vampire', out now on Bakerteam Records.

Watch it here:

Inspired by the atmospheric sounds of bands such as Rammstein, Depeche Mode, Joy Division and Deathstars, Rublood soon developed a very distinctive personality, mixing heavy riffs, dark atmospheres and poetic lyrics with strong visuals. When they perform on stage, Rublood delight their audience with a magnificent gothic show, which allowed them to be noticed by the producers of Warner Bros film ‘Studio Illegale’. The band appears in the film performing their first single ‘Through The Looking-Glass’.

'Studio Illegale' official trailer:

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