Monday, September 1, 2014

Underground Metal Alliance goes international!

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Founded in 2011 to support the Italian Underground scene, from this year on Underground Metal Alliance is going to extend the possibility of joining it to bands all over the world, becoming thus, the widest international organization committed to support the Underground Metal.

Among the various activities stand free promotion, agreements, news, an annual compilation, awards, a festival and its official agency (Ronin Agency).

This upcoming working year's purposes are very ambitious, besides being the most challenging and the greatest ever planned, and to realize them we'll try to fuel interactions with and among the scenes of other countries, involving all the activities operating in this field (webzines, radios, venues, sponsors, etc) and restricting as much as possible the influence of who has been exploiting bands along all of these years, making the situation even worse. In order to win this battle, we will therefore need everyone's support as well to better spread the word and help us to increase our members quickly. For this reason we invite all the bands to view the new website and to spread it as much as possible.

Keep on rocking!
Underground Metal Alliance

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