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Coming soon: PAGANIZER – 20 Years In A Terminal Grip - Best Of – 2-CD

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20 Years of pure Death Metal, 20 Years of pure Underground, 20 Years of Old School…
A great best of double CD with 19 Rogga-styled Band-faves plus a bonus-CD with rarities and unreleased stuff plus a booklet full of linernotes, photo collages with old lineups and a bunch of rare pix through the years!

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2-CD: Order-Nr. 84833
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Statement by Rogga Johansson:
“So twenty years have passed since we started TERMINAL GRIP, which transformed a few years later into PAGANIZER. In that time we have recorded quite a lot of albums and other releases. Some better than others, so we thought we would give you our 19 fave-tracks on this “Best Of PAGANIZER” release. This might not be the songs we´ve played live, or other people´s favourites. These are simply the songs we like the most ourselves. And in many cases it´s the same songs as you like, but in other cases you might just find some gems you haven´t paid attention enough to through the years. If you´d ask what our favourite songs were, these would be the ones we would shove in your face!
And no anniversary release would be complete without a disc full of rare stuff, right? So we did that too, of corpse. Here you will find songs from various minis, splits, EPs and as well some completely unreleased songs. For instance “Flesh Nest” wich is a little grinding thing that Dan Swanö mixed for us, just as we tried out some new gear. There´s also two old TREMINAL GRIP songs from the first two demos, now totally re-recorded. And there´s...well there´s loads of stuff indeed, haha! 27 bonussongs of pure ugly music, just the way we like it, and as we hope you do too.”
Tracklist “20 Years In A Terminal Grip”:
CD1: The Band´s Faves
1. Nailed Forever
2. Bleed Unto Me
3. Among The Unknowing Dead
4. Scandinavian Warmachine
5. Even In Hell
6. You Call It Deviance
7. Frontier Cthulhu
8. Life Slips Away
9. Meateater
10. Colder
11. Just Here Rotting
12. Landscapes Made Of Human Skin
13. Crusader
14. On Your Knees
15. The Cadaverous
16. Beyond Redemption
17. Mass Of Parasites
18. No Divine Rapture
19. Their Skin Suits Me
CD2: Rarities, Demos & Unreleased Stuff
1. Natures Bleeding
2. Religious Cancer
3. Viking Hammer
4. Blood On The Axe
5. Ode To The Horde
6. The Cyclone Empire
7. This Place Is Rot
8. Gasmask Obsession
9. Abortion Van
10. Hell Is Already Here
11. Massdeath Maniac
12. Army Of Maggots
13. Flesh Collector
14. The Morbidly Obscene
15. The Festering Of Sores
16. The Return Of Horror
17. Born To Be Buried Alive
18. Carbonized Resurrection
19. Flesh Nest
20. Vaken Mardröm
21. Nothing Really Matters
22. This Place Of Dying
23. Morbid Warfare
24. Grinded And Exiled V 1.0
25. Fleshnaut V 1.0
26. Buried Alive
27. NY Ripper

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Rogga - Guitars, Vocals
Dennis - Lead Guitars
Matte - Drums
Martin - Bass

1994: A Bad Place - Demo (as TERMINAL GRIP)
1995: Terminal Grip - Demo (as TERMINAL GRIP)
1998: Stormfire - Demo
1999: Deadbanger - CD
1999: In Glory's Arms, We Will Fall - Split-Tape-Album w/Abattory
1999: Warlust - unreleased EP
2001: Promoting Total Death - CD
2002: Dead Unburied - CD
2003: Murder Death Kill - CD
2004: Death Forever - The Pest of Paganizer - Best of/Compilation-CD
2004: No Divine Rapture - CD
2005: Deadbanger / Promoting Total Death / Dead Unburied / Warlust - 2-CD Compilation
2006: Chapel Of Blood - Split-7” w/Eroded
2008: Unglaube / Split Wide Open - Split-CD w/Depression
2008: Born to be Buried Alive - MCD
2008: Carnage Junkie - CD
2009: Basic Instructions for Dying - Demo/unreleased Compilation-CD
2009: Scandinavian Warmachine - CD
2009: Ode To The Horde/The Cyclone Empire - Digital-EP
2009: Sore/Paganizer Split-7” w/Sore
2010: Imperial Anthems Vol.1 - Split-7“w/Demonical
2011: Into The Catacombs - CD
2012: Carve: Stillborn Revelations/Revel In Human Filth - Compilation-CD (originally released as CARVE)
2013: World Lobotomy - CD
2013: Cadaver Casket (On A Gurney To Hell) - Close-Up-Mag free MCD
2014: Cadaver Casket (On A Gurney To Hell) - MLP
2014: Blood On The Axe/Cata:bomB - Split-7” w/Humiliation
2014: Imperial Anthems Vol.15 - Split-7“w/Grand Supreme Blood Court
2014: 20 Years In A Terminal Grip - Best Of/Compilation 2-CD

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