Sunday, October 5, 2014

CYCLONE EMPIRE signs German Underground Death Metal heroes REVEL IN FLESH

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Hailing from Swabia, REVEL IN FLESH are one of the leading forces of the “New Wave Of German Death Metal”, that was rolling over the scene like an unstoppable steamroller in the past 2-3 years. After co-operating already for two split-7” releases, Cyclone Empire is very happy to welcome these awesome dudes to their official band roster now.
The band’s third full length album is called ‘Death Kult Legions’ and will be released as CD and LP on the 5th of December 2014!

Every Death Metal freak out there will surely know what to expect and get what he deserves: Old school motherfucking Death Metal with a big love for the Swedish pioneers DISMEMBER, CARNAGE, NIHILIST, GRAVE, EDGE OF SANITY and ENTOMBED, and - not to forget - probably their best album so far!
Statement by vocalist Haubersson: “We’re damned glad about finally finding a trustworthy, Death Metal dealing label partner in CYCLONE EMPIRE! REVEL IN FLESH fits like a fist in the face to the label’s rooster family with DEMONICAL, FACEBREAKER, FUNEBRARUM, BODYFARM, PAGANIZER, PENTAGRAM (Chile) and our dear comrades of PUTERAEON. So far we’ve already co-operated successfully on two 7”EP releases with CYCLONE EMPIRE and now we’re on the way to unleash our upcoming 3rd full length album through their channels. We believe in the long-time business experience and professionalism of the label. Most of all we’re glad about having a label, which is located more or less in our own neighbourhood to have things more easy-going! Expect a real death dealing collaboration! While writing this, Dan Swanö is taking care of the mix and mastering for our 3rd album at his famous UNISOUND Studios. The album will be entitled “Death Kult Legions” and it will reek of pure deadly Death Metal dedication! More infos coming soon! In the name of the flesh.... The Death Kult Legions march again!!!”
Upcoming live dates:

02.10.2014 - GER - Leipzig @ Villa Keller - Metalheadz Gnüppel Nacht (Headliner)
03.10.2014 - GER - Dresden @ Skullcrusher - Metal Fest #10 w/ SODOM, DISBELIEF & more
04.10.2014 - GER - Chemnitz @ Sanitätsstelle - In Flammen Festival Aftershow Party (Headliner)
10.10.2014 - GER - Mainz @ M8 Liveclub - The Path Of Death 3 w/ LAY DOWN ROTTEN, DISCREATION & more
06.12.2014 - GER - Aalen @ Rock It - Special Album Releaseshow w/ CARNAL GHOUL, DEATHRONATION & CRIMSON DEATH

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